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  1. LumZor

    Warhammer Online

    so i was thinkin about try out the warhammer online game. I heard it is a good game if you dont compare with wow. but i was wonder what do you guys think about the game? i have not try it yet but i think i will try it, has anyone try it ...
  2. LumZor

    Deathwing in Human Form And Hes Mace Request

    Hello Dear Hiveworkshop members The Title of this Thread tells most of what i need for my map. The model that i would like to have is this and here is the Mace...
  3. LumZor

    wow cataclysm? but no warcraft 3 cataclysm

    As we all know the wow was based on the old campaign from warcraft 3. Now the world of warcraft cataclysm has release too and the thing is i hate that i was hope that they could have warcraft 3 cataclysm and better Graphics 3D like st2. I loved the Campaign from war3, And i think world of...