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    How to convert milkshape files?

    What program do i need to convert Models done in milkshape to MDX files and fix the skin path with?
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    Need Trigger Help

    I'm working on an map and I need help with one trigger. It's an hero revive trigger, I want the hero to revive after the level of the hero x 5 seconds. The trigger right now looks like this: Event: Unit - A unit owned by player 1 dies Conditions: ((Dying unit) is a hero) equal to true...
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    Survivors Of The Cataclysm Needs You!

    I don't know if this is da spot, but here it is anyway. Survivors of the Cataclysm (SotC) is a new campaign project we have been working on for a while. It’s an Orc campaign set in Draenor after Beyond the Dark Portal. The campaign will feature customized races, cool new spells and new...
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    I have begun to look through the whole icon section. I will delete as many icons as i can, especilly stupid recolors. If any of your icons gets deleted, don't resubmite them.
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    Juice F's Icon Workshop (Closed)

    I decided to start an Icon Workshop i couln't see any on this site. Good description of the icon would be nice and help me alot. Give me credits for them. Tell me if you don't want me to put up the icon in the download section.
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    The Corrupt Wishgame

    The object of the game is to grant the previous posters wish but it shall turn out bad. Example: (me) I wish i was rich. (next poster) Granted, you win on an lottery, but an psycho killer relative hears about it and hunts you down to get the money. ------------------------ I wish i...
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    One sentence story

    I saw this in another forum and i thought i could be fun to have one here, i don't know if there was one here earlier but anyways now it is. the rules are simple i start by writing a word then you just continue with another word of your choice and soon we will have an little story...
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    add an Robot catagory to the skin section?

    can you add an robot category for the skin section?