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    Dual Melee Tournament

    so got a key from a friend so i dont need it anymore gl&hf to both of you
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    Dual Melee Tournament

    he only have to look through this thread so he can now your acc name and your gateway
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    Dual Melee Tournament

    i saw him in hiveworkshop online when you was offline so its pretty unlucky but yesterday both of you where at the same time online why didnt you play
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    Little Problem

    yes darkyangel is right. Old maps show up but it came an error if you tri to host them
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    Good custom maps for Lanparty, anyone?

    Uther Party many funny mini games
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    Dual Melee Tournament

    xarwin looks like only 3 left. How do you plan to finish this
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    Dual Melee Tournament

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    Dual Melee Tournament

    i won
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    No players

    maybe the data of the is not complete so redownload and if the problem is stll there reinstall wc3
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    Your favorite unit and Hero from each Race in WC3?

    Human - MK & priests Orc - Bm & Wivern Undead - Dk & Wyrms NIght Elf - DH & bears neutral heroes : PANDA
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    Dual Melee Tournament

    i won
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    now lets play on europe gateway (northrend) my acc name is choji9000[wr4e] there, too

    now lets play on europe gateway (northrend) my acc name is choji9000[wr4e] there, too
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    Dual Melee Tournament

    I'm joining the 1v1 and agree upon the rules. Account name: choji9000[wr4e] cant host Europe - Northrend
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    it looks pefercrt
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    Medieval Buildings: The complete collection.

    nice job and a realy nice pack
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    Awesome, i agree with redsew best Lich King icon ever seen
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    nice set. good job
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    in my opinion its perfect
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    Simple Spell Pack v1.3

    very nice spell pack
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    looks awesome, great, nice
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    War3 Model Editor

    nice programm have no problems
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    Diablo III Warcraft Beta v1.19b

    realy nice map
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    Charpen Shuriken v. 1.2 [Special Edition!]

    nice job guy and nice spell
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    Galaxy Language File for Notepad++

    nice tool
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    The Last Tower v1.12

    nice game at the end little dificult but the rest is good
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    Blizzard strikes again! Patch 1.24e

    stoped playing wc3 because to much hacks bbut now i read this i will playy again
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    Your D&D Knowledge

    tried it one time and have to say bad
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    "Purest" Version of Green TD?

    i think you failed^^
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    Why Bother playing on Garena???

    I tried it too and youre right it sucks all complained
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    Whats the map called?

    a little more informations plz
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    Super Smash Bros Brawl

    Yeáh the game is realy nice and mario ftw
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    Pandaren FTW
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    thx had the same problem
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    Maiev Shadowsong

    maiev is at the first coming of the burning legend a roll too. She was a guard of summara which was overuned by the legion
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    Best Daily

    Daily BG
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    Best WoW Classes??????

    Druide he can all heal, tank, dd
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    Draenei Different

    in my oponion all is the same:)
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    Wc3 Custom Maps OR Counter Strike MODS

    its easier to learn to make a map for wc3 woth no knowledge before
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    What country would win Gold if Dota was an Olympic Sport?

    Germany!! in the most dota games the most players are chermans
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    Just completed the game (Dragon Age Origins)

    i only can say haha
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    Welcome to Warcraft

    its very great amazing and so on
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    Best custom Warcraft 3 Sports(!) map

    yeah rugby league is very nice
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    warcraft 3 is slowly dieing Can sc2 save bnet!

    i know what u mean and i hope so too
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    please give me criticism on my first icon.

    it looks good for your first icon but dont like the mixture of colours
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    Fingolfins WW2 model showcase

    they all look great and will be good so
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    Do YOU think World of Warcraft is losing its edge?

    WoW is just a game like most other mmorpg only have the a rely nice story but its not to worth to pai for it and i think many people realizing that
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    Who will Win?: Orcs or Humans

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    Fully Balanced Wc3 Maps

    Azeroth Wars: Medvis prophesis have a godd balance
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    Can't host certain maps

    thats a problem with LC i think because i have by somegames the same problem when i host with LC