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    happy birthday, to me!

    you want proof? check out wormskulls acc on wc3c and look at his AIM account :roll: glad to see at least SOMEONES finally caught on about that
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    Gnomish Bombardier

    i wouldnt say the BEST, but then again, im not one to talk XD id probably say it was miserachord (or however you spell it) i would certainly say one of the best though, up there with the pros :D
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    introduce-yourself thread

    jeez EW lighten up a bit :wink:, this is the off topic category after all :roll:
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    introduce-yourself thread

    WB Kerrigan! ;P anyways, im Nazuel (as you can obviously read on the side of the page) AKA Leo. Im W3S' residential goth or whatever ¬.¬
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    hahaha :P i havent looked at this particular one but there are hundreds of these out there on the net hint 3: the best thing to do is look as close as you can, even if it means being 4 inches away from your monitor
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    Hidden Things in Warcraft3 V1.18

    those are realy useful, someone should stickify this thread
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    April Fools!

    lol, iv gotta say, there was alot of proof against it, so personally i didnt believe it completley (although there was always the possibility of the site shutting down) i was going to post the different reasons why the site wasnt shuting down, but i didnt wanna spoil the joke for evryone just...
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    Why have all the mod nameplates become un-shined?

    lol, its obviously just an april fool's joke
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    nice looking model, BUT THE POLYS!!!!!!!!! THINK OF THE POOR POLYS!!!!!!!
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    *cough* advertising
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    DeviantArt: Community?

    do you actually know those losers irl?
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    lol, thats realy cool, could be used in like an occult map or something (even a halloween map :P) but tbh the head and hands do look a little small, still 5/5 tho
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    Prince of Persia WIP

    its a good model, but there are like 3 things wrong with the proportion 1) his arms are WAY too long 2)his feet are pretty small 3)his chest is a bit thin, try to add more bulk to give a muscle effect
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    Favourite Lyrics?

    Best lyrics ever: Cigaro by System of a Down (SOAD) not gonna bother posting them up here, ill prolly just get a warning, so search em up yourself
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    i used to collect WH (not play, it was always way to boring) and trust me, youll spend a ton of money one it and eventually got bored of it. Iv got about 2ks worth in a huge box in my attic that im prolly never gonna touch again in my life. so just dont even bother starting. i used to paint...
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    Need a Diablo 2 lod item !

    i would give you one, and probably 3other godly sets, plus a whole load of other UBER stuff (eg, gheeds, anni, SOJs, im sure you get the point :wink: ) but i havent touched my europe account in about 2 years, so its probably all gone... i moved to uswest because most things are cheap as hell...
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    MPQ recovery?

    no, thats not how cd keys work... -.- you only need one when you install the game, then any cd can be used with it, trust me.
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    MPQ recovery?

    Blizz store it in a compressed file in the mpq, so unless you can A) find that file, and B) uncompress it (have no idea what program to use) then your basically screwed, if it was a .ini based game, it would be staring you in the face right now, but blizz are smarter than that, thier way used to...
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    where is that sentance from???? (a movie)

    Re: another 1 damn, knew it was one of will smith's films, but oh well, neither of them were that great, fell asleep in both of them :wink:
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    this would be useful for some kind of realistic debre thing or something have a trigger like: trigger thing: unit dies condition: unit type (trigger unit) = steam tank action: spawn doodad = steam tank destroyed facing angle of triggering unit at point of triggering unit thats...
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    where is that sentance from???? (a movie)

    men in black II: back in black?
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    thats because you havent inported the texture
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    What are you best at?

    ill go with skinning, although ive only posted one of mine that took me barley any time, i cant be bothered to post any up here though :P
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    Someone please do something

    oh... right... err...... :oops: i guess i should actually read all the hreads i missed in my absence (about 700) before doing this... my bad :P
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    Someone please do something

    I know i havent been around in about half a year, but something has got to be done about all the constant arguing. When i log on, i expect to see a gaming comunity sharing thier work with eachother, not a contest between who can come up with the biggest insult and put down other people's work...
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    lol, i think someone took the word 'geomerge' too seriously nice try tho ^^ dont give up
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    @ skaterjpc: it should have attachment points @ Duckadilehunter: i know it shoots blood, and i havent had a chance to fix it yet, but i soon will
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    it says the path right at the top, its not hard to see Textures\commander.blp
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    actually, its has slightly edited peasant anims... but hey, just glad people like my work :D
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    Skins/Icons/Spells - Fallen Creations now accepting requests

    you can download your finished commander model here! if you want anything changed/added just ask and the FC™ team will be happy to help
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    Commander (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    Commander (Model)

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    Skins/Icons/Spells - Fallen Creations now accepting requests

    but if i do that, he will be holding a non existant staff... ill tell ya what, ill make the skin, then alpha the staff then change the animations... only prob is, what anims do you want me to use?
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    Skins/Icons/Spells - Fallen Creations now accepting requests

    Sorry, but none of my team have quite mastered the model editing process (i can do some .mdl editing but nothing serious)
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    Skins/Icons/Spells - Fallen Creations now accepting requests

    Me and my team are now accepting requests for skins, icons, spells and triggers. Rules: - try to be as origional as posible (describe the thing you want and we will try to make it) Our Promise: - We will not submit your request until we are satisfied that it is to the best of our...
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    PhotoShop Help!

    use the magic wand/ lasso/ rectangular marquee tool or even the eraser, all forms of deleting remove alpha for me
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    PhotoShop Help!

    well then it will automatically alpha things out :P
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    PhotoShop Help!

    photoshop (7) automatically alphas things out, the lower versions have to have patch
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    Woohoo! Finaly got RoC!!!

    i think what hes trying to say is, he has TFT, but he didnt have a legit version of ROC (keygened) so he couldnt play online, but now he can (correct me if im wrong)
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    New Fight Engine

    lol, i made one of them ages ago, where it takes you to a small arena where u use the arrow keys to select the units tou want to attack/heal, but i never used it in anything :lol: it works exactly like the FF interface
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    What a tough day.

    yeah same + i just got 2 out of 3 SATs resutls back Maths: lv 8 (highest lv) Science: Lv 7 (highest lv) only english left ( dont think i did too well there :wink: )
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    What a tough day.

    that all ur tests done? i have to do them all week, just did DT and History
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    Try it, its just plain odd

    im on a mac, so i use mpq2k
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    What a tough day.

    at my school we have exams every year so they can sort the kids into classes (seperate the smart from the rest) and of course i turned out in the top classes except science (second top) but anyway, GOOD LUCK :D
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    What a tough day.

    i know how u feel, i just finished my SATS and now i have more exams tomorow (to see what GCSE courses im gonna get) and i spent all day in WC, now i feel like im gonna fail (even tho im one of the top in my year
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    Try it, its just plain odd

    i found this by accident while surfing throught the mpq archive, so i dunno if anyone els actually found this first, but do exactly what i say; • open a wc mpq extractor • open war3x.mpq • extract the file UI\Glues\MainMenu\MainMenu3d_Beta\MainMenu3d_Beta.mdx • make a new custom campaign...
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    Custom Interface

    its exactly the same parameters as the origional file, and the same border weight (thickness) so i cant see any visible problems with it :wink:
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    Ilidan TFT with no footprints

    did u delete the part that says "textures\clouds8x8mod.blp" from the mdl file? it automatically corrupts the file if u import it into a level, iv had bad experiences when i did this (corrupted 1 1/2 months of work, had to work of backup file) try changing the path to "textures\empty.blp" and...
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    How do i make my own minimap and loadingscreen???

    the custom loading screen tutorial in the tutorial section