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  1. JarHed

    HD Modeling Contest #2 - Theme Poll

    I think it's the Wow style hair and skin tight armor that does it.
  2. JarHed

    HD Modeling Contest #2 - Theme Poll

    Then I retract my assumption. That's impressive. I suppose what I'm seeing is more about how the equipment is applied and designed.
  3. JarHed

    HD Modeling Contest #2 - Theme Poll

    I'm no participant here, but there seems to be a clear difference between the Night Elf Blademaster and the Draenei Archer. The base model. One is too clearly a modified WoW model at its core while the other is merely dressed up with some WoW assets, and it shows.
  4. JarHed

    Dire troll (5 variations)

    Ah, I was more thinking it was the midface, around the cheekbones and nose, that could be a bit wider. Though the eyes would probably need to be adjusted a bit too. I suppose that's a bit tricky, though.
  5. JarHed

    Dire troll (5 variations)

    This is one of the better models I've seen for Reforged, at least in the sense that it's not just reskinned and redressed. Whatever nitpicks I may have, the lack of a hind toe and a perhaps too thin face, cannot detract from that. 5/5. 6/5 if you somehow manage to make it even better.
  6. JarHed

    HD Modeling Contest #2: Theme Discussion!

    At this point, it looks to me like Draenor/Outland pretty much fits what most are looking for.
  7. JarHed

    HD Modeling Contest #2: Theme Discussion!

    Might I suggest worker units, or is that too complicated? They're a necessary part of any custom race, and it'd be neat to flesh some out like the Draenei Laborer.
  8. JarHed

    Elven Knights

    Model looks pretty much flawless. Nothing stands out as obviously awkward or crude. 5/5.
  9. JarHed

    Owl Moon Priestess Reforged

    5/5, it is what it is and I doubt it was easy.
  10. JarHed

    Statue Shieldless

    I'll put this at 4/5, just because of the water texture issue and how little I trust external links to stand the test of time. Other than that, it is what it is meant to be.
  11. JarHed

    Draenei Shield Maiden

    I'm not sure all of that is in his skillset. Most of these Reforged custom models are edits of existing ones, and I've only seen a few directly edit the base mesh itself.
  12. JarHed

    HD Modeling Contest #1 - Hero's Journey

    Going to comment here, but the legs look a bit long for a gnome. Maybe it's just the angle. Use your own judgement.
  13. JarHed

    Dark Iron Priestess

    This should probably be tagged as a Dwarf unit, along with all the rest.
  14. JarHed

    Dwarf Miners/Workers

    Typo in the title.
  15. JarHed

    Comment by 'JarHed' in media 'You vs the Guy she told you not to worry about'

    Looks like quite the improvement. What model is the new guy based on?
  16. JarHed

    Comment by 'JarHed' in media 'Orcish Spear-Throwers/Archers of All Clans'

    I love the physique on those spearmen.
  17. JarHed

    Fel Orc - Salamander

    Yep. I'd say this is chiefly using Wc3 canon.
  18. JarHed

    Pirate Rifleman

    Oh, this looks like it'd make an excellent base for human ranged units in general.
  19. JarHed

    Fel Orc - Slayer

    Oh, is the thing around the Slayer's neck supposed to be glowing too?
  20. JarHed

    Fel Orc - Slayer

    Speaking of, will these be made to glow like the ones on the horns?
  21. JarHed

    Magistrate Henry Maleb Re-Reforged

    Did they change Henry Maleb's appearance in WoW?
  22. JarHed

    Felorc Deathshaper

    Looking at this, this is a mod of the Stormreaver creeps, isn't it? Nice. Very nice. Definitely units that could use Fel Orc variants. I guess there aren't many Orc models left in need of a Fel equivalent. I'd be interested if something could be done with Gul'dan, since he's already got the...
  23. JarHed

    Felorc Deathshaper

    Oh cool. As a thought here, how hard would it be to experiment with adding those cracked veins of fel energy to those back plates? I'm not sure if it'd even look good, but it's a thought.
  24. JarHed

    Felorc Deathshaper

    Did you convert that Kodo in the background into a Salamander?
  25. JarHed

    Orc dragon rider v1.2

    Salamander rider, though that might overlap with the Draenei. Honestly, I imagine making a clefthood would take mixing a Kodo with a Mammoth.
  26. JarHed

