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  1. Teitan

    [Solved] Need a red-ish recolor of lordearon dark grass and summer tree wall

    Hello, i am in need of a recolor of Lords_Grass.blp, it's corresponding cliff, and the "Summer Tree Wall" textures, i need them to be red, but not bright red, something like a "natural" kind of red. I would be immensely thankful, as i've searched the hive in and out and didn't find this...
  2. Teitan

    [Solved] Can someone cut this map for me?

    I want to use a portion of Lord_Marrowgrath's Aos Template 1.0, but the map extends beyond the cell limit, normally that wouldn't be a problem, but since i want to use a specific part of the map, i try reducing the map bounds so it only has that part, leaving out the rest, but this specific part...
  3. Teitan

    [Solved] >HELP< Can i get this model fixed please?

    Hello, i had a friend edit one of Black Stan's models, he only added an animation and edited the textures, and the model got this weird bug where its shadows are all over the place: (left one has the glitch, right is how it should look like) We have no idea why it happened nor how to fix it...
  4. Teitan

    [Spell] Need help with a blocking ability

    Hello, i need help making a "blocking mode" ability, something like the footman's toggleable defend where the unit uses alternate animations, but i need it to block a % of incoming damage, and only when the unit is facing the attacker. I'm making a hack and slash style map and i already have a...
  5. Teitan

    [Solved] Need a map's terrain edited - will pay

    someone did it for me, thanks for your attention though
  6. Teitan

    [Hero Arena] Tryndamere in Warcraft III (WIP)

    I'll be resuming this project soon, and i rather have this post deleted.
  7. Teitan

    Where to buy a ROC key?

    Hello, i wonder if there's any reliable website where i can buy a ROC cd key? so i can play bnet and use the up-to-date editor, i'm not interested on reforged graphics, i just want to play the normal W3 on bnet and be able to continue my project which i had started on the 1.31 editor, i'm...
  8. Teitan

    [Spell] How can i make a spell like in this picture??

    Hello, i was browsing the model section and i came upon Mythic's Piercing Thrust one of his previews for the model shows this picture: And it got me wondering how can i make a spell just like this, dealing damage on a straight line while creating the special effect pointing to the current...
  9. Teitan

    [Trigger] Why doesn't this work?

    Hey there, i made an ability that reduces the armor of the target for a set amount of seconds, i'm using a trick where i add a negative armor bonus to the target in order to reduce its armor, then i place a wait before removing it, but for some reason the ability stays forever Here is the...
  10. Teitan

    Minor model edit request

    Hello, i wonder if anyone could please edit the Resurrection Stone model for me? i need two versions, one facing north-east and one facing north-west, ingame there are SW and SE facing version but i need the other two so i can cover all the corners of my map. Thanks in advance
  11. Teitan

    [Spell] Help me make a bonus effect fade after an amount of time

    Hello, i made an ability that gives bonus attack damage to the hero for every enemy unit it kills, it stacks up to ten times, everything works as intended but i need to make it so it loses the effect after 10 seconds without killing an unit, here are the triggers: For the stacking part, i made...
  12. Teitan

    [Spell] How do i make a passive ability that gives bonus damage based on missing health?

    Hello, first of all thank you all for helping me these days, your insight has been extremely helpful Now with the topic, i want to know if it is possible to make a passive ability that gives bonus attack damage based on missing health, but i want it to use percentages for both damage and...
  13. Teitan

    [Spell] Need heelp creating an ability that gives a stacking bonus!

    Hello, i'm trying to make a passive ability that gives a stackable bonus every time the unit with the ability kills a unit, however i don't know where to start, i'm guessing something like this?: -unit dies -killing unit has (dummy ability) equal to true -set some_variable to (some_variable) +...
  14. Teitan

    [Trigger] Need help detecting facing angle of picked units!

    Hello, i am working on a spell with the following effect: Caster casts the spell, units within 500 radius of caster have their movement speed reduced (via dummy unit + ability) only if they are facing away from the caster. What im trying to do is to detect if the picked units are facing away...
  15. Teitan

    [Trigger] My dash ability damges enemies more than once HELP PLEASE!

    Hello, i have a problem with a triggered ability i'm trying to make, i watched a tutorial on YouTube about how to make a dash ability, everything good, my unit dashes just fine, but then i wanted to make the dash deal damage to units hit, so i modified the trigger with what i thought would work...
  16. Teitan

    Can someone please extract the Ritual Dagger Caster special effect for me?

    With classic broken and my map dead, i decided to uninstall and re-install the game from my old cd, now i have working warcraft 3 again but i need the ritual dagger healing special effect for a spell on my map, i knew how to extract stuff from the mpq before but with the new CASC thing i'm...
  17. Teitan

    I need a spellpack for a project!

    Hello, i am working on a mini-campaign starring Tryndamere, who is a character from the moba League of Legends, i already got an awesome custom model created by HerrDave (THANK YOU!!1): And now i need to make his abilities: EDIT: I've had unexpected success creating the spells myself, but i...
  18. Teitan

    Anyone willing to take a model request?

    Hello, i have been thinking about this for a while and decided to try my luck with a request: Could anyone please make me a Tryndamere model? He's a character from the moba League of Legends, i plan to recreate him in warcraft 3, mostly for fun(spells and everything), but i dont want to rip it...
  19. Teitan

    Need help with triggered spells!

    Hello, lately i got a lot of free time and decided to try the world editor again, this time starting with something simpler than a map, a custom hero. Now first of all i want to clarify that i don't own any of the resources used on this hero, everything from the 3d model and special effects to...
  20. Teitan

    I need AI for my map!

    Hello!, i am new on the hive, i have a special request for experienced editors, i hope it's not too much work. I just uploaded my map Caveman War v1.0 today, it is an AoS/DotA style mini-game, it was the first time i made a custom map and i managed to set up everything with the help of...