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    lol, that is mental. mental but epic
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    Comment by 'Potluck' in media '18. Ion Storm'

    that is amazing, hard to believe its made in wc
  3. squirrel


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    This, in my book, is somewhat epic. :)
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    Terraining Contest #10[playable] - Surrealism

    here are some wips for my terrain/map probably all you'll get for a while tho cos im lazy :P i hope you enjoy + have comments note: of course this isn't an in game angle + is currently 100% playable
  6. SurWip1


  7. SurWip2


  8. Wips


    various wips
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    Comment by 'Potluck' in media 'Oasis7'

    thanks :P
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    Terraining Contest #10[playable] - Surrealism

    @ chaos; looks good cant wait to see the next wip
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    Terraining Contest #10[playable] - Surrealism

    so far i have a blank green map. excellent
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    Terraining Contest #10[playable] - Surrealism

    brain melt >< im in... probably
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    the passive button is delicious, gd job xD
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    @ ironforge untick the place random variation when placing the SAND tile
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    save and restart editor
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    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) like a reason is needed?

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) like a reason is needed?
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    The cork is not an issue on the others and barely an issue on this one (what you gonna do have a luminous green cork for contrast) anyways i love the whole set :P
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    Terrain Contest #10 Idea Thread

    not that i think this is a good (or fair) (or even possible) idea but you could ignore votes from definate nonterrainers, just droppin a pebble in the pond :/ i'll be over there on the nuetral ground... anywho there are some interesting ideas floatin around with imo the most interesting (not...
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    Terrain Contest #9: Poll + Results

    congrats all i literally can't wait for the next contest :P btw human body? how and why? O.o thnx to Keiji for possitive critisism and feedback ps theres a 't' in potluck ^^
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    Terraining Contest #9 - Cataclysm

    well here are my final wips before final submission Pre: Post:
  21. Oasis7


  22. Desert3


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    Terraining Contest #9 - Cataclysm

    looks good, btw 'not yet sunken ruins'? ^^
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    Terraining Contest #9 - Cataclysm

    agreed to. it makes it much more visible without dragging your eye away from the main magic generator thingy
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    Terraining Contest #9 - Cataclysm

    @Belgarath: yer you did xD your terrains are still awesome tho gd job
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    Terraining Contest #9 - Cataclysm

    @Oziris; =0 i love that sun nice job. also you should mebe replace those vines with nicer ones in the utm the ones you have now are very square/boxy especially at the ends. im looking forward to the complete project xD
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    Terraining Contest #9 - Cataclysm

    must of been a pretty weak tidal wave that none of the plants or trees were ripped up and there to be no sign of debris, tho thats contridicted by the depth of the water that sharks and wotnot are swimming in it not to mention the lack of light penetration. also the water looks really calm whre...
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    Terraining Contest #9 - Cataclysm

    well thnx for the comments and ideas guys prepare for essay :P @debode: i thought about adding effects connecting the blocks before however it is difficult as many effects look static and well... bad when i take a screeny (they look awesome in real time with sanctuary buff) and i also thought...
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    Terraining Contest #9 - Cataclysm

    well heres my next wip and it is probably nearly finished, any comments would be welcome. to do list: -redo fog cos im not sure i like it at the mo. -weather? -fiddle with stuff
  30. Oasis6


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    Terraining Contest #9 - Cataclysm

    ugh why do all of the dead tree models look like they've been incinerated rather than just died? tis such a pain :O
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    Terraining Contest #9 - Cataclysm

    not the most original however it sticks to the theme and is... well... awesome! xD
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    Terraining Contest #9 - Cataclysm

    @Cpt.ZnacK: yup that sun looks much more awesome nice job. i reckon you definatly need something in the large area of water in the foreground and some more doodads around the town like mebe benches?
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    Terraining Contest #9 - Cataclysm

    yer i thought about making a flood but then i realised my screeny would probably consist of water and sky lul :P
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    Terraining Contest #9 - Cataclysm

    @ morbid ugh why didnt someone point me towards that tutorial years ago >< took me ages to work out a way similar to that to make my sun (i basicly just use the fog doodad) ah well..... @cpt.znck looking good cant wait for the next wip xD
  36. Oasis5


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    Terraining Contest #9 - Cataclysm

    agreed, tho also your sun is an odd shape and cuts inside the mountain else it is looking good.
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    Terraining Contest #9 - Cataclysm

    for sure, they're in a pack on the hive by 'inhuman89' so credits to them :P
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    Terraining Contest #9 - Cataclysm

    i want in just for the fun of it :P the general idea is that this 'magic spring' is the source of water in the area and when it 'breaks' for some reason there is a mass drought which is what my second image will represent when i get to it. heres my first proper wip sorry i cba to crop it ><...
  40. Oasis2


  41. Oasis4


  42. Oasis3


  43. Oasis shot 1

    Oasis shot 1

  44. wips oasis

    wips oasis

    wips of my oasis and of the following drought
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    Terraining Contest #9 - Cataclysm

    thats a great idea (not that im going to steal it or anything (seriously im not ive got my own)) cant wait to see how it turns out, good luck :p
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    hehehe i see your point but it was a bit overkill for an icon '' :P ftl i like the new contrast but now the stars are underkill hard to see alot of them :O
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    far too many stars and bits of it look a bit dark especially when scaled down to icon size
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    that looks pretty damn good, nice job :P
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    sick, that is all except; if only the dangly bits dangled in the model :P
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    does kinda make me want to make a toasty however its getting late and: cheese + sleep + warcraft = scary ass warcraft related nightmares... yikes.... however back to reality and another static lava :( never liked any of the wc3 lava and this definatly doesnt push my buttons, sorry. still useful...