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  1. Belgarath

    Useful Tips for Night Forest Terrains.

    Useful Tips for Night Forest Terrains. By Belgarath / Jack-Shepherd This short guidebook is to teach you a few quick tips about terraining a forest, at night - usually scary - using the Ashenvale tileset. This can be a modern or medieval forest. Sections: Destructibles placement Doodad...
  2. Ralle

    World Editor Tips

    Introduction This is a collection of several frequently asked questions and short tutorials about performing different tasks in the World Editor. This FAQ is by no means definitive; it serves as a basic reference and should assist mapmakers of all skill levels. Object Editor Speed up Object...
  3. Oziris

    Make a good cave(recommended) [Reviewed: Hawkwing]

    Cave We will be needing the The Ultimate Terraining Map 3.0 for this here is the link: I have not seen many cave terrains.I was thinking i should make one, so that there is more terrain of caves.Caves are very hard to...
  4. NinjasDontFight

    [WIP] Getting Started With The WE

    General WE Tips and Tutorials QuicklistTop Getting Started Early Off Getting Familiar FAQ Terraining (Basics) Terraining (Advanced) Smooth Rivers Recommended Tilesets Good Fog, Weather, Sky Getting StartedTag The World Editor is a very powerfull tool made by Blizzard. It allows you to...