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  1. MStylo

    Building classification

    Is it possible to have buildings display their classification just like units have? (Undead, Giant, Mechanical, Tauren)
  2. MStylo

    Player current camera distance

    Is there a way get this to refer to a player of choice in multiplayer?
  3. MStylo

    Corpse bones decay

    Is it possible to pause and then resume decay of bones of unit that died? "Unit - Suspend corpse decay for (Picked unit)" this does work to pause it but then using "Unit - Resume corpse decay for (Picked unit)" has no effect
  4. MStylo

    Fade Filters

    Does anybody know what are the limitations of the game showing fade filters properly? There are only couple old tutorials here and there talking about blp file has to be converted 512x512 tga but 1024x1024 managed to work for me which obviously still looks like crap. Any ideas how to get it to...
  5. MStylo

    Menu Minimap Image

    Does anybody know how to create custom minimap image when browsing and hosting maps now that it's reforged? What used to work on classic now doesn't.
  6. MStylo

    Lua maps protection

    Is there a way to protect maps that uses lua scripts? Up until now I have been using Map Optimizer 5.0 but that no longer works.
  7. MStylo

    UI hero icons bars

    Is there a way to make health and mana bars under top right hero icons (F1) disappear?
  8. MStylo

    Ray of Disruption

    Does anybody know how to order Draenei Harbinger to use Ray of Disruption? The ability itself doesn't use an order and even unit manually casting it is considered as if it was inactive.
  9. MStylo

    Custom Minimap

    Does anyone know how to create custom minimap backround? All threads I found are from many years ago suggesting custom file with war3mapMap.blp path but it just doesn't work. Any ideas?