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  1. Go'el

    Voice Actors!

    So, I guess this is the right forum... So people, the title explain it pretty much, I need of "some" voice actors for my campaign, "Glory to the Scourge". Nyone who wants to help will need to PM me for details, since I won't be revealing everything in here, but I can advance some things...
  2. Go'el

    Icon Request!!

    Heey people! Could anyone make an icon for me? It's for this unit. I already asked Tarrasque to do it, but he's out of Hive, and I don't know when he'll return, and I need it quickly! Thanks!
  3. Go'el

    Forsaken tents

    Yeah, the title tells it pretty much. It can be a WoW rip. Both tents please :)
  4. Go'el

    Val'kyr wing

    Hey hivers! Could anyone please make me and icon based on this model's wing? Nothing fancy, just create a simple icon of this, to look like this one, with a purple background. Note: No screenshots of the model's wing, pls :) Advanced Thanks!
  5. Go'el

    Knight of the Ebon Blade's icon

    hello you there, Could someone create an icon for this model? The model was made by Hawkwing, and I guess this could work as a proof of his permission. Thaanks!!
  6. Go'el

    Just an endless problem with the AI...

    So.. yeah, I need of help with the AI, I've read this tutorial, and it help me a lot, but the AI is not attacking, i don't know what to do, it trains the units as it should but they don't leave the base. Remember, I don't have any conditions. Help??
  7. Go'el

    There's something wrong with my campaign

    So, I think this is the right forum to post this. But anyway... There's something wrong with my campaign, I've done a map which the player controls the Scourge, ok so far, the enemy in this map is the Scarlet Crusade, and the main color of the Scarlet is red, so I put the player as "Player 7...
  8. Go'el

    Remove hero glow

    Hey m8's, Could somebody remove the hero's glow and the fire effect in the eyes of this model please? atlyre don't enter on Hive since 2005, so I can't ask for his permission. Advanced Thanks!
  9. Go'el

    Stormwind's Lion Statue

    Heey hivers! Could someone, please, make a Lion Statue of Stormwind City? I'll need of it for my campaign :p I actually need of two, this one and this one. Advanced thanks :)
  10. Go'el

    Sourge and Scarlet Crusade banner :)

    Sourge and Scarlet Crusade things :) Hi m8's, Could somebody make to me a Scourge and a Scarlet Crusade banner? But please, make it as a model, not a skin. Also, a new skin for the Tent, to make it white with a red symbol. Advanced thanks :) :) :) EDIT: The banner can be a reskin, but I...
  11. Go'el

    [Template / Terrain] Go'el Templates Series

    ---- ______________________________________________________________________________ Azshara Island Features: -1723 Doodads. -Custom Resources. -Map Size: 128x128 -Playable Map Size: 128x128 -306.51 KB Screenshots: Credits: Models: Blizzard Entertainment DungeonM (In...
  12. Go'el

    Fel Far Seer?

    Hello guys, I'm not sure if there is already something like it, but I need of a Fel Far Seer. I really need of this for my new map! Could anyone help me? Thanks.
  13. Go'el

    Blue Dragons Buildings

    Hi, can someone please pass me the link of some Blue Dragons buildings (if there's any...) ?? or some building that can be used as such. Thank You ;p
  14. Go'el

    Undead's UI

    Hi, I'm Warchief-Thrall and I'm doing a campaign, "Glory to the Scourge!", and I need of an Undead's UI, can someone give me the link of any UI?
  15. Go'el

    Plague Eruptor

    Can anyone give me the link of any model of a Plague Eruptor? because I'm doing a campaign and need it.
  16. Go'el

    [Import] How can I import a model?

    I downloaded a Scarlet Crusade Footman's model, managed by the Import Manager and I changed the common Footman's model for this one that I downloaded. But always a green and black cube appears. I do not know how to fix or how to make it work. Can anyone help me?
  17. Go'el

    [Campaign] Glory to the Scourge!

    Glory to the Scourge ---- ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "After Arthas becoming the Lich King, he commands his troops in Lordaeron to exterminate everyone who pose a threat to the...
  18. Go'el

    [Import] Import AI?

    Well, I'm doing a campaign and I need 3 AI, so I created the 3 in 'AI Editor'. But when I select the campaign map this message appears: "This is not a Melee map. The Test AI feature only works with Melee maps. For custom maps, it is recommended to import the AI direcrly into the map using...
  19. Go'el

    AI commands

    I'm doing a campaign but do not know how to make AI work. The only thing it does is collect gold. It doesn't collect lumber, doesn't attack, doesn't train units ... Can anyone help me make the AI work right? * Sorry about my English *