    Fel Orc - Behemoth

    I always found it odd their skin was more black and their eyes blue. Speaking of that, would a darker skin tone to match the WoW model be out of the question for a variant?
  27. JarHed

    Orc dragon rider v1.2

    Yeah, I don't expect you to redo it. Keeping it in mind is all I ask.
  28. JarHed

    Orc dragon rider v1.2

    Looking good, but the Orc seems way too big.
  29. JarHed

    Comment by 'JarHed' in media 'Orgrim v3 (Testing)'

    Hammer sounds like a sword.
  30. JarHed

    Female Bloodmage

    The hands could be less large and masculine.
  31. JarHed

    Comment by 'JarHed' in media 'Female Orc Reforged "Assassin" Sevllanto 005'

    @Moonman I think the issue would be the arms. It's a good looking model, but it could always be thicker.
  32. JarHed


    Oh, I was more thinking of using it as a totally different base model, because the feet are more like the Gronn. I expect that'd be a total pain in the ass, though.
  33. JarHed


    With a little texture work and reworked feet, and this would be pretty spot on. Maybe a variant using the Sasquatch model and animations would be good.
  34. JarHed

    Blackrock Brute

    Shouldn't this be in ported?
  35. JarHed

    Blackrock Berserk

    Shouldn't this be in Ported?
  36. JarHed

    Sylvanas - Unhooded (Reforged)

    This should be moved to the Reforged section.
  37. JarHed

    Comment by 'JarHed' in media 'Chronicles of the Second War - Teaser II - YouTube'

    Can't say I like the Peon model for the Spearmen, as I normally associated ranged units with leaner physiques, but everything else is looking great.
  38. JarHed

    Garrosh Hellscream

    Honestly, this is great. I'd love to see a custom campaign taking place after Warcraft 3 with this guy, and maybe others. Though I suppose he'd need a TBC era look too, depending on timeline. EDIT: Only a minor issue, but the axe clips with his shoulder in one idle animation where he rests it...
  39. JarHed

    Tauren Chief with Sword (Reforged)

    Please tag with "Reforged".
  40. JarHed

    The Undead Tauren (Reforged)

    I'd suggest you add the "Reforged" tag to this one.
  41. JarHed

    Ujimasa Hojo's Resources Discussion

    These are all beautiful, and I'm especially impressed with the fully animated Laborer. Though I'm curious why the model preview shows it carrying a chunk of gold rather than a bag. Especially when I found a map crediting its models to you that has the Laborer with a bag. Was that an earlier version?
  42. JarHed

    The Lost Ones V.2

    Where did you get that fully animated Lost One Laborer model? Workers that actually carry bags and lumber are hard to find.
  43. JarHed

    Orc Spearthrowers Pack Reforged

    A lot fatter than I'd like for a spearman, but very impressive.
  44. JarHed

    Malfurion (Without Stag) Reforged

    How does animation porting work in Reforged? I'm just wondering if you couldn't just slap Jaina's, or some other unmounted staff wielding hero model's, death/dissipate animations onto Malfurion here.
  45. JarHed

    Kargath Bladefist

    Artwork differs on whether it's his left or right arm, so I'm glad to see you've decided to supply both. Why is this in substandard, again?
  46. JarHed

    Warcraft: A New Dawn

    Most of that is looking good. Troll concept is a bit odd though, needs more lankyness. The length of the limbs just doesn't seem enough.
  47. JarHed

    Warcraft: A New Dawn

    I know, I just hope to influence the direction before they even get started on. The only way the skeletons make sense to me, is that the skeleton part of them is only as important as the white beards of Dwarf riflemen. And that as far as the story went, not all were so decayed. Edit: Some more...
  48. JarHed

    Warcraft: A New Dawn

    That sounds good. But I don't think they should just be called Skeletons, nor do I think any effort should be made to make them skeletons if any better design comes up. Forsaken don't really have many different types, though I don't doubt that some Forsaken could be skeletal so I don't really...
  49. JarHed

    Warcraft: A New Dawn

    That is good. But Skeletons? I don't think Forsaken have those. Forsaken really do not have any mindless types around and tend to have some amount of flesh remaining. Their infantry should be more Footman than Ghoul in design in my opinion, as their mental faculties are mostly intact and they...
  50. JarHed

    Warcraft: A New Dawn

    Another set of suggestions. As the Scourge are no longer affiliated with the Burning Legion they have no Dreadlords anymore. As a replacement they should get the San'Layn since they are rather similar. But anyways, if both...