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    Site keeps crashing

    Hey, is this site style ever gonna change? Idk why but it keeps crashing my mozilla browser. Each time I leave this page open the tab is either crashing or the whole browser, someone knows a fix? Someone else has experienced this problem? Also this site is quite "laggy"
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    [General] Lag Spikes in Map

    Why do maps have lag spikes and how do they get them? For example, In Fortress Survival I have almost no lag spikes, now in my map (228 x 228 or w/e) I get quite some lag spikes every 2 secs and it's a little bit annoying. How can I avoid them? Why do they appear anyways? Haven't got that much...
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    NewGen can't start Wc3 Test via World Editor

    Hey, I've used NewGen quite some time, after I had to reinstall Windows and wipe my disk I've installed Wc3 and NewGen again, but now i can't start the Wc3 Test Map via the World Editor anymore, known information: - When Windows Defender turned off: Nothing happens (no Error report) - When...
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    [General] (Trigger) Getting Distances between Target A and B

    Hey I was wondering if there's a way to gather the distance between target A and B. My plan is to do a spell which deals extra damage for the distance traveled or at least the distance when it was cast between the caster and the target, how should I do that? Also: Is it possible to get if sum1...
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    [Import] Why do some models not work || Model editing help

    Is it just my stupidity at importing casual models or why don't some work, and another question: Why do some only work after a WE restart? Example one: Wooden Wall And inb4 I start a new topic for this question: Is it simple to change an angle of a building in a model editor? Example: I got a...
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    [General] Tooltips bugged all over the screen

    Well, my map fucked up and idk how. First it worked fine and 2mins later it totally started fucking up. I remember no changes which could`ve affected that: - Copy/Pasty a hero unit, changed it. - Made a command trigger Infos: - I use no single custom models except: a Jaina from idk who, White...
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    [Solved] Bugged Maths

    I've got a problem with an income trigger, it should work like this: Lumber Mill created > add +1 to interger variable, every X sec give added X to player X. The creation/build works fine, but the remove when a unit of type Lumber Mill dies seems to be bugged. The problem with the decrease now...
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    White Blood Mage Model

    Hey, I'm looking for a/the white Blood Mage model from Dota since I'm gonna make a "fire wizard" and think this white Blood Mage would fit good into it. If someone doesn't know it, simply the player-based colors are removed and the replaced with white color. Not sure anymore if also boots, legs...
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    [Trigger] Smart Unit Attacking System

    Hey, I'm having a mode for my map called "survival" and actually it works sometimes with the units.. Not always. I want that the units go to a specific unit of a random selected player with attack move, if they get to the "base" of the player they mostly get stuck not attacking the "wall"...
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    [Defense / Survival] The Last Civilizations (working title)

    Development canceled: I've lost my map due to a random error with my computer and had to wipe my disks, ever since i don't think of remaking this map because I hate remaking stuff, so I rather make a new map. Hey there, Maybe as some people have seen I've been asking for help recently for...
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    [Trigger] Limitations of units and buildings

    Hey, I'm curious how I make it that the option to create units/buildings is removed when they've reached their cap. Means, I want max. 15 Footmen, if the player has 15 Footmen, remove the unit-creation Icon from all buildings which can create them, if it's below 15 add the icon again. That's...
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    [Spell] & [Trigger] No Cooldown Activation

    (Bottom is the JASS code for my trigger, but I doubt that it'd be needed) I've got an issue when I cast an ability it just instantly runs the trigger so it doesn't activate the ability cooldown, now my question is, how do I exactly activate the cooldown / make it work? Putting "Wait" doesn't...
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    [Trigger] Claiming ground, complicated shit

    I thought about giving players some kind of these numbers, idk the name of these numbers: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 1028 (10 players) to make a claiming system like this: Each claimable area has it's own variable and when the variable has the values of 3, player 1 and 2 should be able...
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    [Trigger] My gametime multiboard doesn't work

    Hey, my trigger doesn't work properly, it should be ingame: 00 : 00 : 00 (Hours, Minutes, Seconds) but actually looks like this: 00.0 Since I don't know how to use trigger tags, here are 2 screenshots: Thanks in advance! Edit: Used this...
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    [General] Object Editor - Making a building passable

    Is it possible to make a building passable? For example I've got invisible buildings which shouldn't be abused to block paths / entrances.
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    [General] Unit respawn at spawn location

    Hello, I want to set that if a neutral unit dies it should respawn at the default location where its spawned when the map started. So my question is, do I have to make that for every single unit itself with the area editor or is there a way to make a global respawn kind like that for all...