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    [Trigger] Interesting Key Moving System

    I just made interesting key moving system. Triggers are not orderig unit to move but move it instatly. I think that way it looks way better the all the systems I saw. There is onnly one problem with it. For saple i attached i had to change Footmans Stand-Victory Animatio to Walk Animation so...
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    Custom Peasant model with origianl peasant prtrait?

    Is it possibe to have custom peasant model with portrait of original peasant? If yes how to do so?
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    Machete Attachment

    I need machete for peasant. Cant be too big or too small. A little bit bigger then his pick. Curved :D.
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    Pick attachment

    I need pick attachment, just like the one peasent has, not bigger, not smaller. Hope someone will help.
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    Farm Vegetable

    Im making cool farm game, something like harvest moon. I need some plants and vegetable like nice Corn, Tomatoes, maybe Potatoes. Not only Vegetable by themselves but whats more immportant plats. Ofcourse credit will be given. Hope you all hep :P
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    Remove Collision

    Let me tell you the story. I made unit "Ant" its small, walks around and all that but theres one problem... Whe lotas of them attack one guy it coes to the point he cant escape so I wated to remove collision from them... Ive set the collision to 0 and 0.01 ad it didnt work... Ive also set the...
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    How to remove footprints?

    I know that there is other topic on this but i did not figure out how to do it because I got no idea how to get mdl file? I was searching everywhere and it seems its asy as hel but still there is no tutorial on how to do so. Can someone please post a step by step guide how to open .mdl file with...
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    [JASS] Show Multiboard for only one player

    I was searching on forus and googe for script that would show specific multiboard to specific player but i couldnt find it so im posting here. The thing is there is no trigger that will shop multibard to only 1 player. I kno there is a way to do so, ii guess its jass. Does anyone ko how to do...