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  1. DredLord2

    Evasion -> Block

    I am making a attle map and I want the units to have a chance to clock and dodge. I used evasion to give them a chance to dodge, and I want to make it more realistic so they can block an attack also, but what ability can do this? I saw a guy say in another post to change the message in Evasion...
  2. DredLord2

    RPG or Strategy?

    I am making a grand battle map and I was wondering, would people rather have 1 character to fight with the entire time, or a multi selection system that allows you to select any unit on the battle ground and take cntrl of that unit until they die. There are upgrades available, but if you only...
  3. DredLord2

    Which would you prefer?

    I am making a grand battle map and I was wondering, would people rather have 1 character to fight with the entire time, or a multi selection system that allows you to select any unit on the battle ground and take cntrl of that unit until they die.
  4. DredLord2

    help with analyze ability

    I want to create an ability called "Scan" that can be casted anywhere and depending on where it is casted different text will appear, but I cant seem to get it to work. This is how i tried it: Events - A unit Begins casting an ability Conditions - Ability being cast Equal to Scan Actions -...
  5. DredLord2

    Check Leaderboard Scores

    How can I make the game check to see who has the highest score, 2nd highest, and 3rd highest?
  6. DredLord2

    What to see in an RPG?

    Im sure people have asked this question before, but I couldnt find any. I have all the skills needed to make an awesome RPG, but I dont know what I should use them for. Any ideas on what I should put into an RPG? Not an on going rpg, with a save system and everything, just a 1 time play rpg, but...
  7. DredLord2

    Train Units

    How can I make a unit able to train 9 other units? There isnt enough space in the command menu. I want the commanders able to hire other units, I tried doing: Events-A unit begins casting an ability Conditions- Ability equal to Train Units Action- Select Mercenary Camp It worked but I dont...
  8. DredLord2

    Fast Terrain

    Is there anyway to make a trigger or something that creates an enviornment at the start of the game? Not the terrain, but the enviornment props, like shrubs, flowers, rocks, ect. The only way I can think of is to use Create Destructable, but envirnment objects arent in any of the aviable...
  9. DredLord2

    Need Maze Ideas

    I have a great idea for a new maze, I dont want to give it away, but basicly its on a diseased land. Unfortunetly I am not the best terrainest. I cant come up with many good terrain ideas to add, terrain being the paths and enviornment. Bascily anything thats not cinematic, GUI, sound, or model...
  10. DredLord2

    Bob's Gun Sign

    Is there any way that I can get the Bob's Guns sign so that I can change its skins? It is not in Image Extractor whitch is wat I use. Anyone have it, or knows a way I can get it?
  11. DredLord2

    Need Game Idea

    I cant think of anymore ideas for a map. Anyone reading this have a good idea? I can make almost anything.
  12. DredLord2

    Item Changes Attack

    I am making an rpg, but no ordinary RPG. I want to make a system that changes the attack type of a hero when they aquire a new type of item. For example, If u aquire a bow ur attack will becoem ranged. If you then aquire a melee weapon, ur attack will become melee. I know this is possable...
  13. DredLord2

    Make Unit Cast (custom) Ability

    Is there any way to force a unit to cast a custom made ability? If so how?
  14. DredLord2

    Triggers wont work

    My unit replacing trigger is not working. When you pick up the armor, you change from "Spy" to that unit. Which works, but when you drop it you should turn back into "Spy", but the game completely crashes, no warning, no nothing, just exits. I thin kit has something to do with the item...
  15. DredLord2

    How do I get a Black Map?

    I want to get the intire minimap, and unexplored areas in the game to be completely black, it is like this in Monolith. I tried to look it up there, but I couldnt find out how. Anyone help?
  16. DredLord2

    Creature Names

    It's alwase hard for me to think of a name for a hero if its a hostiel creature liek a centaur, gnoll, ext... Does anyone know of a toll or program that helps create or generate a name?
  17. DredLord2

    Unit's Range (resetting to a lower value)

    WHen you edit a unit and set its range, you can type in 10,000, but it doesnt go that far theres like a limit of how far you can go. Is there any way to get a range of 10,000 or so?
  18. DredLord2

    [Trigger] Cant get trigger 2 run

    I want a trigger to only run after all spacific units r dead, but what I cant seem to do is make the trigger run... Im pretty sure its the event that is messing me up sence there is no event that says "run when turned on." is there any other way 2 do this?
  19. DredLord2

    Unit's Name

    How do u allow ppl change a units name in the game? I created variable named Units_Name, and set it as a string, I want it to set that variable as the chat message that a player typed, so this is what I do... Event- Player - Player types a chat message contaning " - " as A substring...
  20. DredLord2

    Increase Attack Range

    Is there any way possable to increase a units attack range past 20000 (maximum att range). I looked in the Gameplay Constants, but I couldnt find anything. If there is no way to increase the range, then how can u make a unit attack a building if it is blocking a path? Ex: In TD's if a player...
  21. DredLord2

    Run One Direction

    How do u make a unit run in a sertant direction for only a few seconds? I want him to move to the right of him, but only sertant amount of steps. How can you do this?
  22. DredLord2

    Model Viewer

    Is there any way possable import models from World of Warcraft Model Viewer into a warcraft map? Alo would this be illegal to do?
  23. DredLord2

    Variable Adding

    I have a variable with an array of 10. I want to make my trigger so that when a unit enters that region, he will be added to the variable. Once it gets to 10, the game ends. I can't seem to get it to add. I have... Event-Unit Enters Region Condition-Owner of Triggering Unit = to Dark Green...
  24. DredLord2

    Band Models

    Is there a way to create a trigger that changes the owner of a unit when selected? I tried the following, but it didn't work. If there is a way please show me.
  25. DredLord2

    Check Inventory

    How do you make a condition to check if an item is in your invrntory, other than...? Conditions: Item carried by hero in slot 1-6 equal to "bla bla item"
  26. DredLord2


    Im in dier need of some weaights. Well not dier, but it could messup the map. Does anyone know where I can find some models? or if you could please make something for me, Id be very greatful. Pretty much anything that is, or can be used as a wieght, Deadlift, Pull Up bars, anything like that...
  27. DredLord2

    Ms3d Converting

    Who do I convert a .ms3d file into a tga?
  28. DredLord2

    Check Recorces

    Is there a way to check if a player has any lumber, or gold?
  29. DredLord2

    Maximum Amount of Objects

    Is there a way to increase the maximum amount of abjucts that u can use? People say that you can do it in World Edit Unliminted, but they won't tell me how once im in the program...
  30. DredLord2

    [Trigger] Quest Variables

    How do you turn a quest into a variable so that u can have more than 1 quest at a time? When you complete a quest, the only choice it gives you is, complete last created quest.... But I want it to turn in multipul quests at different times, how do u do this?
  31. DredLord2

    [Trigger] Movement System

    I can only find one tutorial on this subbject, but it sucks.... I can't find any good maps, or tutorials about keyboard movement systems. I remember a long time ago I found a realy good way to do it, but I lost the map, and I forgot the way that it showed me. Does anyone know of a good link, or...
  32. DredLord2

    Loading Screen wotn work...

    Ok, I have tryed EVERY tutorial there is on Loading Screens. EVER SINGLE ONE! I've searched on,,, and more.... Tevery tutorial I do, doesn't work for me... I've seen it work for other ppl.... I go over the tutorials like, 5 times... step by step... Either...
  33. DredLord2


    I created an icon, but a saved it's saved as a .Png. I also saved the same image as a .Blp, but when I imported the .BLP it came up in green. Yes, I did put in a DIS, and I gave it the right path. So I tryed doing it the the .Png file, but the .Png file came up as an "Other" subject. I'm wonder...
  34. DredLord2

    Death Sounds

    I need some sounds to play when a player dies, or wins. I've looked on other sites, but I cant find anything that fits with my map. I need the sound to say: -Waisted -HA! -Ouch! Thats gata hurt! -Victory! -Amazing! I found some of these on other sites, but they sounded horrable. The...
  35. DredLord2

    [Trigger] Terrain Changing

    I have no idea how to do this, so I have no idea, if it's a trigger, or Jass, so I just put it under triggers. In some mazes, the terrain changes periodicly. from like, Lava to, dirt for instance. How do they do that? Yes, I did search for this, and icouldnt find anything.
  36. DredLord2

    The Legend of WOW

    Don't under stand whats going on in WOW? Want to hear the whole story? Like to read alot? Then this should be VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY! Helpful for you.
  37. DredLord2

    Terrain Moving

    How do I get units to only run/walk on only one type of terrain? I can't find any other forums on this.
  38. DredLord2

    PLEASE!!! I need this model.

    I need a Microphone I'm working on a map. For the map, I need a SIMPLE model. I need a microphone on a a stand PLEASE! I need it for a band. I need this model asap please. Thank you. P.S. I woud also like a man with a Guitar, and possably another man on the drumbs. But these are secondary...
  39. DredLord2

    Space Tiles/models

    Can someone make a space terrain, like the one in this pictures. Or can someone give me a link? I need the square tiles. I also need some alien, or robot models. Thank you.
  40. DredLord2

    New Space Map

    I am curentle creating a new map called Space Mission. I would tell you about the map, but I don't wana ruin it. I have 3 tiles so far Space, Pipes, and a rack. Anyone know where I can get more useful tiles. I could also use some models.
  41. DredLord2

    Skins Shape/Form

    I can chang the skins color, but what I can't do is chage the shape of a skin/model. I am changing the skin of a fish. I changed the color and the shaoe of it, but when I play world editor, it still is in the form of the OLD fish. People are saying to Alpha some out, but I have no idea how to do...
  42. DredLord2

    Help With Anamations

    I've searched all over this site for something that HELPS you with anamations, and I can't seem to find anything. Can someone give me a link to a site or something. I'd really apreciate it.
  43. DredLord2

    My Object Editor is...

    My Object Editor is messed up. For some starange reason, it doesn't show the name of the selection. It has letters instead, like the first part is A second part is B, and so on. Like, if u open Object Editor, u select a guy, and then u see all the stats on the side, right? Well when I do that, I...
  44. DredLord2

    Underwater Theme

    Can someone help me get an underwater theme, I have done it before, but I deleted the map, and now I have forgoten how to do it. I can't seem to find anymore postsabout it either, please help me. :sad: