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  1. DracoL1ch

    Orders repo

    Since it's hard enough to find for newbies constant integer ORDER_wandillusion=852274 constant integer ORDER_absorb=852529 constant integer ORDER_acidbomb=852662 constant integer ORDER_acolyteharvest=852185 constant integer ORDER_AImove=851988 constant integer...
  2. B

    [vJass] Meet vJass - Extending structs

    Today's topic: Extending structs. BasicsExtending structsMiscellaneous Introduction Constructor & Destructor Stub Methods & super Generated Code Extends array typeid & getType() Conclusion Demo Code IntroductionIntroduction These days it appears to be a...
  3. Flux

    Change Model Texture Using Alternate Animations

    Change Model Texture Using Alternate Animations It is indeed possible to change a model's texture in game whether in object editor or via Triggers without using WAR CLUB ability. CONTENTS: 1. Pros and Cons 2. Modeling 2.1 Outcome 3. Triggering. 4. Make a unit use different texture without...
  4. Flux

    All About Inlining

    All About Inlining: Inlining is replacing the call site of a function or the lookup of a constant variable by its content making the code run faster since no function call or variable lookup actually takes place. It happens upon compiling the script (Function Inlining) or optimizing the map...
  5. Magtheridon96

    vJASS Spell Templates

    vJASS Spell Templates Table of Contents Introduction Instant Spells Timed Spells Public Resources Wrap-Up introIntroduction This is more of a repository or reference rather than a tutorial. I'm going to show you some of the cleanest and most ideal spell models you could follow. These...
  6. Sylvie

    Add Multiple Skins for a Single Model

    How to add multiple skins for a single model. For this tutorial, you'll need of a single tool: War3 Model Editor, by Magos. For this tutorial, I'll be using the Scarlet Crusader, by CloudWolf. First of all, open the WME, and open its MPQ Browser [Windows > MPQ Browser]. Select War3.mpq...