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  1. MStylo

    Test of Faith v1.19b

    Thank you for stopping by. I do have an idea like this in mind for over a year by now where enemy on certain day would be fully themed but plenty of other improvements got importance over it. Why I haven't made it yet is because it requires some real cautious implementation and thinking so the...
  2. MStylo

    Building classification

    Yes but when you are hovering over space you can build on, it's either red or green. If it's just unit standing there game recognizes it as buildable since it thinks regular units can move out.
  3. MStylo

    Building classification

    From what's I've tried it does seem to be hard-coded with no easy way around it. It will have to come down for me replace the building as soon as it's built with unit and then place a pathing blocker under so you can't build there again. And on top of that the unit needs to be made immobile...
  4. MStylo

    Building classification

    Is it possible to have buildings display their classification just like units have? (Undead, Giant, Mechanical, Tauren)
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  21. MStylo

    Test of Faith v1.19b

    Someday when they fix reforged they will also fix terrain changing triggers and the map will be playable on reforged.
  22. MStylo

    Player current camera distance

    Much appriciated. I will probably not use it but I'm getting to understand what it all about. Thx again. Could come in handy at some point.
  23. MStylo

    Player current camera distance

    Oh god what is happening :D I may just stick with a simpler solution since it's not that important to have in anyways. Thanks for the effort in an example tho
  24. MStylo

    Player current camera distance

    need the player camera distance tho :-o
  25. MStylo

    Player current camera distance

    Is there a way get this to refer to a player of choice in multiplayer?
  26. MStylo

    Test of Faith v1.19b

    yep I'm very much aware of that already :D it's something I forgot to change back into archer when I was looking for bugs with the queen event. thanks
  27. MStylo

    Corpse bones decay

    it's just a template. Dead unit is picked picked by groups correctly. Untitled Trigger 002 Events Player - Player 1 (Red) types a chat message containing a as An exact match Conditions Actions Set VariableSet Storage_Group = (Units in (Entire map) matching...
  28. MStylo

    Corpse bones decay

    Is it possible to pause and then resume decay of bones of unit that died? "Unit - Suspend corpse decay for (Picked unit)" this does work to pause it but then using "Unit - Resume corpse decay for (Picked unit)" has no effect
  29. MStylo

    Test of Faith v1.19b

    Thank you for wide feedback Krauser. Sacred Pillar Destructible: I may eventually remove it but still some people play without it. Items: many items will simply feel bad because they are designed for different purpose. It's an extra feature making rewards feel less hollow and enhacing high...
  30. MStylo

    Fade Filters

    This is just too much hustle. Tried to make another picture sized 1024x1024 under the same compression and it doesn't work :D Such an outdated function. Thanks for the idea though. Could come in handy at some point. For now I will think of something else and easier to execute.
  31. MStylo

    Fade Filters

    Does anybody know what are the limitations of the game showing fade filters properly? There are only couple old tutorials here and there talking about blp file has to be converted 512x512 tga but 1024x1024 managed to work for me which obviously still looks like crap. Any ideas how to get it to...
  32. MStylo

    I actually don't have much issues with this. What I care for is to put out there work I'm proud of

    I actually don't have much issues with this. What I care for is to put out there work I'm proud of
  33. MStylo

    10 Dangers for Teddy v1.03b

    I appreciate the ideas and the offer. Keep up being human ^^
  34. MStylo

    10 Dangers for Teddy v1.03b

    True you did mention there could be bugs but in the end it just makes the map look worse than it is. We all know who to blame though. Thanks Reforged. I can see why you call it it's not complex enough which it isn't but I did go creative with spells and behaviours while staying themed to each...
  35. MStylo

    10 Dangers for Teddy v1.03b

    I'm pretty satisfied with the way it is for now \o/. Btw you should stop using Map Adapter when doing reviews. You have basically downgraded the review by something that is not related to the map at all.
  36. MStylo

    10 Dangers for Teddy v1.03b

    There is 2.25-3 second timer before he shockwaves in the direction of facing after he stopped moving. That is decent amount of time to be aware. Of course it is difficult first time you play it. What challenger map is not gonna suprise you before you learn how to work through.
  37. MStylo

    10 Dangers for Teddy v1.03b

    1. There is no such setting for it to highlight B. It must be reforged related bug. 2. That is the whole point to survive through all 10 levels. If you had full hp you could start the game, go shopping and come back to victory screen. 3. Intended. 4. Everything looks random if you ignore it's...
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  46. MStylo

    10 Dangers for Teddy v1.03b (Map)

    Single player minigame to test your dodging reflexes. Who ever thought in Blizzard to give bears the Blink ability? One of them messed around too much and blinked somewhere he wasn't supposed to. Now vile magic of mysterious square isle is hunting him. Can you help him to make it through...
  47. M

    10 Dangers for Teddy v1.03b (Warcraft 3 Map)

  48. TeddyHead


  49. 10 Dangers for Teddy

    10 Dangers for Teddy

    Teddy screenshots
  50. MStylo

    Test of Faith v1.19b

    Wow you really got screwed over by those siege. I already had a suspicion they were spawning bit more than intended. I'll neft them soon. Thanks for letting me know about Divine Guardian. There was small chance that it would random no unit.