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  1. Petrovic

    Editing Thrall model

    Hi, feel free to correct me if its not possible or achievable to do this, but i would really like if someone could edit Thrall and Derivatives namely the Thrall (Snowsong Mount) model. I feel the thrall model lacks variety, so if its possible, adding another attack animation and dividing his...
  2. Petrovic

    [Trigger] Creating a trigger that unlears a spell and gives skill points based on the level of it.

    There seems to be a bug with engineering upgrade, namely when you save heroes in the game cache and load them in the next level, they do not have any spells learned, only engineering upgrade and no skill points refunded. So i came up with the idea of unlearning it and giving skill points based...
  3. Petrovic

    [Spell] Engineering Upgrade in Campaigns

    So i have been having some problems with this spell in transitions between chapters in the campaign. It works as intended otherwise, but the spells it upgrades are not learned and the Hero has wasted skill points when it loads in the next chapter. Example: Thrall knows Chain Lightning, he gets...