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  1. Shanghai

    My music what do you say? Techno/House/Electro

    Brynto - Pirates Of The Caribbean this is Pirate of Caribbean remix.
  2. Shanghai

    [General] Is there any unit that sounds like barbossa?

    im trying to find something similar in voices for my hero anyone knows anything that sounds similar?
  3. Shanghai

    [General] How do you remove footsteps of water?

    Yes how do i remove the footstep effect when walk in water?
  4. Shanghai

    help pls disease cloud no damage?

    hi im trying to make an item of disease cloud to make damage AoE. but when i use it i see the effect but no damage?
  5. Shanghai

    [Spell] is there any spell that does defend without able to attack?

    Im wondering if there is an spell there u cant attack when u use it. So basicly im after something that makes u hero defend and not able to attack. Like if the other players attack you they make 0 damage. Also my hero should not be able to attack during this. it need to have cooldown.
  6. Shanghai

    [Spell] how can i make mass teleport working on natural passive buildings?

    yes how can i do this pls anyone?
  7. Shanghai

    Imported spell doesent work Help pls

    i did import an spell and its not working in 5D editor. it worked on my old pc. But probably with JNGP 2. and i cant download it anywhere.....
  8. Shanghai

    [General] Wc3 fatal error open game?

    When im opening wc3 i get fatal errors. how can i fix it?
  9. Shanghai

    Request a abomination edit (Model) Azog arm. + Donation

    Hi im requesting an abomination with left arm as the picture. and the right arm with a mace like this. And if you can make a nice skin for him would be awesome. I want him to look like the picture but need to be abomination. Also if your intrested i will give a little donation for you with 25...
  10. Shanghai

    hello + rep how do i make walkable platform?

    i have forgot how to make so you can walk on ramps you made by your own. Like an invisible walkable area. I forgot how to make this can some one explain pls?
  11. Shanghai

    HOw do you make a unit use unsubmerge spell? + rep

    Im trying to make the AI use unsubmerge. Can some one pls show me the trigger. And where to find everything. this is the trigger at the moment. Use Meat Hook Events Time - Every 0.10 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Set Temp_Unit = (Random unit...
  12. Shanghai

    why is world editor so slow when loading and saving files.

    I remember there was an option before thjat makes world editor save much information and you can fix that so it wont take ages to copy an an ability
  13. Shanghai

    What is this all maps removed Wc3 Directory

    I saved manmy maps in my wc3. ANd then now when i opened wc3 there was no maps there. What a fuck is this. ios it virus program whoi make this or something else? Ah check this. I see them when i open World editoir but not when going into the map. lol? what a fucking.
  14. Shanghai

    World Editor load slow and dont create variables

    Sry i have forgot how to set things up right in the world editor how do i fix this?
  15. Shanghai

    ANyone here good at triggers or JASS? have a mission for you :)

    Im makign a map called pudge wars xmas. And i need some one to do coding in the map. Contact me if your intrested its an realy good map. + rep ofc And we can talk more if your intresed ;)
  16. Shanghai

    Need some help can i ask you pls? :(

    If you have a mom when your 29 years and live in a house on the place there they live. ow i have 10 diagnosis of psyicic diseases. OCD PTSD BIPOLAR DEPRESSION ADHD PANIC DISORDER STRESS SYNDROME PANIC ATTACKS and more what ever and more. Your mom teeling you ur big you know Fat. in a nicley...
  17. Shanghai

    Hello anyone here good at jass or GUI? not vjass. 100 euro 2 spells

    Hello guys and girls. I need 2 spells for my map. I will pay you 100 euro for the spells. Let me know if your intrested. they should be MUI leakless. mybe jass is the best.
  18. Shanghai

    JasNewgen Pack Removes exe files when extract files?

