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  1. SA Dashie

    [Discussion] Been to any Game Jams?

    I wanna know if you have been to any game jams and what your experience has been like? If you have done any online can you link your project/the discussion thread/event thread? Any tips to anyone new to game jams?
  2. SA Dashie

    Mini-Mapping Contest #15?

    Hey guys just want to know the interest of another mapping contest? Must of been many years since my last one. I used to go by the name of DeathChef for those who don't know. I want to get the ideas flowing like they used to!
  3. SA Dashie

    I have done nothing productive all day...

    Plz send help to the Cloudominium, Cloudsdale.
  4. SA Dashie

    [vJASS] GetUnitCollisionSize (exact)

    Worked on from Vexorian's system, GetunitCollisionSize. His system was off by decimal places and I need it to be accurate to the collision size value that the user gave the unit. The way I came up with the exact value the unit has with collision size is kinda dumb, but from my testing it works...
  5. SA Dashie

    Devided Pathways

    I'm a bit confused on how to improve on junk, hence the theme.
  6. SA Dashie

    CnP inline

    When I tried to copy and paste my vJass code from my map, whatever inlining I had was inlined to two spaces. I believe that this is a Hive 2 thing. Example. library dasfs static method fhsjka takes nothing returns nothing local thistype this = 11 loop //stuff exitwhen this ==...
  7. SA Dashie

    [JASS] Delete Useless WE Data

    Just remove any line with variables that you will use. These are just some variables that I found that are initiated by default that can be destroyed. These are generally safe to destroy, but I don't think you should bother with these unless you really care to remove these things in your map. I...
  8. SA Dashie

    [vJASS] [System Extension] ArrowKeyEvent PlayerRegistry

    An extension to [System] ArrowKeyEvent. Check out that thread for its features as I will talk about this extensions feature here. Just import this extention to your map and it will be auto implemented into any struct that you use the latest update of Bribes [System] ArrowKeyEvent syetem with...
  9. SA Dashie

    [vJASS] [Snippet] IsPlaying/Cpu

    To help aid myself (and hopefully others) I have created this system to help with indexing players that are in game with this snippet. It should be able to help with initializing systems that use only playing players and systems that use playing players constantly like an income system or a...
  10. SA Dashie

    [vJASS] GetTerrainZ

    library GetTerrainZ /* v1.1.0.0, created by DeathChef Description The most effective and efficient way to get the z coodrinate of the terrain through the x and y coordinates What is useful about this snippet? - It makes...
  11. SA Dashie

    Cracking Void

    For the minimalism contest Now the question is, do people acclaim it?
  12. SA Dashie

    Notes for Visual Study yr12 (how light effects objects)

    Just putting some notes down here to hopefully help make things clear for myself. Feel free to comment. This quote may be edited at random. Cast Shadow – When an object blocks a light source it casts a shadow on the surface behind it. It varies in tone and value. The further a cast shadow is...
  13. SA Dashie

    Stupid Photoshop glitch

    Check out the attached image. I was practicing shading in art class on one of the school laptops with my tablet in Photoshop CC. It turns out that the different shades of gray turned into actual colours. Maybe I pressed something I shouldn't have? Lol. It did say an error when I was using the...
  14. SA Dashie

    Pokémon Showdown replays

    A doubles replay that I found in my Pastebin. Eelektross is actually pretty cool. Btw I go by the name RDashie now on showdown. Share?
  15. SA Dashie


  16. SA Dashie

    [JASS] Density natives/constants?

    I discovered these natives with some constants just today. What do you guys think these could be used (useful) for? constant native ConvertMapDensity takes integer i returns mapdensity constant native GetCreatureDensity takes nothing returns mapdensity constant native GetResourceDensity...
  17. SA Dashie

    Things that make you light headed

    I sometimes enjoy watching a good and well planned and laid out violent/horror film. I normally ignore the censorship ratings of the film never the less. This is something that would get me engulfed into the film. Although what really makes me feel sick and feel like really feinting is...
  18. SA Dashie

    Ironic Dreams

    Not sure about the title. Could be what is above or Story of Distortion. (Idk.) Something I did on the date. 18/07/2013 It was a start of an outline for a Wc3 project I was making for a paired mapping contest but the map never ended up having enough progress. (I don't some interesting terrain...
  19. SA Dashie

    Gem on scroll bar axis

    I've always wondered what is the point of this gem. Just for a gimmick? Pretty much when I click it it just changes colour and says "Gem Activated" and "Gem Deactivated" like displaying text in game in Wc3.
  20. SA Dashie

    Practice stuff

    Anyway yesterday I finally got my own tablet. The last one didn't have pressure sensitivity, so now I am actually able to do more complex things. Here is my first actually "finished" art. Requested by a friend. As I wasn't sure what to draw. Took ~2 hours. This is just practice, so yeh not...
  21. SA Dashie

    Eevee Project

    My second piece, this time done on a drawing tables. I used GIMP2 and a Bamboo Drawing tablet My friend quite loves Eevee, so I wanted to give the fella a go. ~2 weeks of work put into this. 'Click for full Eevee' Anyway, the next thing that I will be doing in art (now going into year 12)...
  22. SA Dashie

    Ancient Ruins of Vendula

    Found this image randomly floating around my PC. Anyway I like it and I wanted to open it up to the public. Taken from my map 'Conquering Vendula'. 'Click for full sized quality' 20]
  23. SA Dashie

    My Brony piece

    Anyway, this would be my first piece of art done by scratch that has been done on any picture editing program. I used GIMP 2, entirely done by mouse. I did this for my art class at school (yr 11) and haven't done anything since year 8 so I guess I've missed out on alot? Anyway, enough of my...
  24. SA Dashie

