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  1. Berb

    [System] Custom Projectiles

    WarCraft III: Custom Projectiles v2.2.0 by Berb Optional Dummy model with necessary pitch rotations (for pitch rotation projectile) ProjectileArt Module Requirements JassHelper Vector Library (by Anitarf) Important Special thanks to Vestras and Kenny for the Slow Time art. This...
  2. Element of Water

    [System] PreventOrders

    A simple script I wrote because I needed it in a spell, this simply provides a way of preventing specific orders. It also provides a CancelOrders function which can be used externally and simply clears any orders the unit has, and works in response to SpellCast or IssuedOrder events, unlike...
  3. M

    [System] Automatic Memory Leak Destroyer

    Well, this is a system I wrote mainly for GUI users. It is not very useful for JASS, but it makes coding in GUI so much easier. And when you make maps, you dan't do everything in JASS. You shold write the systems in vJass, but not everything. This is a tool that automatically detects and kills...
  4. BlinkBoy

    [Snippet] Natural Logarithm

    (Disclaimer: I'm not sure if someone has presented this method before, if he has please inform me, I just developed this today and I've been unable to check). EDIT: I checked, and most of the other methods are different some use binary, others borzan. The method which i found to use the same...
  5. TriggerHappy

    [Snippet] TimedHandles

    Use this to destroy a handle after X amount of seconds. TimerUtils is optional. library TimedHandles uses optional TimerUtils /************************************************************** * * v1.0.5 by TriggerHappy * ---------------------- * * Use this to destroy a handle after X...
  6. N

    [System] GetCamOffset

    GetCamOffset(x,y) is the only function to access from outside the library. It returns the camera z offset on a given terrain position, useful for placing the camera correctly for 3rd person cams and so on... however, does not work for destructables with an overfly-z-size, nor for water for...