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    [JASS] Can Somone Point me to a JASS tutorial?

    I have tryed reading posts, but I'm lost. If there is no tutorial can somone try to explain it or like post some screenshots?
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    Hows it going?

    Well, after a long, long time I have come back. My absence was caused by computer problems. Any so I'm back.
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    Spell - FireFrost explosion

    Because I am at a loss for the advanced spells, I need somone to make me one for my campaign. I made it look like this by using a bunch of randomly aimed trap side fire and trap side frost doodads. If somone could make somthing that looks like this I would be grateful and I would give them...
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    (Least) Favorite Video Games

    I saw a thread asking what type of game people liked and decided to take it a step farther as to ask what peoples favorite game is. Mines probably Halo and FF7.
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    I was wondering if you could show picture from your computer or if it has to be online. I need to know for the sig im making
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    Hardware Help needed

    i got halo for the PC but i cant play it. Everytime i try it says the my video driver is know to have serious issues with the game. My question is what the hell is a video driver and how can i get a new one?
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    Models: Diablo 2

    Ok i could use models from d2 of all the class heros. If anyone is will to do that let me know
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    Loading Screens

    How bout we make a loading screen section on this site? That would be cool
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    Program: SC --> Wc3

    I dont really know if this is possible but could somone make a program that converts StarCraft models to WarCraft 3 models?
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    Removing Team Colors

    Is it possible to remove team colors from a skin? Please tell me and if so tell me how. Im using Paint Shop Pro 8. And dont just tell me to alpha it out becuase that really doesnt help me.
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    Name Search

    When your looking through the member list it takes forever to get to a certain name. Could a search bar thing be added?
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    Site down?

    Every time i try to download somthing it says that the page cannot be displayed. Is anyone else having this problem? Is it my computer or the site?
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    Making Weapons on appear on units

    I notice in the model section there are several weapons. How do you get the weapons to appear on the unit you want? Ive tried Creat spawned effect xxxxx on weapon of unit xxxx but when the unit attacks the weapon disapars for a second.
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    [AI] AI profiles

    In the AI section of this site i see two kinds of AI; AMAI Stratey and AMAI Profile. Whats AMAI profile and how do you put it in you map?
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    Changing the Portrait

    I was wondering if editing a skin will also change the portrait of a unit.
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    Getting Rid of Team colors

    I need help getting the team colors to go away. Im using Paint Shop 8. And dont just tell me to alpha it out. I know how to make parts disapear but i havnt been able to find somthing that tells me how to get rid of team colors.
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    [JASS] How do you put JASS on your map?

    If someone knows please tell me. Im not a computer programer so i dont know much about scripting and stuff.
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    Map in Many Tongues

    Look I don't know if there's anything you can do about it but it's kind of hard to understand maps that are writen in what appears to be Norwegian. This is a big problem for me and my fellow monolinguists. If its possible could you provide a description in English?
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    What is JASS?

    I have no idea what this is. I hope somone will help me here.
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    I'm suggesting that you make it so you have to include the import path for models and skins. Nice site by the way, Darky. And sorry bout the double post i did earlyer, it was an accident.
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    Pictures Not Loading

    I noticed the pictures arnt loading. I dont know if this is just because of my computer or somthing wrong with the site. If its the first one would someone tell me if they know how to fix it?
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    Lack of Maps on this site

    Ok people I think this is a very good site but, It lacks maps. We don't have enough maps here. We need more. I suggest we get maps from other sites and bring em here. I dont think this will be illeagal but just to be sure we should somehow include the name of the original creator. I hope...