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  1. Silent_One

    Magnetism! :O

    I would like to request a certain spell based on magnetism, for example: The hero uses the spell on a unit/thing/cheesecake, the thing either moves away from you, or away from you, depending on it's and your charge. The charge is changed by either another spell or in some other way. You can...
  2. Silent_One


    Anyone with a mac that actually has like made anything? So far the only thing I've been able to do is icons.. So I'm like just wondering, please post any reply at all so that I can browse your creations, if I then find something I'm intrested in help. Thank you.
  3. Silent_One

    It's a me, Mari.. Silent_One!

    Oh I'm so funny! ^-^ Well I'm really not that social, I'm just here for the downloads. Always credit thou. :hohum: That would be all..