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    135 Compile Errors?

    My map worked once and I added something nowit suddenly gives 135 compile errors. I have no idea how I can solve these problems so if anyone does please help me out. Thx in advance. ~Flaming ps: see the attachment for the map.
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    Bloodelf Footwoman

    LoL nice model but legs are too fat How do you think fighting against swords and axes without any armor?? :o but nice anyways I rate it: 6/10
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    Map 3 is weird why?

    In map 3 I cant find the other 2 Crystals I used thereisnospoon so that i could see were they are but I cant get to them I tried all the teleporters
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    Campaign Help

    hmm thx I gues hope it works
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    Campaign Help

    euhm well I m making a campaign but I need to know how to save/load the hero to the next level so plz help me if u know how it works
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    The Raptors

    I think its B cause when I tried it with out the normal raptor it didnt work either
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    Orc Raptor Rider

    weird when I put model in map and add the paths reopen map and check if it works map editor quits because an error and I cant fint this in the file units\Orc\Wolfrider\Wolfrider.blp
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    The Raptors

    I want to make both the raptor and the raptor rider working in one map but when I tried it kinda screwed up
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    It looks weird but its a good Idea ...btw if u pick up a tree it changes to an axe :D :D 6/10
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    plz make one with an roots icon btw this is for the upgrade of ur unit (attack/defence/caster upgrade)
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    Lol u can edit the name ur self D0H .... :?
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    Real Life Stuff

    I m building some sort of reallife and I really nee things like cars bikes and a bus things like that. also need a nerd model a stupid looking guy with a big glasses ah u kno what i mean :twisted: plz help me out reply if u can plz
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    Any One Need any Models?

    I really Need a Samurai wich looks cool with samurai helms and armor like one of these pictures:’s_Hatamoto&fields=|name|rules|type&format=Allsets&color=All&output=summary&sort=name...
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    Dont all cry it a woman with a face masker
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    gr8 5/5
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    Well I have a problem with the loading screen

    I have a problem with the loading screen I can't add an self made loading screen cause it isnt .mdx (I think) plz help me out
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    What models are needed most?

    Plz make this models for me -Ogre from the Goblin achemist -Goblin Female -Goblin Blademaster with a good attack animation (his current sucks) -Some other Goblins just cool ones
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    Plz someone make the "Ogre Beast" a model thx anyways
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    omg this rulezzzz dudes :lol: :lol: :twisted: :D
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    How to make a unit patrolling

    hmm well thx all u guys except the one who says :twisted: :P
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    What models are needed most?

    hey Sansui how far r u with ur concurrent models :?:
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    I need some help with a trigger

    oh thx I hope u can fix it :D
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    What models are needed most?

    Tought he was talking to me cause I m a goblin fanatic ^^ :lol: :P
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    How to make a unit patrolling

    How can I make a unit guarding/patrolling a place??
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    What models are needed most?

    Does goblin fanatic means me?? I m not a modeller btw sry...
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    :D now this is a real fire elemental :D
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    no problem I was glad to help
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    What models are needed most?

    hmm I cant c image...
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    What models are needed most?

    Here u can find much weapons/armors/helmets u can also find some models there but darky's site is much better :D :twisted:
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    yes it is easy u just do what I said up there... I explane 1 more time: U start world editor U click on object editor U make a custom unit (with the samurai model) U click on the trigger editor U make a trigger with (if the samurai is already in the game not a trained unit) map inelization...
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    Well I m not good at modelling but I kno how to do it Create a model of a horse Create a special effect trigger (create special effect on units) Create the unit on chest of the horse If u dont understand I m sry for u :twisted:
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    What models are needed most?

    I ll put u in credits of my lvl when I bring it out :) :lol:
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    Unprotect Maps

    U said u have the unprotected why dont u open that 1 :roll:
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    I could help u but not if its to far from finishing (I m making my own map 2)
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    How to change to .mdx

    I have made a model with milkshape3d but the model is a .ms3d file and I cant make it a .mdx file. :?: :?: plz help me
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    What models are needed most?

    I would really like the following models: BirdSoldier (see this ) Dragons Female Angels or Angel Wings (white feathers) Treants/Ancients (Living Forests) thx if u can make one of those :D :D
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    DracoLich High is to BIG

    I know but i mean big like hes more then 1mb
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    good job :)
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    True u shouldnt mess with maps and mess them up by unprotecting them it sucks just make ur own maps and if u want help or something ask creators not stealing their maps...
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    Models you always wanted to have

    well they r great but excually I dont always wanted them... :lol:
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    DracoLich High is to BIG

    the dracolich high model is to damn big who wanna resize it for me plz thx anyways Flaming.FiSt
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    What models are needed most?

    Nvm my reply I got some info bout skins and it worked so I dont want a vamp any more got one... a nice Dragon would be cool :D
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    Im looking for help with my map (RPG)

    were u need help with I mean like how u need help with monsters triggers and stuff :?
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    Cool goblin with a giantic sword :lol: :D
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    I need some help with a trigger

    I m making a (mtg)map but the trigger isnt working I ll explaine what the trigger must do: It is the meaning that a mtg creature called dromar the banisher haves an ability to turn creatures back to their mana caster (starting point) but he must not move structures so reply and say u can help...
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    thx and i hope it works now
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    I dont care if it is the sorceress or the jaina vampire skin but I cant find path and tried somethings but they all didnt work so plz help me 1 more time :?
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    I dont understand this its still not working :shock: :( Ive wrote down the path but when i saved it it says unable to create directory Units\Human\Sorceress\BloodElfSorceress :?:
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    sry ...and thx anyway
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    I don't kno how to put in the Sorceress skin in my lvl working (don't kno the path) of the Sorceress with a red mark on her back :!: :?: :!: :idea: