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    Witch King's Helmet

    I would like to request the helmet of the Witch King of Angmar to use as an attachment. Would any of you like to create it for me please?
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    I'm Mickey Frogeater

    I own Guild Wars, Fable, Warcraft 3, Oblivion and World of Warcraft............... ............. and am making a Lord of the Rings/Warcraft Crossover Campaign. Featuring: The War of The Ring Deathwing bursting into the Misty Mountains via a failed summoning and somehow merging Middle Earth...
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    Request: Saruman the White

    I would like to request 2 Saruman Models 1 with stag druid horns(from Malfurion) and 1 without horns for my Lord of the Rings/Warcraft crossover Here is the picture the model should be based off of Why do I want 1 of the Saruman models to have druid horns? So he can disguise himself as the...