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  1. 13lack_Ro$e

    How to fix a trigger with Issue order that doesn't work ? {solved}

    Hello. I tried making an ability in which I need to create 1 dummy and add Cloud ability to it and order it to cast cloud on somewhere. This is so weird because everything works except the issue order action ( dummy is created and has the ability and if I select it and order it to cast it will...
  2. 13lack_Ro$e

    How to change AoE target images ? {Solved}

    Hello hive. Yesterday I created two AoE spells based on channel , the problem was , the target image for them was not same. well I tried everything in object editor, and finally they became 2 identical spells but again the target images was different (like the pictures below) . so I wanted to...
  3. 13lack_Ro$e

    Ability based on normal attack

    Hello hive ! I wanted to create an ability that causes hero to attack his target once , dealing bonus damage, I mean just one attack which manually is cast and deals more damage , not his next attack , it's a target unit ability. a similar ability to this , is the new version of tusk's ultimate...
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    Is there anyway to detect attack speed?

    Hello hive! As you all know there is no function for detecting AS in GUI (unlike MS) so , I wanted to know , is there any system or trigger (GUI friendly) on hive to detect AS as units (like how ms is measured) or as time (for example 1.7 seconds) ? Well , I tried to trigger it my self by...
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    Is there any GUI system for in-place jump? {solved}

    Hello hive , as the title says , I need a GUI system which can cause units to jump and go up until they reach a X height and then , land back at the same position they currently are on. Unfortunately AFAIK , Paladon's wont do this since if target point and caster point is same , the unit won't...
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    Does more than 1 Initialization triggers cause problems? {Solved}

    As the title simply says , will it cause problems to have more than one triggers with "Map Initialization" Event?
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    how much map size can wc3 handle?

    Hello all. Can WC3 handle a map with almost all units replaced with high quality ones which causes the map size to grow up to 300 MB and more ? (yeah 300 , I know its very very very very big for a map) I mean , is there a limit for map size? for example maps bigger than X will cause the game...
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    How to play after victory? {solved}

    Hi all. I saw in melee maps that when you win the game if you select dialog button "Continue" you can keep playing the map after you won the game (hunting jungle creeps and etc. ) so is it possible to be done in a non-melee map?
  9. 13lack_Ro$e

    How to switch animations using neodex?

    Hello all. As the title says I want to add a model's animation to another (for example adding blade master animations to a paladin) using neodex and 3ds max (2011).So how should I do this? ( I'm so noob in modeling) I tried to import the model , go to animation tab of 3ds/save animation , to...
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    How to detect if a region has blight ?

    Hello all. I want a quest in my map , in which the player must clear blight from a region using dispel. The problem is that I can't find any condition that determines if a "region" has blight (there is a function for detecting if a "point" has blight but not a region). So is there any way or...
  11. 13lack_Ro$e

    High quality models with high size or low quality models with low size?

    Hi all , first of all I apologize if I posted in wrong place. I am currently creating a map that is in its late phase (before beta test) and I wanted to ask your opinion : for a single player map of type hero defence/RPG you prefer it to have high quality models (this makes map to have a size...
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    Does overwriting a variable cause leak? {Solved}

    For example if I have a variable named "Point" and every time a unit casts a spell I have an action : Set Point = position of casting unit does this cause a leak and I shall use custom script remove location? or each time trigger overwrites it and no memory problems will be created?
  13. 13lack_Ro$e

    Strange bug , the map now cannot have any trigger!

    Hi , I was trying to see what does ((Skip remaining actions)) do - that I wanted to see if I can use it to end a loop for making spells MUI - then I used it in few triggers and some test , seemed to work but then I went for a break and after I return and run the map for a test , I saw no...
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    How much warcraft III is going to live?

    As title says , I wonder how much time Warcraft III is going to survive? I mean since 2002 (if I'm not wrong) till now , 15 years! it's a very long time for a game ! lots of game released in this time with high quality and graphics and I think Warcraft III players are going less and less...
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    What is Ability named ((spy)) and what are its options?

    topic says everything!
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    Spell with unit , doodad , structure & item as target

    Hi. I wanted to create a spell based on channel , that can target unit , tree , structure and item , I know how to do it in object editor , the problem is the trigger. I want it to check if target is a tree or structure , take caster to target , if it is an item , bring it to caster and if it is...
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    Custom map size limit {solved}

    Hi all. In a map that I'm working on , I'd like to have a lot of high quality models , but the problem is the size of the map is getting big (average size of high quality models is 2 MB per model) so is there a limit for a Warcraft map size ? How much is that limit? 15 MB?20?30? Also is there a...
  18. 13lack_Ro$e

    Does ((Automatic Memory Leak Destroyer)) really work ?

    Sorry if I'm asking a lot & sorry if it is not related to this part , but there is a system in the link below , it says automatically removes leaks, I mean how can it be possible? Just copy it into my full GUI map and it will do the rest ? no configuration needed?Is it Magic??? I mean It has no...
  19. 13lack_Ro$e

    Is it ok to use ((wait)) trigger in single player game? {{SOLVED}}

    Hi all,as title says , I am creating a single player hero defence and for some hero spells I use ((wait)) trigger (I think I know how to make it MUI but I think that's not necessary since in that map there never will be more than player , so why should I make trouble to myself?). Also I wanted...
  20. 13lack_Ro$e

    Remove an effect from a model (easy) request

    Hi,this is a model which I downloaded recently , the problem is when attacks,some effect comes from the sword that's totally annoying.I just want to remove the red,blue effect that comes from sword upon attacks,no other changes needed. I tried myself using war3 model editor but since I'm noob ...
  21. 13lack_Ro$e

    simple but useful model request.

    Hello, I need a model for nero's devil bringer (DmC 4) , I have nero's model but I need his hand extended requst for his spells.for those who didn't played DmC : nero has a demonic hand which can summon a giant hand to grab or slam his enemies,I think the model itself is simple but animation's...
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    Devil May Cry model convertion

    Hi.I saw many request for a dante , nero , vergil (dmc characters) models that all where un answered.but in one warcraft map I found a model of dante that was totally like the model in original game ( I think they somehow converted the original file for warcraft.) but unfortunately the person...