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    import a creep or berzerker troll skin into your map as textures\ridingtroll.blp.
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    I love murlocs

    Da trolls may be willin' ta sign wit' da murlocs. We don' like dwarfs. We got bad mem'ries.
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    Spell Idea gather Thread

    For Choppy: Sushi Slice turns enemy non-hero murlocs into sushi item, which heals.
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    not just for forest trolls... can be used with dark trolls, ice trolls,etc.
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    my first model since who-knows-when.... :wink: edit: first model in over a year! last model was oct 16, 2004!
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    BatTroll (Model)

    Troll Batrider by Gookywooky. What I did here was split the batrider in half, re-skin the top halt to fit with the standard troll skin format,and then stuck it back together. Take whatever troll skin you want (dark troll, 'zerker, forest troll[included in file], ice troll, you name it)...
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    BatTroll (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    BatTroll (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    I'm a big star wars fan. I like the models but using the animations from warcraft models just doesn't look right(especially C-3PO. Apart from that, they're great.
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    Wonderful... looks like blizzard made it oh. well then. Blizzard DID make this icon. Its in the expansion mpq already.
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    [GOOD] Awarded gookywooky's ownage award. I am a star wars fan and i am always annoyed when yoda gets represented by the peon model. Congratulations, olofmoleman.
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    Whats your favourite RPG game?

    I define an RPG as playing an individual character, so I say its pac-man :P
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    Wich race do you like best?

  14. G Beastiary

    Ahem. You forgot Forum Trolls.
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    Webbed Grass

    Just by the names i cant tell which is which. Which one is the bunch of eyes?
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    What Do You Think is a Peons Favorite Food ?

    yes, trolls are BIG TIME cannibals. They looove to eat humans, gnomes, dwarves, elves, i guess anything that talks. -blizzard's own Extreme Candy Wars
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    What is The Epitome of Evil

    yeah, i dont like those much myself. whenever i get one i make myself a fixed version.
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    What is The Epitome of Evil

    Which one is the worst to put in the download section? I think their all ok if not put online where they serve as a disgrace to the site.
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    use farseer death & dissipate anims is my advice.
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    looks good, but isnt that texture in the mpq already?
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    Goblin Sheep Processor

    aaaargh! turn it into a PIG proccessor! goblins eat pork! besides, goblins use oil, so it figures they'd have bacon that is very oil-heavy. oh fine ill do it myself with oinkertools
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    Ogre Warrior

    GJ! and wormskull, your latest avatar is stealing saikann's look. hey, wow, zeal posted here and med. mapguy posted on the man-rat thingamawhuzzit, looks like the whole Battle for Felwood team just went *fzzt* and shifted into the DL section momentarily! wait, FLUFF and Hound Archon havent...
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    apparently Skaven and Americans share the obesity plague! :D
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    looks good, i dont think anyones done the ogre club as an attachment until now, thanks for complimenting my model! (runs off mumbling about how people are inadvertantly doing advertising for his stuff) :lol: 8) :shock: :D :) :wink: :P which one best describes the way it feels to have...
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    Dragoon, you obviosly are putting it on the villager kid model. DL the troll child MODEL and use this skin on that!
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    WOOHOO! Trolls PwNzORz! i waited so long for was worth it! :P
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    unused icon category...

    warcraft 2 icons arent being submitted into the wc2 icon category. theres so many wc2 icons submitted here and only 3 in the right category. anyone else noticed this?
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    r o f l :shock: but no attack anims.... waaaaah! me saad now! need anim update!
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    upload problem

    Well, today i made a very useful model. But when i tried uploading it, i got a message saying "you havent uploaded the mdx files i wantederror". What is this about? And why ME? What model that who wants? Has the site been hacked? i'm confused and dissapointed that i cant submit my model.
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    Tauren Runemaster

    flibbertygibbert. Why are there 5 unarmed tauren? I dunno. This one stands out from the rest. ZZZZzzzzZZZZ... Tuaren are ok. make a new tauren peon, the old one isn't good at all. My avatar has big ears. Do i have to be the only troll in this forum? YOU GOT TROLLED! [/img]
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    How to change things in your MPQ

    just fyi, blizzard considers 'any modification of the MPQ' to be hacking.
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    There should be gargs as creeps in Northrend, Ogres in Outland, and Kodos on Barrens because those are the places those things come from.
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    Nope. Gargoyle spire skin cant fit on regular gargoyles.
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    Gargoyle (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    Gargoyle (Model)

    Keywords: gargoyle brown
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    Gargoyle (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    Trolls have long ears too.GJ.
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    Hmmm... i dont consider myself a good terrainer. I dont use raise/lower/platuea/noise/flatten, only cliff and doodads. However, that's all i need for cityscape/ruins maps.
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    There IS a warcraft 2 section of icons... noone submits WC2 icons in the WC2 section... lol only two icons in that section
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    Unholy Aura icon in its past life
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    Headhunter (Model)

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    Headhunter (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    Headhunter (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    Headhunter (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    Headhunter (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    Headhunter (Model)

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    The New Tome Models

    But many of them you cant put in skins because then it wouldnt work cause they use in-game textures, and the difference is in the UV wrapping. For example, verorian's spell book model uses BTNSpellBookBLS, an icon, as the texture. Skin a normal tome with it, and you get a peice of purple and...
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    blood mage's attack 3.
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    GJ! have you considered replicating the beta steamtank (which had a longer barrel with a wrecking ballat the end, and had 2 attacks, 1 ranged for units, 1 melee for structures)?contact me if you want a screeny