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  1. OnkelManfred

    which one is better?

    hey there i am gonna release my map "TV-Total: Seal Hunting" (i hope this is the right translation, if not well... :D) as i mentioned above, i made 2 map previews and i wanted you to choose the better one (or just give me some creative comments on it :D): #1 #2 note: i made this in gimp...
  2. OnkelManfred

    [Trigger] Actions that can be executed at map initialization

    hey there, i often noticed people having trouble with the "map initialization"-event used in GUI, so i wanted to create a list containing all actions which can be executed at map initialization. +rep who helps :thumbs_up...
  3. OnkelManfred

    [JASS] Need help doing a spell in JASS

    hey dudes, i tried to do a spell in jass, but failed. could anyone do it for me? (+rep of course) PB Events Unit - A unit starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) equal to PB Actions Set PB_loc = (Position of (Casting unit))...
  4. OnkelManfred

    How to change the required Hero-XP for each level?

    hey its me again :D i wanna change the number of XP needed for every level. that means to level up to level 2 you need X xp, for level 3 you need Y xp and so on. i allready looked at the gameplay constants but i could not solve that problem. so how to change these values?^^
  5. OnkelManfred

    Change a hero's name?

    hey everyone! is it possible to change a hero's name with the help of a script or a trigger? for example i got a hero called "XY" and want to rename it to something a player just entered. is it possible or not?
  6. OnkelManfred

    [JASS] Compile Error

    hey everyone WE said it got about 80 compile error caused by my first jass script ever done. is it just a WE bug (whole map got about 460^^) or is it my fault? //===================== Spell Condition =============================== function SpellCondition takes nothing returns boolean...
  7. OnkelManfred

    your internet connection

    what is your current internet connection?
  8. OnkelManfred

    [Trigger] Wait-Problem

    hey ihave got a problem with a wait action: MySpell Events Einheit - A unit starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Gleich MySpell Actions Custom script: local integer udg_BK_index Set BK_index = (Player number of...