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    ! Heroes Wars 1.0 Ex-AI !

    Anyone notice how this guys has rather good grammar and yet doesn't speak English? i mean the only thing i can see is he uses a nice translator or hes lazy and doesn't want to write a description in English
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    WC3 games you would like remade for sc2

    I'd like the see the ORPG Defi4nc3 be made :O
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    The Escape v1.72c (p)

    Idea You add the riddles you have completed and the one your currently on in the main quest section in F9 if thats not alrdy in ur plan
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    The Battle.Net Experience

    I must say the hydra >.> it was amazing I found even more funny when teal dc's before killing yellow
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    Warcraft III Unit Balancer

    Uh and idea is u could make a system that would allow u to upload the stats of items/heros (with items) cause like if u put gloves of haste on a hero (15%) attack speed u would have to calc it ur self and then edit just an idea is also multiple units vers now i have no idea how complicated this...
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    The Chosen Ones 1.0

    Wow i cant believe u people Sad Face im glad he toke cheats out u guys are low if u gotta use cheats this game the hours/mouths he put into this u think he gonna let u whosyourdaddy and win it in 5 mins and give him a shit rating waste of fucking time imo gj there just pointless keep goin...
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    WarChasers TFT v. 1.22

    Rofl sad face... ur like 11 a they added intrustions to the editor to try there maps first and i pretty sure u have no idea how to get a rep to talk to u
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    Animals' Life ORPG v1.25

    o the boars also couldnt eat the plants ): but could eat the animals
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    Animals' Life ORPG v1.25

    o and plus we were able to glitch our childs so we werent able to hatch more ): i hade 3/2 pop sam with a friend could look into that
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    Animals' Life ORPG v1.25

    Anyways me and a friend were able to beat the hole game ratherly easy imo im not certian what the other were saying and we someone glitched the first boss within the boars and there childs/horn ram