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    Pandaren Villager

    For pandaria!!!!!!!!!!
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    War On Warcraft

    o.o i think putting the same title and description is against the rules
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    it looks exaclty like the blizzard model
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    Cargo Container - Team Color

    the keywords :D i give u 11/10 for humor,and idea
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    Barracks Connected

    Make less .blp files,its really hard to import them into a map
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    cool 2/2
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    Obey the flying cookie god of Heaven he solves world hunger by sending his minions to us
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    NE-UN Birth

    wow undead elves race XD maybe forsaken
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    The Most Random Thing Ever

    Omg u killed rick u bastards !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    i smell a townhall
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    tasty make a ice cream dealer,and some ice cream buildings for an ice cream race :D
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    Idea Attatchment

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    Chef's Hat

    wow its like in runescape :D
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    Murloc Fisher

    i would use it as a doodad,or as a naga money maker gives income by fish trading :D
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    BioScan [GUI - MUI] v1.7

    u should make this spell to heal allyed units,and damage enemiez like Death coil and debuff
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    Saga Roleplay 1.23

    it is the best map i ever played ITS AWSOME ITS IMBA IT PWNZ EVERYTHING its rly rly rly rly rly rly rly rly cool and,i got a question: How do i make teleporters? for example,to go from Circle of power near a cathredal,to circle of power in the church like thing near shops? and,where can...
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    the picture looks like an elf who listnes rap music XD
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    Campaign Screen Grunt

    like it
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    Are you a Lucker? 1.3c

    luck and bad luck exist (i know it cuz i know very unlucky ppl,and some very lucky ppl),btw this mps is cool XD
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    Super Smash Bros. Battlefield 1.13

    love the idea with kirby,and love this map too <(^^<),(>^^)>,^(^^)^,Kirby dance XD
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    Murloc Evolution (Incomplete)

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    Lord_T's Attachment Pack

    i always loved ur attachements,dude u are skilfull
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    Digimon Rumble Arena

    release it fast
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    Stargate - Planets

    cool pics dude
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    i like stargate,and i like this model too
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    Nameless - One Orc's Saga

    If u press ESC nothing happens (to me but to others i dont know)
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    The Chosen Ones 1.0

    man ,why no cheats, if u cant playit on why dont cheat a bit?
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    The Chosen Ones 1.0

    why the anti-cheat sistem.U cant play it on,so why dont cheat a bit so u can find hidden things?
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    Espada de Hielo

    i know a name. lets say Ice mourne or Watermourne or meltMourne lol its good
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    it looks like the Soul reaver from Legacy of kain:Blood Omen 2 and Defiance.i like it
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    Lightning Elemental

    I dont like the face 4\5
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    LOL? WOW? DO u make a superhero campaign? cuz if yes u wont forget about superman (i suggest to make him with great animations)
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    Batman has come to save us!!!!! Can u make a Batman Signal? like in the movie?
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    the last 3 icons i say here all have flame in the name
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    How to: Attach weapons to units that allready have weapons (without modelling)

    cant u make something like Attaching A weapon on a model With Modeling
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    Bad Category i dont understand why u put it at high elf, i dont think they would make it with anymals to create a strange thing like that and it kinda sucs -999999\0 (this is the truth,accept it)
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    Lord_T's Ogre Drummer

    Its funny 6\5 i like it its kinda lol and funny id use it as an easter egg or something like that hydralisk in the Night Elf Campaign. O also, whats the arthas playing guitar model i can find it plzz help me with it.
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    sry for the bugs ill try to update it but its my first model so sry ill try to make better models in the future and im sry but i dont have screens for the model just made it today in a rush
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    grunt (Model)

    Sry cuz i dont have Images but... the reality is i dont have what image to put. Plzz tell me if u like it and remember That This is my first attachment model made and my first model made. Keywords: grunt,axe,orc
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    grunt (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    grunt (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    War3 Model Editor

    it works it finnaalyy works but i dont know how to use it
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    man wtf i dont seee anithing in this model its like a undead black citadel modified,still i didnt dl it and i think it has good animation and i understand it has bugs so ill test the bugs then ill tell the verdict ( now is sucky,but in a hour it may be awsome )
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    Nuke Aura of Pwn

    its cool 9/9
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    How Do u take items on the ground? by the way i like the fighting style but i hate the gameplay and the fact that u are playing in cinematice mode without using mouse
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    it could bee used as a stop icon too
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    its a good model but u should rename it,becauseelementals dont look like this, and this skin looks like a facelles one made from a tree. Its very good anyway i give u 4,999999999/5
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    Wtf i dont see anthing ood here, i only see a citadel from unded on fire, sry for the truth HT: Don't request in model section plzzzzz
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    War3 Model Editor

    Qoute It Says "Unable to open "D:\Warcraft III\Data\SplatData.txt"" Plzzz haelp me cuz this error is botherin gme from the begining of the earth( not really from last month)
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    Hi ALL i think im the NEWest memeber here.I Already have some map projects and campaigns in my PC. I have a Little problem with Triggers :confused:.