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    Taruen Defence RPG

    Tauren Defence RPG this is a new RPG based on Tauren it is still being terrraind and i need more ideas for the map so if eneyone has eneything please pm me. and i need some one to help me with doodads if someone could do that i would be greatful.
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    Triggerer Request

    Hello all, i am in need of a triggerer for my new project Tauren Defence RPG.:grin:
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    I need a Terrainer

    Hi all i am working on this project/map and i need a Terrainer if u want to come and help plz pm me or let me know
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    Can some 1 make me this model?

    I need it for my map. If any 1 can make it i would be very greatful (: :infl_thumbs_up: :)
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    My added bits on models go to middle of map

    Ive got these 3 models that all the parts i added come off. model 1. Ive put it on the map and the arms head and cape i put on are in the middle of the map. model 2. I put this on the map and the swords and cape hade gone to the middle of the map. model 3. I put this one on the map and...
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    hi i'm erame21 :thumbs_up::thumbs_up::thumbs_up::thumbs_up::thumbs_up: