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  1. W

    Hashtables and MUI

    Before starting this tutorial, you should be comfortable with using GUI. This tutorial was not made to target those just starting out with GUI and may be confusing for those that are. What is a hashtable? For starters, it's a data structure capable of holding almost any kind of data in Wc3. It...
  2. Kingz

    {DEPRECATED / OUTDATED} Dynamic Values Storage

    Dynamic values storage One note, this was called Paladon's integer array indexing system but after talking to PurplePoot he explained me why it cannot be named like that. Contents: -Introduction What is Dynamic values storage? It's and easy to use variable system used by spell makers to make...
  3. Squiggy

    Multiboard Counter

    Hi, today we'll do a simple Multiboard counter. (difficulty: 2/10) ----------------------------- We need: medium knowledge about variables an existing multiboard three (six) integer variables GUI That's it. ----------------------------- The Set-up: Open your Triggers-Editor, and click on the...