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  1. Flux

    [vJASS] DamagePackage

    A modular Damage Detection System. Contains libraries for your damage detection, distinction and manipulation needs. //! novjass /* DamagePackage v1.44 Documentation by Flux...
  2. Flux

    [vJASS] Buff System

    //! novjass Buff System v1.30 by Flux Handles all interactions of self-defined Buffs. Features: - Can dispel...
  3. Flux

    [vJASS] [System] Illusion

    library Illusion /* Illusion v1.33 by Flux Allows easy creation of Illusion with any damage factor. */ requires DamageEvent, DamageModify/*
  4. Bribe

    [Snippet] New Table

    Table is based on the philosophy that you can use one hashtable for your whole map. What it does is divide one hashtable into many different components, and each system in the map can have its own share of the hashtable. Taking advantage of parent keys and child keys to their fullest extent, the...
  5. AGD

    [vJASS] [Snippet] Multidimensional Array

    Multidimensional Array v1.2b Description MultidimensionalArray library allows users to have up to 5 dimensional arrays. I didn't go for more than 5 because I don't think its needed anyway and just in case someone might find a need for arrays with 5+ dimensions, they can simply copy-paste a...
  6. Flux

    [vJASS] Movespeed

    library Movespeed /* Movespeed v1.21 by Flux Applies a stacking movespeed modification to a unit through code. Formula: New Movespeed = (Default Movespeed + Total FlatBonus)*(1 + Total PercentBonus)...
  7. Flux

    [vJASS] [System] Polygon

    This resource allows you to create a Polygon. A Polygon has all the functionality (and more) a rect has; it can detect when a unit enters/leaves the Polygon.. It can enumerate/pick all items, destructables, units inside the Polygon (with filter option). It can instantly change position just like...
  8. Flux

    [vJASS] GetUnitIdRace

    library GetUnitIdRace /****************************************************************** GetUnitIdRace v1.00 by Flux Allows you to get the race of a unit based on the rawcode...
  9. B

    [vJASS] TextSplat2

    You may be aware of TextSplat. It's a great alternative to texttag handles. As THW user there were a few things I disliked in TextSplat: Does not work with Bribes Table Suspended/permanent TextSplats keep the periodic timer running. I worked myself into TextSplat and changed the code, so it...
  10. TriggerHappy

    [vJASS] SyncInteger

    Recommended: Sync Library Demo Map: Codeless Save and Load (Multiplayer) Core System library SyncInteger uses optional UnitDex /*or any unit indexer*/, optional GroupUtils, optional xebasic, optional PlayerUtils /*************************************************************** * * v1.2.1, by...
  11. B

    [vJASS] Missile

    Missile A library made to handle, optimize and ease projectile creation in your map. Core - Missile snippetTutorial - How to use MissileMiscellaneous library Missile Requirements Optional requirements Creators and destructors Module MissileStruct Static method...
  12. Nestharus

    Resources That Have Yet To Be Coded

    If you find yourself at a loss for what to code or want to contribute to the community, then try your hand at coding one of these highly useful resources that has yet to be coded. Furthermore, there are plenty of current libraries that deserve updates (not listed). Designs and specifications...
  13. Bribe

    [System] MissileRecycler

    Recycles missile dummy units while considering their facing angle. Warning: this uses an ObjectMerger statement to create a dummy unit with the rawcode 'dumi'. I have saved over my original test map data so I will have to rebuild the original tests I was using with this resource one day. Until...
  14. Zwiebelchen

    [System] DestructableHider

    library DestructableHider initializer init /* by Zwiebelchen v1.3 Destructables create an enormous amount of overhead on warcraft III maps, almost the same as units, especially walkable destructables. Thus, a large amount of destructables...