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  1. Archangel_Tidusx

    Recruiting a team to create Hybrid RTS/RPG

    THE LEGACY I have had a vision for a game I want to create for a long time. I have taken the first steps into creating it and have found myself very overwhelmed, however I know my idea will be great and one of a kind and I don't want to waste it. I plan to use Unity3d, unless another good...
  2. Archangel_Tidusx

    Recruiting a team to create Hybrid RTS/RPG

    THE LEGACY I have had a vision for a game I want to create for a long time. I have taken the first steps into creating it and have found myself very overwhelmed, however I know my idea will be great and one of a kind and I don't want to waste it. What I need: Programmers, Modelers, Artists...
  3. Archangel_Tidusx

    GUI Mining and Lumber system for heroes.

    I decided to redo my lumber and mining system for my map and I'm looking for some experise from anyone who has already did this effectively before. Basically I only want players who have purchased a pickaxe to be able to mine rocks, and players who have purchased a hatchet to be able to cut...
  4. Archangel_Tidusx

    Has anyone created Panda (fire) with death animation?

    I need the panda Fire with a death animation. It is from the Storm, Earth, and Fire abiility. That is the one I am referring to. +Rep for useful people, as always.
  5. Archangel_Tidusx

    GUI Click to equip system

    I have decided to add the click to equip system to one of my maps, and I was wondering which was the best way to do it. I'd like to do this in GUI. Basically I want the hero to have a weapon item in his/her inventory that can be clicked to equip the weapon. After that I want to add a damage...
  6. Archangel_Tidusx

    Constructing units, not buildings.

    I have decided to add a goblin race to my map and I want the builder to construct units. I've noticed that the build button will crash the game once you click it. Is there any specific reason? I made dummy units that are actually buildings, and that still causes the game to crash. any...
  7. Archangel_Tidusx

    Simple animation fix

    I have a gate that I rotated in magos, and now one of the animations is busted. The death alternate has the doors in an odd position. Fix it and you will get +REP
  8. Archangel_Tidusx

    Need help with autocast trigger.

    I have a Knight that has an ability based off the Healing effect that the Potion of healing uses and I need a way to issue the unit to use the ability. Autocast LifeRestore Knight Events Unit - A unit Is attacked Conditions (Unit-type of (Attacked unit)) Equal to...
  9. Archangel_Tidusx

    How to use a custom image for minimap preview.

    I know its probably simple but I'm having a really hard time finding out where to do this. Image imported and everything. where do I set this image to be the minimap preview though? It's worth some quick rep. EDIT: NEVERMIND!! Got it.
  10. Archangel_Tidusx

    Beta Models: Table and Well

    I saw these in an image of the Beta for Warcraft III. Idk if these models are present in the game, I would assume not. Anyway, I like these and it would be awesome if someone made them. +rep for any decent attempt (According to me).
  11. Archangel_Tidusx

    Female and Male Prisoner!

    The request is as simple as the title. Basically what I'd like is a model OR SKIN that I can use in my campaign for a Human prisoner. Basically the idea is that after a battle, prisoners will be taken and returned to the castle. Mainly I would like a Female in tattered garb. A good model to...
  12. Archangel_Tidusx

    Order Strings

    I looked all over and I haven't been able to find a complete list of all the order strings that are recognized by the World Editor, more specifically 'things that can be entered in "order string" fields'. I know some of the more common ones are: -attack -stop -move -holdposition...
  13. Archangel_Tidusx

    Share your Xbox Live Gamertag

    It is what it is. To begin: Tidus 78
  14. Archangel_Tidusx

    Mercenary Map Editor: Up for hire!

    Well... not really for hire but.. I am an experienced map editor that would like to help you complete your project. I'd like to say that I know everything there is to know about the world editor, excluding jass. I have made quite a few maps and I do my own terrain, units, triggers...
  15. Archangel_Tidusx

    Known World Editor bugs/crashes

    I looked a while back for this thread but I couldn't find it, so I have decided to compose a list of known crashes. I would like help from anyone that has experienced crashes, and I'd like to make this a pretty broad list. Feel free to share and let's help prevent these crashes in the future...
  16. Archangel_Tidusx

    Known WE Crashes?

    Does anyone have a list of known world editor crashes? A map I have put 3+ weeks of work in doesn't open. It crashes the world editor just as the map begins to load. I know that it's the doodad layer of the map, but I cant seem to find a way to fix it. I've tried deleting all my imports to...
  17. Archangel_Tidusx

    Helmetless Warden

    Simple as that. There aren't many night elf faces that aren't covered with helmets. A custom texture would be lovely, and +rep if anyone takes this up and works to my satisfaction (which isn't hard). I'm sure it could be useful to anyone.
  18. Archangel_Tidusx

    Array Sizes - What do they do?

    What? Oh.. Hold on.. That? What does that change?
  19. Archangel_Tidusx

    GUI spell request

    I would like two simple spells. A GUI fire wall that can be levellable. Pretty self-explainatory. A GUI frozen orb. It shoots out an orb of ice that fires off ice bolts in random directions. Thanks and +REP for anyone who does this TO MY LIKING. And dont hound me about "THIS CANT BE...
  20. Archangel_Tidusx

    Overriding doodad capacity in maps without JASS

    Exactly what it says. I want to remove the maximum number of placeable objects in the game but i don't want to get involved with jass programs and such. Also, I have another question for those viewing. Can game cache files be read in multiplayer games. Like if i wanted to have a 2 player...
  21. Archangel_Tidusx

    Maps Section

    Let's talk about the hiveworkshop's map section, shall we? Before I begin, don't assume I am complaining about the hive team or the way the map section is run. It's obvious that there is an overflow of maps, and it's really too much for a couple people to handle. They are trying to do everything...
  22. Archangel_Tidusx

    TM's Riddles!

    So far it has been one-to-many, But now, to get the answer, it must be one-to-one. WHO KNOWS THE ANSWER?!?!?!? Please Help. It's level 10
  23. Archangel_Tidusx

    ATTENTION TF2, L4D Players.

    A friend of mine has created a local server for these games. There is a lot of places to discuss gameplay and meet dedicated players The Dead's Wrath The Dead's Wrath - Index I'd like to help a friend get his forum started. Please join if you are interested. There are discussion...
  24. Archangel_Tidusx

    Convoy Escort

    I have temporarily put my RPG on hold in order to create this map. Gameplay: The map is just like it sounds. It's going to be a team vs team game where one team has to defend a convoy, taking it to it's destination safely. The other team, obviously, has to destroy it. It's going to be well...
  25. Archangel_Tidusx

    What have you learned in life?

    I got bored with all the other off-topic threads, so i decided to start my own. Hopefully your answer to this question is not "nothing" Basically all i'm looking for is a little wisdom from the world. This can be a quote you live by, a lesson learned, a optimistic observation.. Something...
  26. Archangel_Tidusx

    The Legacy RPG

    On Hold For lack of really any good RPG maps, I've decided to create my own. I have a bunch of ideas, but because I want this to be a good RPG, I'd like to hear what the hive has to say. What im looking for is useful ideas for a multiplayer rpg map. Gameplay: Each player will have the choice...
  27. Archangel_Tidusx

    Fair/Unfair treatment.

    This has been something that has been in the back of my mind for a while. I recently decided to make it an issue because of some of the things I have seen around hive within the last week or so. This thread is in NO WAY an attempt to offend the mods, degrade hive, or complain. I am just...
  28. Archangel_Tidusx

    ANIMATION REQUEST: flag (Very easy!)

    I have created two flags as a request and it seems my animations aren't quite working. I basically just want the top of the flag to stay attached to the pole, (to the string on one flag) If anyone can do this for me, i will +rep Also, these are MY models. No one who animates will be...
  29. Archangel_Tidusx

    Taking attachment requests.

    PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING! Because I believe my work is improving, I want to start taking requests. I will make any weapon/armor. I will gladly take any request. UPDATE: Because madcd has been off of the hive for a while, and no modern attachments have been accepted for a while, I have...
  30. Archangel_Tidusx

    Adding Hero Glow Tutorial

    Ive searched everywhere.. Please either post a tutorial or point me in the direction of one. Any HELPFUL user, I will +rep
  31. Archangel_Tidusx

    Custom Texture issue.

    I've searched all through tutorials and forums and I still havent found the answer. Ive recently made a katana model for my friend, and I was trying to use a custom texture for it and I just can't seem to get it to work. Ive obviously applied a new ingame texture to it and it and the model...
  32. Archangel_Tidusx

    Small Suggestion

    When I World Edit, I hardly ever use JASS. I like to implement the ideas of other people into my maps. For example: the spells that other Hive members create. However, I have a hard time telling at first glance which spells are in JASS or GUI. My idea is similar to the way Maps are...
  33. Archangel_Tidusx

    [Trigger] *HELP* Need help creating items in a region when less than "X" exist in that region

    Here is exactly what I want to do Event - Every 30 seconds Action(s) If [number of items in region > 4] Then [Create an item] Else [do nothing] I didnt wrap this in trigger code because there aren't exact triggers that deal with items in regions. Any suggestions? I have to do this...
  34. Archangel_Tidusx


    Hellooo!! My name is Tidus, and I'm new here.. well not really. Actually I have been using a lot of the user's models. I have been recently working on a campaign. I'm a pretty experienced mapmaker. I am not fluent in JASS at ALL So don't ask me about it. I can probably answer a few...