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    Gold from trees

    You do it in the Object editor, im not at home but i think its "Model File - " near the top of the stats for the gold mine
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    More tiles?

    Or instead of really doing anything you can just use terrain items from UTM (Ultimate Terraining Map) it is
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    Text Help

    Here are some of the basic color codes for the text the you write. Instructions: When you put the code in, you type in the first part like this: |cffff0000 and then you put the text, without a space right after the code like this: |cffff0000Red and then to finish the color code, you add this...
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    ty :) me is now 16 xD

    ty :) me is now 16 xD
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    Two maps

    I think there is, im not at home so i cant tell you, but check through the whole trigger list in WE and i think there is a "Load Map" trigger somewhere in there
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    Several Questions

    When im practicing JASS i use Jasscraft....what i do when i want to change something is make an extra copy of the whole script, so if i fuck up the editing i can always cross reference the two and hopefully fix it.
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    Just a question

    You could just change every elf building and units (models, stats, etc) so you dont really have to change anything except the way the race biulds and everything :P idk if thats what you want but i think that would be the simplest way to do it - alot of work though
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    Gold from trees

    Change the gold mine model to the tree you want, and there you go xD
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    Hero Stats

    Spells flash green when you click them to use them, you must have edited the spells in a way so that warcraft recognises it as a clicked button. - Go through your spells stats and go through any thing that could possibly do this (i would look but im not at home >.>) btw5: in the unit stats...
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    Making hero ability unavailable for learning

    I think there is a "remove ability from picked unit" action that can be taken, i dont think there is one for a unit not being able to learn it. If you dont want them to have the ability why have them learn it? If you are doing this with a bunch of events, just use the "give ability to unit...
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    April 7th? how come o.o

    April 7th? how come o.o
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    D00D wtf horde!

    D00D wtf horde!
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    Triggering Auto-cast ability

    You could use that one ability, the Mana Flare one that the fairier use in Night Elves
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    Nuclear Fire (beta) 0.5a

    Map sounds like fun, will test it thouroughly!
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    Quick questions - Barrage and Phoenix Fire

    I know that if you use the pheonix fire ability for like a weapon, that if you change the effects it doesnt show up as a burn, like on a halo map that i saw, it was just showing the bullet and trail of the sniper rifle, but it didnt have any burning effects. Perhaps you could trigger it to stop...
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    Battle for Jaelinor - Train of Thought - new DotA?

    Then you just have to make all heroes as powerful, just in different ways. Like for intelegence heroes, make them have ok life, lower strength and agility but more intel and all that. I think the first thing you need to do to balance this hero though, is decide whether it is intel, agil, and...
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    yo! join us at! :)

    yo! join us at! :)
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    yoz! join me and my other brothers from another mother at: :)

    yoz! join me and my other brothers from another mother at: :)
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    Easier way: Hold Ctrl Left or Right click (cant remember which) While holding the click, just move the mouse in the direction you want him facing, he will spin as the mouse moves. Hope that is easier then doing all that..
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    Total xp,hero, lvl remake.

    This will probably have to be done in JASS or vJASS, and in the request a resource area :D
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    Sky terrain...

    The UTM (Ultimate Terraining Map) has some useful sky models for use. Download it here:
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    coo, registerin as goldy :D

    coo, registerin as goldy :D
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    Diablo III

    The videos, description are sweet, and the demo is out of this world :D
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    adjusting evasion chance

    I dont see why you'd need a trigger, but you can do it in the object editor>spells>evasion>set level = #> then adjust the stats for each level...
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    lol ok, i was just wondering....every time i tried to get on its like "WTF?!?!" xD

    lol ok, i was just wondering....every time i tried to get on its like "WTF?!?!" xD
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    :O you dont have to buy vBulletin again do you?

    :O you dont have to buy vBulletin again do you?
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    Everytime i click on the link for horde, it links me to hostoi? is the site up?

    Everytime i click on the link for horde, it links me to hostoi? is the site up?
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    Campaign AI

    Yes, most of the campaign stuff for AI is accessable through the AI editor, like what skills their heroes get in what order, the units they make, researches, etc. Also, if its of any help, you can also edit stuff in the Gameplay Constants and Game Interface by going on the...
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    Hero Subfolder

    Im not entirley sure, but i think its accomplished using items. Maybe in the events there is something like this? Unit - Demon Hunter 0001 <gen> Uses an item (Item-type of (Matching item)) Equal to Book of the Dead Unit - Add Acid Bomb to (Triggering unit) Then maybe you have to do...
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    Unit comes Within

    You could use the unit collision type like in mazes: In the Events you will find Unit- unit within range ---Then you set it something like this: Unit - A unit comes within 50.00 of Demon Hunter 0012 <gen> 50 is how far away, you should test this before you really do anything else When...
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    Question about Unit - A unit leaves <Region>

    Cant you do it with a generic unit event? Unit - unit leaves region then your conditions like triggering unit = ... and triggering region = ... You could do it in If_Then_Else to hope that helps...
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    A simple hero AI?

    The simple AI editor, it has the options for retreating, getting items, attacking, staying in a group or wandering off, etc.
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    Question about Metamorph and Animal Form

    Maybe you could use variables? Set the trained druids to a unit type and/or unit variable, so it would be Make sure it has an array, so this could be done with other units as well. Arrays will be: Unit(1), ability(1) Unit - Order Unit(1) to cast ability(1) it will look something...
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    Im at school right now so i cant really give specifics, but in the Object Editor, in the unit stats near the bottom there should be something like that.
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) good icon :D

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) good icon :D
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    love the icon 5/5 :D
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) your welcome :D

    Reputation (+1): (Post) your welcome :D
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) good map 4/5

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) good map 4/5
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    Terrain Deformation[Question-help]

    Environment - Create a 4.00 second Normal ripple deformation at (Center of (Entire map)) with starting radius 500.00, ending radius 500.00, and depth 10.00, using 0.05 second ripples spaced 500.00 apart 4.00 seconds is the length of the ripple Your can choose between Normal and Depression-...
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    How to swap one building with another?

    Wait didnt you say it was based on someone's research? Do you mean like blacksmith researching or anything like that? because you can do that in the object editor.
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    Need tips to balance a TD

    Make some towers be more powerful then others, make the weaker ones have an automatic-attacking spell that could add some extra damage, make it so the player has to have different towers to be able to go on, and that they have to plan a maze good.
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    Terrain Deformation[Question-help]

    There is a trigger in the trigger editor that can cause a terrain at school so ill get back to you on that :D
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    help with a kill counter

    Im at school right now, so i cant get the exact triggers, but here is something that could help. Make the kills a variable, if you havnt already. Then make a seperate trigger thats like: Every .01 seconds of game time If Kills = X then....(im at a loss...ill be able to tell more once i...
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    New hack&slash: DarknessChasers III!

    This map is amaxing :D
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) good icon :D

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) good icon :D
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    could be easily used as something for lightning or something....good work :D
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) good icon :D

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) good icon :D
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    Nice icon :D
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) good icon :D

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) good icon :D