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  1. Deuterium

    Essentials Tutorial

    Deuterium's Essentials Tutorial Bookmark: I - Graphical User Interface (GUI) 1. Leaks 2. Avoiding the usage of Wait 3. Multi Unit Instanceability (MUI) 4. GUI Snippets a. Event: Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability b. Overlooking the double leak in Polar Projections c...
  2. Kingz

    {DEPRECATED / OUTDATED} Dynamic Values Storage

    Dynamic values storage One note, this was called Paladon's integer array indexing system but after talking to PurplePoot he explained me why it cannot be named like that. Contents: -Introduction What is Dynamic values storage? It's and easy to use variable system used by spell makers to make...
  3. E

    Hero Selection Systems

    As Tonks has left the Hive, I decided to recreate this tutorial. Introduction: This tutorial will show you various methods of hero selection systems. Many AoS or orpg's use hero selection systems which allow you to pick a hero out of one of the various heroes available in the game. In this...
  4. Fulla

    GUI - Hero Click-Selection (Advanced)

    Heya, In this tutorial I hope to show you how to make an advanced hero selection system in a step by step guide. This one works via players clicking on heroes they wish to use as opposed to taverns or region methods. I've tried to include as many pictures & samples as possible. If you...
  5. Parrothead

    Buying abilitys

    Buying Abilities Buying Abilities Through Items This tutorial will teach you how to make a system allowing the user to buy a skill from a shop (e.g. Avatar) through the purchase of a temporary item that will give you that skill. This can come in handy in games in which you wish for players to...