    3D Object collision and jump system

    3D Object Collision and Jump System Beta This system is created to allow you to create physics like a 3rd person shooter with a 3rd dimension to their physics system. For example if you want want to make a bridge, without this system you would only be able...
  25. SA Dashie

    [Unevaluated] [Assignment] Week 3

    Here is my assignment. Although I am still having troubles with understanding base values. Any help on this subject to clear things up? I'll be sure to update my other projects to because of failures.
  26. SA Dashie

    [Evaluated] [Assignment] Week 2

    Here's assignment 2. :)
  27. SA Dashie

    [Evaluated] [Assignment] Week 1

    Not sure how to hand this up, although here is the map that I have modified as said in the assignment. the only part that I missed out was practice lesson 8. Enjoy modding my modding. =) I have kept lesson 2 separate even though I am submitting it strait after.
  28. SA Dashie

    [JASS] About Natives?

    Well considering that I have been in attempt to getting used to trying to go fully into jass, I have come to a little error in my knowledge.. Natives. I would like to know as much as I need to know about them, whats the advantage, and to know of an example in actual code to know of how to use...
  29. SA Dashie

    cash or happiness

    what would you rather? Eternal happiness or $10,000 cash and why? different currencies from different countries don't really matter in this case. gO! edit: woops I meant 10 million dollars :J
  30. SA Dashie

    Simple model edit.

    I will like to make another simple model request, but this time it is with editing a model. I would like this model(grass model) to be simply edited so that you can look over it without it disappearing from the screen. I have other models with the same trouble but not as bad or annoying and...
  31. SA Dashie

    Over 2 layers of Blizzard cliff

    is there a 3rd party tool that would make it possible to bypass the limit of only having a max of 2 layers of blizzard cliff instead of WE requiring for there to be a space before it can let there be any more layers of blizzard cliffs. I am trying to make a building with blizzard cliffs...
  32. SA Dashie

    War Carts (Christmas) V1.0

    War Carts V1.2a Beta DeathChef Presents! War Carts v1.2a Beta Remember to keep this thread for deeper idea and criticism and to try and keep the more simple stuff in the map thread itself ^^. Feed back and ideas are greatly appreciated. Direct Download. Thread in the map section
  33. SA Dashie

    Simple add texture to model.

    I will like to make a very simple model request considering that i don't have any knowledge with creating models I have come to ask:). All I need is a model to get this persific texture working as it doesn't seem to work with using a replaceable texture.
  34. SA Dashie

    Melee map challenge #2

    The Hive Workshop Melee map Challenge #2 Challenge results must be bug-free. Copy and paste techniques are not permitted. No exports from other games are acceptable. Challenge Theme: Subject: Melee Map Theme: Any Challenger: DeathChef Opponent(s): Bugz Challenge Duration: 10 days...
  35. SA Dashie

    Can't upload:/

    Recently I've been trying to upload a map with attaching it to a post but itwouldn't let me. also tryed using paste bin but It wouldn't work eather. Plz I am in need of uploading my work. Here's the ERROR. Error 503 Service Unavailable Service Unavailable Guru Meditation: XID...
  36. SA Dashie

    Wii u

    I heard this on the radio a thew days ago and recently looked it up. Tell me your thoughts:) And also you can buy it in stores. edit: I must off heard of a WIP >.>
  37. SA Dashie

    Auto cast fire ability detection

    I've got a problem.... Is there a way to detect an attack with an autocast ability added to it as with the events with a unit finishes casting an ability etc it only works with doint it "manualy". Any solutions I'm in great need of this :) Also there is no conditions to detect auto cast is on...
  38. SA Dashie

    [Solved] Is there a way to destoy/remove regions from the game?

    is it possible to do it just like removing locations/points ingame?:cute:
  39. SA Dashie

    Statue model of Avatar of Vengence needed

    Hey there:) I will like to request a model of vengence set as a statue for my map Corrupted Lords of Ashenvale :) I would also like the "magic" animations to still revolve around it but with the rest of the model stale with obviously a the skin of the keeper statue but will prefure the...
  40. SA Dashie

    Unit animation VIA trigger

    Animation - Play (Triggering unit)'s Attack animation How do you make it work because in-game it doesn't seem to work and I've checked what the unit animations are but I still can't get it to work. Also does the animation still go on during movement?:vw_unimpressed:
  41. SA Dashie

    [Solved] Moving Dodads up and down without using pge up/down

    SOLVED :D Is there a way because I don't have the pge up/down buttons on my note pad and don't have access to a different computer D: Any alternative? I need it to do some world editing :P
  42. SA Dashie

    [Trigger] Need help for a trigger that is rigged somehow?

    I've come to a point where a trigger just plain and simple rigs when I've done it totally right:eekani:. It appears the numbers that appear are rigged that come up but do go down slowly by meaning it doesn't go down to the number 0 when there are none of the players units left! I've tested it a...
  43. SA Dashie

    First need ideas for game play from terrain:)

    Need game ideas for terrain and recruitments;) I have come here with a new project here today and will need your ideas. The reason why it is only terrain is because I want the ideas from the public to hopefully get a better idea of what the people here on the hive want out of my style of...
  44. SA Dashie

    just a simple answer

    how do I make like a map attachment that says how many downloads it has. I already know about paste bin though and just comes up with simple link:P will appreciate a fast answer. thx!
  45. SA Dashie

    Probably the only help ill ever ask here:P

    I want to know how you can set a heroes inteligence to 0. I will like to use this knowlage in my map (Ashenvale Forest Defence)because i consider the number 1 more anoying than 0 also because im not using inteligence in my game. I have seen this done on a map before and will like to do myself...