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  1. Ricola3D

    Causes of desync

    Introduction Players should be able to differentiate a crash, a player leaving and a player being desynchronized. 1. Fake rumors a. Wait and PolledWait do not cause desync, they just may cause more network traffic to keep all clients synchronized, and may cause lags due to lack of time...
  2. Nudl9

    Melee Do's and Dont's

    Melee Map - Do's and Dont's ___________________ This thread will be more of an ongoing project to document things i find good and bad about melee maps. It's pretty loosely written and i try to state areas that i feel are more subjective. This is to help other melee map creators not to fall...
  3. ScrewTheTrees

    The Warcraft 3 Ability Insight document.

    So what is the Warcraft 3 Ability Insight Document? Back in June 10th 2017 i started working on this document. The purpose back then was to map out all the abilities i found had interesting properties, Generally by applying Negative values to the stat fields or just changing stuff around in...