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  1. gaby-boy

    [Data] Turret (Easy)

    Well, this is my first tutorial and I hope you enjoy! In this tutorial I'll show you how to make a turret by making a unit. We'll create the Heavy Mothership. My english is not the best! Thanks to ProzaicMuze from sc2mapster. Actor - Events : Event Term Action...
  2. K

    Create a Hero with attributes!

    As known, many people want to make a map which has a hero as main unit for the player, but not just any hero, but a hero like in Warcraft 3, with attributes and spells that will level. And happy me I happened to stumble over it how to, so here I go... Have fun reading this wall of text! :O...
  3. PhantomTap

    Equipment/Inventory Systems

    This tutorial assumes the user has basic knowledge of the Data Editor. It will cover these topics... 1. Creating Item Classes 2. Creating Item Containers 3. Adding Equipment and Inventory to a Unit 4. Creating Items Before starting, make sure that under View within the Data Editor you...
  4. J

    Importing Custom Icons into SC2

    A video tutorial by me. Linky is here: Best viewed onsite.