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  1. Magtheridon96

    How to Give a unit the ability to fly

    Unit Flying Ability (The Right Way) Table of Contents Introduction The Problem The Solution Tips Wrap-Up IntroIntroduction This is quite a simple tutorial. I made it quite short and straight to the point because there's not much to say. Basically, what we've been doing to give units...
  2. baassee

    How to: Create Spells in GUI - The Beginning

    I'm getting tired of viewing spells in the spell section lately due to most of them are just bunch of crap (yes you heard me). They're not MUI and most of them break one or more rule besides the MUI rule. So this will be a selection of tutorials, same concept as palaslayer had (or was it...
  3. baassee

    How to: Import a vJASS spell by reading the information.

    Import a vJASS spell by reading the information. Editor's Note. Please beware that the pictures are made for another tutorial so don't get confused. It shows the same thing and no I haven't uploaded that tutorial yet. This tutorial was made because of the great amount of people without...
  4. baassee

    Update TESH and add your own functions.

    TESH Tutorial by baassee This is just a simple tutorial how to add your own functions so they get highlighted by TESH Yet I have to tell you this right here and now that this tutorial contains some materials from a site which I can't mention because it isn't allowed. Most coders...
  5. Arowanna

    Lumber/Food Clock

    InstructionsThis tutorial shows you how to create two different clocks. The first one is based on Lumber and Food and the second one is based on Food. • Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne - World Editor • A small knowledge of how to "Trigger" in the Trigger Editor Lumber/Food Clock Function...
  6. Deuterium

    Essentials Tutorial

    Deuterium's Essentials Tutorial Bookmark: I - Graphical User Interface (GUI) 1. Leaks 2. Avoiding the usage of Wait 3. Multi Unit Instanceability (MUI) 4. GUI Snippets a. Event: Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability b. Overlooking the double leak in Polar Projections c...