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    Check this out

    Here are the biggest forums and messageboards in the internet Btw, when will wc3sear be on the list? :roll:
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    They BANNED me!

    OMG :shock: everytime I go to my site at or http://warcraftandothe.8.forumer I got a URL error. I concluded that they really banned the IP address of this unit I am using. I just made something terrible coz I was not reading TOS/rules (I simply 4got to read them coz their...
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    Wc3sear Unfinished Tales

    I was able to read some of the older posts in the off topics section. While reading them, realizations came into my mind that how happy & merry it was in the good old days before the time I came into being in this site. How exciting it would be to converse w/ the people who made big names &...
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    > Authorities

    I ask my Superiors with great humility and sincerity to read these topic with open minds & hearts.It is not my intention to accuse you of making bad judgements nor searching for any defects. I believe that this post of mine is not against the rules w/ special mention to the General Forum...
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    Warcraft Realms of War!

    Map Name: Warcraft Realms of War Type: Skirmish Map Suggested Players: up to 8 players can play this map STATUS: Terrain > 100% complete Triggers > 65% complete All Object Data > 75% complete ABOUT THE MAP: In this map you will play either any race. That aspect is not changed. This...
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    I need your inspiration & your opinion!

    I will start reading when I get home about this book entitled PROGRAMMING BUSINESS APPLICATION W/ MICROSOFT VISUAL BASIC V. 5.0 to know more about computer stuffs. Since this book is intended 4 students w/ its assumptions that the student: 1. has never programmed before, 2. is familiar...
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    There was something wrong when i played online chess?

    I was invited to play chess in the yahoo messenger. I defeated him 2x(straight). I always played black. In the middle of the third & last game suddenly I cannot moved my queen though I was not in the position of being pinned or checked therefore my queen is free to move but unfortunately i...
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    SITE online party! What do you think?

    Will there be an anniversary for wc3sear & when? I hope darky & the superpowers of this site would take the initiative to celebrate the birth of I mean there should be a massive online gathering for the faithful citizens. If it is possible to email those members that can be...
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    Valentines Day! Any plan?

    I Dont have a GF(Thank God I have the time in the world for myself) and dont have a real life either so basically the 14th of February is just a day less special for me. I'll just say I love U to my Mama & Papa.
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    Mosquito & HIV

    Warning this is not a news/claims. This is just a question whether you believe it or not. The author is not informing! Have you ever wandered the possibility that HIV might be spread out through mosquitoes I mean there are many notorious contagious diseases caused by these mosquitoes. Well...
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    I hated my work! help!

    I hav finished RTS maps but i have abandoned them all coz i hate them. They look promising in the mini map view infact i like viewing them in the mini map view but when you play one of them & having a closer look it looks terrible & i just dont like what im doing. All of my works does not fit my...
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    Alert! Terrible thing in the context menu!

    I log in this site in the same internet cafe for the past days until now. What I am about to say is that when i right click the mouse i could read the words >>>FREE PORN GALLERIES<<<. Could someone tell me what exactly is happening or did this too happened to you?
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    Zymeth Request

    I just want to request a Zymeth model or you could do the lich hero to look like a bit of him especially those stuffs that look like tentacles. Ill be happy to have this model for the "Heavy Rain" ability.
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    Making a unit unselectable in the game

    Ok i hav already searched this topic and did not found any relevant topics so here it is: How do you make a unit unselectable in the game even if u you owned it like the locust units which will enter the game when a cryptlord casts locust swarm? Where exactly in the unit editor should i...
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    Annoying Nighelf Archer!

    Why is it that the nightelf archers are so alert when enemies are very close but outside their target range so as a result they will move to make posts w/n their range? I just dont like this to happen bcoz i dont want to issue hold order constantly for every group w/ melee & range units. where...
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    I have a joke! Whats yours?

    I post this topic coz i feel that there is a need for everyone to recollect themselves from the HOSTILITIES of the environments they are in & to lose focus on things that bothered them constantly so here are some of the sensible jokes/AD-LIBS i have: 1.) Q: How would you describe a KISS, a...
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    How to edit descriptions in attack & armor type

    I really dont know how to categorized this question so i will just put it here. If question like this has already been discussed pls take me there... I want to edit the descriptions of the attack & armor type. Is it possible? How?
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    The Ruling Powers

    Introduction To The Ruling Powers By Harper The Seven Stars upon the mountain of old Shining bright save one, destined to fall Upon its roof the Mightiest stood very tall His will across entirety always unfold His eyes were ever watchful from above Thither lived the Mightiest among...
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    Who made the Warcraft warhazard & demoncraft?

    i want to know who made the warcraft warhazard & demoncraft.
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    The Hobbit Movie?

    will peter jackson or other directors make The Hobbit a movie? any news coz i hav none? i hope pj will make the movie not just for oscar but for the sake of me, hungry for adv/fantasy movies (forgot the rest) & now living in the memories of the LOTR trilogy... "may the gods...
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    Feeling Things!

    i think im not satisfied anymore & its a problem... it seems that i edit maps more than i play warcraft & time is passing fast and the day seems going short. what s happening is that i always open the world editor after i play my modified melee maps and the cycle continues. perhps this due to...
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    Koril's Evasiveness to WC3TFT

    i like koril in the battle realms esp his evasiveness... how can i make my hero having koril's evasiveness in my modified melee map w/o evasion ability. what i want s that when range units attack my hero, their projctiles will be seen from other direction at least close to my hero. i have...
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    Editing Abilities

    i custumized the item orb of lightning ability and made a custumized carrion swarm w/ missile art shadow rohkhan, removed mana req., req, & cooldown etc. i edited the item OL and in replaced item purge w/ custumized CS so that the unit w/ this ability can use CS when they attack enemies. i...
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    just asking?

    is this site just for advance people/players? im not one. if this is, then can u giv me sites where i belong. i think i cant giv & contributions and help in this site at this level.
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    troubles and problems!

    there's no video when i play the wow trailer only sound. what's wrong? i copied one of my edited map in the diskette then i uninstalled my wc3&tft then reinstalled the games again. i opened the copied map in the drive a but a msg appeared..illegal operation or somthing.. what's wrong? any help...
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    trigger editor? help, any?

    i just want ur opinion/suggestion concerning the ff., i really like zymeth's heavy rain ability so i try to create a hero in w3ft where enemies will be strike by lightning when they attack my hero. this s what i did i put 6 neutral pas flying units w/ max flying height in my map and i set 3 of...
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    new member

    sometimes i get bored playing warcraft 3 the frozen throne because it has a boring fight scenes or fighting styles unlike battle realms however there are lots of spells and of course the powerful WE is there.... i wish blizzard would improved the way units fight w/ each other. am i in the right...