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    Solar Conquest (ground&space)

    Hi all, I'm working on this project from about one month. Well, this is stellar conquest map. There are 4 planets (and 4 moons in next versions). On each planet there are two players that can choose to work together or go to war. Anyway, the resources on the planet are limited, so, you have to...
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    Not linear campaign

    What do you think about the not linear campaign that I'm devolping? This is a video of a planet and with tps mode . Comment it please.
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    Load the next map

    Hi all, I've a problem. I'm creating a campain, but I need to set the next maps to load. So I created the first map and setting the next map, but when I finish it, the game returns to the login screen. After, I tried to load a campain's map and it works, how it's possible? Help please :confused:
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    Third Person Templar Action

    Hi all, I'm devolping a simpatic RPG. It is about ready, let me know what you think about it
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    Create new units

    Hi all, I'm tryng to create new units. For example, I cpied and pasted (in the data editor) the unit "Marine", but I can't place it into my map. So, I saw that in the object editor the "Marine copy" has not actors, models and souds. So, the question is: how can I create new (custom) units?
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    Acquisition Range

    Hi, how can I modify the acquisition range of a unit?
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    Normal Dark Templar

    Hello, I need to remove the ability permanent cloack from the dark templar and it's relative graphic. Can I do this?
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    No fear

    Hi all, I need to imped to run the units without attack. How can I do it? Help plz!
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    Original space war map

    Hello all, I'm making a space original map, where you can fight in space and on the planets, but I can't make it alone. Infact, I have to create more 7-8 explorable planets, a lot of units, upgrades, triggers, ecc... To have more detail about this map contact me or answer this post...
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    Space map

    Hello all, I'm making a space original map, but I can't make it alone. Infact, I have to create more 7-8 explorable planets (points 11000x11000), lot of units, upgrades, triggers, ecc... To have more detail about this map contact me.
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    Import tileset...

    Hi all, I'm tryng to import this texture but I can't find it in the tilset. Can you tell me how can I insert it in my map plz?
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    Flyng Speed

    Hi all, how can I modify flyng speed of units?
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    Futuristic Weapons

    Hi all, I need a lot of futuristic weapons. Can you link them for me plz?
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    Force to cast an autospell

    Hi, I need to force a lot of units to cast automatically an automatic spell when it finish its cooldown. How can I do it?
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    Gold instead of lumber

    Hi, I want to do a thing but I don't know how. Pratically, I want allow my workers to take lumber instead of gold from mines. Is it possible?
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    Unlimited map

    Hi, can I create a map bigger than 480x480 (for example 1024x1024)?
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    MPQ file

    Hello everyone, I need to create a MPQ file containing all the files imported into my map but I have no idea how I should do xD . Someone help me plz?
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    Create Hero non-Hero

    Hello everyone, I want to create heroes (demi-heroes) whose icons are not displayed in the upper left. how can I do? Help plz.
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    Support for my map (480x480)

    Hi all, I need help to complete my map. It is very large (480x480) and is very hard to full it. I need help to inserit villages, many cities and improve existing ones. To have more informations and if you are interessed contact me. Thanks.
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    A lot of ability

    Hi all, I've a problem: I want to give to the heroes the chance to learn more than 4 skills. So I created a skill by taking the spell book as the basis of ability. The problem arises when the hero learns a skill, how do I put it in the book? Is possible to do it without a jass code? Thanks
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    Colored item's name {how can I color item names?}

    Hi all, how can I colour the item's names? Help, plz
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    (using gateway connections) Portals

    Hi, sry, this is my second thread today XD I need help about the portals: I want create a sistem of 2 portals, for example, the units enter in the first and exit from the second... how I can do? Help plz :)
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    Hero level (above level 10)

    Hi all, I'm new of this forum. I've a question for you plz: How I can give the possibility at my hero to overcome the level 10? Thanks :)