    Every time im trying to extract the files from the rar file the exe files just gets removed and no message from virus program or anything? how do i fix? And now the file doesent even open where is old JGP? im downloaded 5 Vjass editor. And nothing works. I did extract files. First i couldent...
  19. Shanghai

    Request Terrain (Pudge Wars Xmas) Need better terrain + rep and credits. Here is the map. I want something like five points...
  20. Shanghai

    [General] How problem with santa hat (Changing colour)

    I have a trigger that change colour of the units in teams. Player 1-5 have blue and 6-10 have green and then the hat changes colour. But when the hero dies the hat become red :P how can i fix this?
  21. Shanghai

    [Hero Arena] Pudge Wars Xmas (Coming)

    Pudge Wars Xmas v 1.0 This is not like the orginal Pudgewars. This is diffrent map with 2 modes. You set the Kills by typing -100. How many kills you want, or typing -dm / Deathmatch. mode with no limits. Pudge / The Butcher Meat Hook / Enrage / Dodge / TNT You start the game...
  22. Shanghai

    Dont know where to post this but.

    How you make tags around the text like many people do in the forum? I need to know so i can make proper topics.
  23. Shanghai

    [Hero Arena] Last spell for pudge? any ideas?

    i dont want any more triggered spell. I want an simple and awesome spell for pudge. Now he have. Meat Hook Enrage / Bloodlust TNT bomb I need 1 more to fill up with.
  24. Shanghai

    [General] Problem in map with items says full!

    Healing Salve Carried Events Unit - A unit Acquires an item Conditions (Item-type of (Item being manipulated)) Equal to Healing Salve Actions Set Unit = (Triggering unit) Set Item[1] = (Item being manipulated) For each (Integer A) from...
  25. Shanghai

    anyone intrested in changing a models animations? Just replace.

    im wondering if someone are intrested in doing this. This model with an archer animation + bow. Feelorc.
  26. Shanghai

    [General] Hero glow? How to make this model show team glow?

    How do i make the heroGlow Model showing team glow? is there any ways to fix this? (I mean an imported hero glow model)
  27. Shanghai

    [Hero Arena] Pudge Wars Xmas (Need ideas of items can be used)

    I in need of cool ideas of items that can be used. Not triggered items. Now im talking about simple good items that would be fun. What kind of items you people want?
  28. Shanghai

    [General] Goblin Land Mine how to change damage?

    Where do i change the damage of goblin land mine?
  29. Shanghai

    [Trigger] Death timer can i use the same as i already have (Variable)

    Death timer can i use the same as i already have (Variable) [solved] I have a timer that starts the game. Can i use same variables for death timer or do i need new ones? Timer Events Conditions Actions Countdown Timer - Start Timer as a One-shot timer that will...
  30. Shanghai

    [Spell] How to make teleport to natural passive building?

    How do i make so this mass teleport. only work for 1 hero (the one you have) and then teleport to natural passive invurable building?
  31. Shanghai

    Searching Beta Testers for 2 maps.

    I have made one pudge Xmas Wars map & one cave troll fight (Moria Wars). And im looking for beta testers for the both maps. They r both Hero Arenas. So if you up for testing let me know. Will be given credits and + rep.
  32. Shanghai

    ][Spell Request][ Medium / Easy (Grappling Hook) + rep & credits

    DDS: Damage / No Damage Code Type: GUI/Jass/vJass doesent matter. i use vJass now aswell Spell Type: Hero/Unit Target Type: Single Target / Natural Passive Structure / invurable Area of Effect: ? Number of Levels: 4 Range: 1000 / 1200 / 1400 / 1600 Casting time / 3/2/1/0 Duration: ...
  33. Shanghai

    [Trigger] does this spell leak? and how to fix?

    does this spell leak? and how to fix? [solved] Just wondering if this spell leaks. and how do i fix it? And also what does it means the distance 20 + 10? Set PH_Distance = (20 + (10 x (Level of (Ability being cast) for PH_Caster[PH_Index[2]]))) Hook Table Events Map...
  34. Shanghai

    [Trigger] where do i change the range of this spell?

    Axe throw Cast Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Shuriken Toss Actions -------- /!\ WARNING : Do not spam this spell or it will result in a huge glitch and an abuse of axes being thrown /!\...
  35. Shanghai

    [Trigger] help pls. I have a knockback system need some little help.

    Knockback 2D Copy Events Map initialization Conditions Actions Custom script: set udg_KB2D_Hash = InitHashtable() -------- -------------------------------------------- -------- -------- Creating Tree Cutter -------- --------...
  36. Shanghai

    [Spell] is there any spell in spell section that works like this?

    im after a spell there you throw away a blade or anything. just simple throw away spell. but not unit target point. it should be target point in area. Like the shockwave spell. and would be + if it has knockback.
  37. Shanghai

    [Trigger] Unit Enters area (damage)

    How to make so a unit/hero enters an region and damage that unit X/sec damage.
  38. Shanghai

    [Trigger] just got a spell need to know some stuff! pls help

    Also i dont get the spell to work. what have i missed when importing the spell? Unit Indexer Events Map initialization Conditions Actions Custom script: call ExecuteFunc("InitializeUnitIndexer") Custom script: endfunction --------...
  39. Shanghai

    (Grinch Wars) Looking for Project Members!

    "GRINCH WARS v 1.0" Ive been working on 2 maps now. And i need project member who can help me finish it. Game play: In Grinch Wars you will go around in minimap with abomination with an santa hat and use an TNT spell and Meat Hook Spell. There you can upgrade those spells from the item...
  40. Shanghai

    [vJASS] imported this spell cant see teams? when i go in the wc3 and gona play i cant see the teams what is the problem?
  41. Shanghai

    [JASS] Error when importing spell?

    //TESH.scrollpos=0 //TESH.alwaysfold=0 //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\\ // Pudge Wars Meat Hook [v1.1.2] \\ // By kenny...
  42. Shanghai

    [Trigger] Meat Hook make the dead get alive? whats wrong lol :P

    this is the triggers. [Hook Table Events Map initialization Conditions Actions Hashtable - Create a hashtable Set PH_Table = (Last created hashtable) Hook Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being...
  43. Shanghai

    [General] Problem when using tree. (sry nubish question) im trying to use this one as a tree model. But i only see a box in WE? what do i change to make it work :)
  44. Shanghai

    [Trigger] How to make ai use death pact? + rep

    How to make ai use death pact? + rep [SOLVED] Meat Hook Events Time - Every 0.50 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Set Temp_Unit = (Random unit from AI_Group) Unit - Order TempUnit to Orc Tauren Chieftain - Shockwave (Random point in Arena <gen>)...
  45. Shanghai

    [General] how do you make xmas lights?

    Like this how to make the xmas lights? model?
  46. Shanghai

    Happy Xmas Everyone! I hope you get a nice Xmas!

    Just wanted to say happy xmas!
  47. Shanghai

    [Trigger] Do this leaks?

    Shake Start Events Time - Every 60.00 seconds of game time Conditions Actions For each (Integer Shake_Loop) from 1 to 12, do (Actions) Loop - Actions Camera - Shake the camera for (Player(Shake_Loop)) with magnitude 5.00...
  48. Shanghai

    [Spell] Hey is there any blade throw spell in spell section?

    Hey is there any blade throw spell in spell section? (SOLVED) I looking for a spell that you throw and hurting enemys is spell section. The best is if you find a blad that works like an boomerang. I need it in GUI aswell. found it :)
  49. Shanghai

    Spell request (Boomerang) Hard!

    I need a spell in GUI thats (MUI) leakless. AoE 150 4 levels damage 200/400/600/1000 distance 1400/1600/1800/2000 It gona work like this Should go forward and back to hero. You throw the blade and select where to throw it. Not select unit/hero (like shockwave). Then it hit the enemys and also...
  50. Shanghai

    [General] How do i change darkness in the map (+rep)

    its not in the trigger its some kind of added fog. with no triggers. where do i change this stuff?