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  1. Magtheridon96

    vJASS Spell Templates

    vJASS Spell Templates Table of Contents Introduction Instant Spells Timed Spells Public Resources Wrap-Up introIntroduction This is more of a repository or reference rather than a tutorial. I'm going to show you some of the cleanest and most ideal spell models you could follow. These...
  2. WaterKnight

    Custom Events

    Note: The code snippets should only represent the text as a basic shape. They are not jass nor any other specific language nor the final realization. Let's suppose we wanted to create the following spell: A unit shall get buffed - not a standard buff from the object editor - but maybe a timer...
  3. B

    [vJass] Meet vJass - Extending structs

    Today's topic: Extending structs. BasicsExtending structsMiscellaneous Introduction Constructor & Destructor Stub Methods & super Generated Code Extends array typeid & getType() Conclusion Demo Code IntroductionIntroduction These days it appears to be a...
  4. Malhorne

    [vJASS] Dynamic Indexing Tutorial

    Hi everybody ! Today, I’ll explain you how to use properly dynamic indexing with structs (so in vJASS :D)! I’ll not explain how struct works (it is not the goal of this tutorial) but how to properly index them to render spells MUI. I – Introduction Okay I hope you know how works struct...