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  1. Rispetto

    [Tutorial] Submenus & Custom Abilities

    Key Words: Submenu, Custom Abilities, Custom Buttons Difficulty: Easy Length: Long Author Forum Name: Rispetto Author SC2 Name/Code: Rispetto.436 Welcome, tutorial forum forgoers! I wish to instruct you how to create a submenu based around custom abilities. This took me forever (no, seriously...
  2. Statharas

    Starcraft 2 Animation List

    Here's a list of explanation of all the animations that all M3 models use. Taken from the Art Tools' tutorials for documentation. Stand The basic idle, and the default animation. A model with no Anim Properties will have whatever animation is currently active in the timeline exported as...
  3. J

    Warcraft III To Starcraft II - Terrain/Doodads

    contents Tutorial Difficulty: 4/10 Background Info.The Tools.Why bother with terrain?The Aim.Navigating the terrain module.Top 5 tools.Step 1 - Textures.Step 2 - Height |Variation.Step 3 - Water and the "Water cliff rule".Step 4 - Checking height levels.Step 5 - Clearings.Step 6 - Doodad...
  4. RanchBurner

    How To Import a Google Earth image into Starcraft 2 using Blender

    In this video, I will show you how to import a Google Earth image/screenshot into a Starcraft 2 map. I recommend watching this in high quality so that you can read. Sorry for no sound nor voice. Credits go to the addon's respected author, Florian Koberle. (Also known from SC2mapster as...
  5. Statharas

    How to switch locales

    Ladik's MPQ Editor This will be quick. Open up Ladik's, click on MPQs, Open MPQs and browse to SC2DIR\Mods\core.sc2mod\Product.SC2Archive You will see a file called ProductLocale.txt Drag it to your desktop, change it to the locale you want, save it, and drop it inside the MPQ again. North...
  6. Statharas

    How to make Starcraft II icons

    Welcome to the Starcraft II Icon Creation Tutorial Download Gimp (Or Photoshop) Gimp DDS Plugin (Photoshop has it implemented) SageThumbs (optional, and not recommended anymore) Start by installing Gimp (or Photoshop) (Unless you already have it installed) Installing the GIMP DDS...
  7. fladdermasken

    Enhancing the skies

    [Terraining]: Enhancing the skies A simple interactive guide for average terrainers hoping to reach the next level - By fladdermasken Chapter 1: Introduction & Required Tools1.1 Preamble1.2 The Ultimate Terraining Map 3.0 Chapter 2: Main 2.1 Terrain Fog 2.2 Clouds 2.3 Stormsphere...
  8. Statharas

    [Galaxy] Basic: Creating a Unit

    Hello, and welcome to my tutorial on basic Galaxy Scripting tutorial. This one is dedicated to Creating a unit purely with Galaxy. Please make sure that you have knowledge in Jass, C, Java, or any language like those before starting, and knowledge of algorithms. Now, you will need an empty...
  9. Statharas

    How to make a working Hero!

    Welcome to How to make a working Hero! This tutorial will only show you the basics of Hero creation. Meaning, it will only show you how to make your hero get XP! First of all, duplicate a unit. Which will be your hero of course. Now, this is the hard part. CLICK EVERYTHING! IT'S A MUST...
  10. J

    Importing Custom Icons into SC2

    A video tutorial by me. Linky is here: Best viewed onsite.
  11. Statharas

    [Misc] Having the same map for all locales

    This is quite simple actually. You need 2 tools. First of all, your map from... Let's say, The Starcraft II Editor (EU). EU means it has it's own locale. Thus, it has different localization files than the US version. Now, let's open our map with the MPQ Editor. You will notice a folder...
  12. Statharas

    Exporting Terrain, object data, and others!

    Heck, this is really easy. 1. Galaxy Editor 2. Ladik's MPQ Editor There are 5 Kinds of stuff you can export from a map. Now, open your map. Terrain Terrains consist of all T3 called files. If you move those to another map, then the terrain will be swapped. (someone test this) Objects...
  13. Trilby

    How to convert Starcraft Maps into Starcraft II

    From: The most anticipated release of the StarCraft 2 Editor has many of us quitting our most dearest for a moment and see what new and exciting features this tool has in store for us. To...
  14. Zwiebelchen

    Editing and creating models for Starcraft II

    Note: This tutorial is NOT meant to tell you anything about modeling in general. There are plenty of other tutorials on the web that teach you the basics of modeling, animating and mapping. This tutorial was written only to tell you how to make your model work in SC2. Additional Note: There...
  15. Statharas

    How to remove Blight's green clouds

    How to remove Blight's green clouds I changed the blight texture, but the gasses remain...Let's remove them now, shall we? This is prety easy actually. Step one: Download and import the MDX Attachment. This is a simple empty model (Sorry if what i said before mislead you to mistakes). Just...