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  1. TheKurt009

    Paintovers and C&C! Submit your WIPs here!

    -=PAINT OVERS and C&C=- Hello fellow artist! This thread was created to help you and the other fellow hivers who would like to pursuit their epic quest at becoming master drawers! Submit your new project here, TheKurt009 and Mr.Goblin will gladly give you professional feedbacks and do...
  2. TheKurt009

    "Shattering the skies above" hive community made graphic novel

    if i posted on the wrong place, kindly please move it :3 Now i have got your attention... I'm making a graphic novel with your help. How? by roleplaying! as the gm, i have complete control over the story and your characters, even changing something about them to fit my view of the story you...
  3. TheKurt009

    My Progress study drawings that started from sucky ones

    From ash i have risen, from nothing i am given breath. From here, i know where i am headed... Here are some of the drawings i have collected since i started drawing in digital Enjoy your stay! Princess of the flames My name is Kurt Ian Ferrer, 21 years old, from the Philippines...
  4. TheKurt009

    How about a title for a book?

    quick elevator pitch: two gods, one is tyrant, mortally wounds the other tyrant god plans to purge all life on world and start anew other god's remaining essence reduced into a crystal, picked up by heroine crystal is now a compass to a divine sword capable of killing the tyrant god heroine...
  5. TheKurt009

    TheKurt009's HighPoly models

    these aren't for warcraft but i'm here sharing my works! I made its teeth blunt to imply it had been eating rocks for centuries Inspired by Mass Effect 3's Prothean. the change was i removed the eyes I had a play with the rendering engine and the results were quite nice Glowing veins was to...
  6. TheKurt009

    Hiveworkshop group picture in paint

    let's make a group picture made in paint. save the pic, edit yourself in, then upload the edited one until it's too full that you can't edit it anymore.
  7. TheKurt009

    AoTHG Attack on Titan Homage Game

    I've started a game, as you know there's already Two fan games at work. But i wanted to make a game of my own preferences. I wanted to put First person and other things. In-game View Right now i have made 30% of the map of Trost and everything is still a test. I made a thread so i can post my...
  8. TheKurt009

    Attack On Titan Tribute game

    if you don't know what Attack on Titan is it's an anime where the titans have eaten most of humanity to the point of near extinction and driven them to live behind 50 meter walls. is the link to the game like the anime, it features building swinging spiderman...
  9. TheKurt009

    Help me create a story for wattpad

    So here's how it goes, it's similar with roleplaying. Except this doesn't have restricting rules. Have fun and be creative! After 100 submissions, i'll compile it and upload it to wattpad. First, hou have to register your characters. Also, use this format. Make any names if you want, use...
  10. TheKurt009

    Post your Garena Username

    Want to test your map with someone but can't find anyone interested enough? there are some people who are. Post your Garena Username so we can contact each other "TheKurt009"
  11. TheKurt009

    Balanced Superpowers or simple powers thread

    we've had the Warcraft III skills on real life thread before, now this. i've always thought having balanced and more realistic superpowers or other simpler powers that are not too overpowered. as better than mr. ol' superman not giving a damn about how strong enemies are because he's...
  12. TheKurt009

    Hive Chat Temporary Replacements As the current chat is down, i think this could be useful.
  13. TheKurt009

    [Picture] 1

  14. TheKurt009

    what if Adam and Eve didn't ate the fruit?

    okay Tis is not a Debate about: Adam and Eve doesn't exist and The Bible isn't true! the bible said that if adam and eve ate the fruit he would punish them by taking out their eternal life I'm just saying what if they didn't EAT the fruit???
  15. TheKurt009

    if i could time travel i'd...

    if you could time travel what would you do??? if i could time travel i'd show Bill Gates Windows 7, and other things he will make in the future. or that crappy Planet of The Apes in the past and show them the 2011 Planet of The Apes version
  16. TheKurt009

    [Picture] kurt1

  17. TheKurt009

    computers break from not being used for two months?

    read title
  18. TheKurt009

    The Scary experience Thread

    Okay,please share any scary experience you've had in your life But not like: i almost fell from the rooftop i mean something like i was alone at my house and i saw a face embedded on a wall (which means it's a ghost) and i know you guys had one for once in your lives. I think i've written...
  19. TheKurt009


    uhm hello guys, i've realized that TheHiveWorkshop became helpful to me so much that it inspired me to become a more computer addict than before. i'm still a newbie(lol, why not?!) something i should've done months ago, i never formally introduced myself...
  20. TheKurt009


    hey guys! i've made a new map! it doesn't have a name yet but my ideas are: _____: and the three kingdoms of the Philippines. it's an RPG, thanks to jxtranghero for the jxcamera system. here's the concept: Luzon: the most advanced(civilized or anything, because of the gunpowder discovery)...
  21. TheKurt009

    Who's your valentine in the HIVE!?

    okay, i know guys this is silly, men outnumber women 20 to 1. this is just a question on who will you pick till Valentine's Day it's okay to pick the same girl here, i just wanna ask which woman is the more favorable to them. Please admin and mods, you can close this thread after...
  22. TheKurt009

    changing animation names

    by the way guys,i have a villager with 40 animations i downloaded earlier. it seems that it's animation names are the same, like, attack gold: where the villager sweeps his sword. then the other attack gold: where he stabs it. i want to specify the animation to be played in triggers. BTW...
  23. TheKurt009

    attack animation pattern

    well, there's this when a unit attacks and it uses stab animation. how can i change the unit to stab, then to chop, then to stab again!? there's this 40 animation villager that i got and i wanna make it to it's full potential. also, can you help me when i equip some shield attachment it turns...
  24. TheKurt009

    2012: The Aftermath

    2012: The Aftermath After 24 Hours, in a Distant Unknown Country there was a City spared from the catastrophe. By the looks of it, the City was indeed in a rubble, no signs of telling what kind of city that is. Now, the only thing that the survivors have in mind.(to survive! duh!) Picture of...
  25. TheKurt009

    changing ownership

    guys! just wanna ask how to change the ownership of a unit! say, pokemon game (no, i'm not making a pokemon game!) the units are passive and dare to not even attack, but when you attack them, they become hostile. how can i make a trigger like that? oh and another thing!, how to make a unit...
  26. TheKurt009

    Defend the Castle! V1.3Beta

    Defend the Castle!V1.3Beta -Well guys, you defend your kingdom against the invading undead. -the hero choosing are not yet made although you can buy one! -heros:Sylvana Windrunner, Rexxar, Pandaren Brewmaster, Blademaster, Illidan Blindeye(JOKE! not blindeye.), Jaina, Mountain King, Maive...
  27. TheKurt009

    newbie here!

    i was wondering, how can i add screenshots for my map?