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  1. Vexslasher

    Is it save to use WE now?

    You could just make a copy of all of your warcraft 3 folder and label it 1.30.4 then update so you would have both versions just in case you need it. If you already updated you can get the old version thanks to Nudl9 here. My map still has some issues with the newer version so I may never be...
  2. Vexslasher

    Idaero does ART #2019+2

    I'm guessing your talking about the leg up in the air it looks a bit short to me. I could only imagine a calf would fit inside there. Maybe just select the shoe and move it down a bit more to make space for a shin to fit in there too then draw in some more pants. The down leg also seems like it...
  3. Vexslasher

    Idaero does ART #2019+2

    I like the busty brunette in the top right of the 4 girls that's in that last post you should finish her off for sure she is looking good. My 2nd fav is probably in that same image the girl with black and green hair.
  4. Vexslasher

    Patch 1.30.4 Backup Game Files

    Thanks Tommi and Nudl9 this seems to be working now.
  5. Vexslasher

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Thanks for saving the day :)

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Thanks for saving the day :)
  6. Vexslasher

    Reputation (+4): (Post) thanks for saving the day :)

    Reputation (+4): (Post) thanks for saving the day :)
  7. Vexslasher

    Patch 1.30.4 Backup Game Files

    This is acting like it's just RoC seems to be able to open .w3m maps only :/
  8. Vexslasher

    This new version of world editor destorys my map how can I revert back

    I can't use this new editor with my map is there some way that I can revert back to the 1.30.4 editor? If you haven't updated yet make sure you save all your warcraft 3 files not just the editor.exe I made that mistake :(
  9. Vexslasher

    [SOLVED] Need the ClientSdk.dll to run old editor any help please?

    Trying to get the ClientSdk.dll so that hopefully I will be able run the old editor again if someone could provide it for me I would appreciate it. Or if you know of any way to revert back to the last version of map editor please let me know how.
  10. Vexslasher

    [Trigger] Repick

    I use Set MyUnitGroup = (Units owned by (Triggering player) matching (((Matching unit) is A Hero) Equal to True)) Unit Group - Pick every unit in MyUnitGroup and do (Actions) Unit - Remove (Picked unit) from the game Custom script: call DestroyGroup(udg_MyUnitGroup)
  11. Vexslasher

    [Trigger] Why is this loop doing this weird thing?

    Another option could be to use integer B if you haven't used it a lot already. I'm not 100% sure but I think moving the wait into a different trigger might also solve your problem. Frog dies Events Unit - A unit Dies Conditions (Unit-type of (Dying unit)) Equal to...
  12. Vexslasher

    Units ICONS REQUESTS: equivalents

  13. Vexslasher

    Units ICONS REQUESTS: equivalents

    - Druid of the talon (undead) *Added alt form icon
  14. Vexslasher

    Icon Request. (Lightning Totem)

    I think this turned out okay.
  15. Vexslasher

    Need a basic attack animation for a basic model plz

    The model is here and I just need a very basic attack animation for it. Please and thanks.
  16. Vexslasher

    [Solved] All my summon spells are activating at once?

    Thanks for the help guys :)
  17. Vexslasher

    Reputation (+4): (Post) thanks for the help :)

    Reputation (+4): (Post) thanks for the help :)
  18. Vexslasher

    [Solved] All my summon spells are activating at once?

    I'm not sure what I need to do to resolve this issue, but all my summon spells are activating at once. I based them all off of Bears and Water Elementals so about half of them were from each of those two. I thought it was the use/turn strings but I tried couple of different ones and it didn't...
  19. Vexslasher

    [Solved] Not showing level requirements in my spellbook?

    [Solved] The issue was with the spells on my heroes only took me one day to figure it out :( oh well thanks anyways guys.
  20. Vexslasher

    [Import] Help With Skin Not Working On Specific Map

    I think you are still using your old model that is not set to use a blp with that name so you could either rename the .blp file in your map to UnbrokenSageskin.blp from Void Elf Sage.blp or you could try replacing the Unbroken Sage.mdx with the one that came with that new skin it's probably set...
  21. Vexslasher

    Summon 2 unit types

    There is a few of them that are item abilities you can just tick the hero ability if that's what you need. -Object Data / Under Abilities - Item Doom Guard Summon Item Felhound Summon Item Furbolg Summon There is a bunch more but any of them will work those are just a few examples. Then just go...
  22. Vexslasher

    [Solved] Not showing level requirements in my spellbook?

    I'm not sure why but for some reason it's not showing the level requirements for the spells in my spell book. So for example I have some spells that shouldn't be able to be leveled up until that hero is lvl 6. The requirements are set correctly in the spells themselves but for some reason when I...
  23. Vexslasher

    WC3 Theme Maker v1.0 - 2016 (Binary)

    This tool originates from here Provides very easy to use theme making so you can easily create your very own cool theme for Warcraft 3 with hardly any effort. You can also easily compress themes quickly to .zip format for sharing them online so that everyone can tryout the theme you made...
  24. V

    WC3 Theme Maker v1.0 - 2016 (Binary)

  25. Vexslasher

    Warcraft 3 Theme Changer

    You can get v1.1 here It's info is here (Note: The Theme Creator Actually Works In This New Version..) also here is another theme to go with it you can get this theme here
  26. Vexslasher

    Shadows of the Past v0.9.3.0

    you can't play it online since it is larger then 8mb so you go to single player / custom and then play it.
  27. Vexslasher

    Shadows of the Past v0.9.3.0

    I really like how realistic everything looks in this game, the trees and the grass, rocks mountains, other plants all look much more realistic then the defaults in warcraft, the music is nice also, and the items, units models all are cool 2, also it's nice that everything has it's proper icons...
  28. Vexslasher


    Great job, keep up the good work.
  29. Vexslasher

    BTNfrostgirlVex (Icon)

    This is my first icon creation, mostly photo manipulation, however I did draw some of the hair. I did all of the coloring as you can see :). Keywords: Frost, girl, blue, ice, cold, frozen, snow, winter
  30. V

    BTNfrostgirlVex (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  31. Vexslasher

    Dang man u pretty much sponsored this site if you really dropped 1,000$ on a donation that's...

    Dang man u pretty much sponsored this site if you really dropped 1,000$ on a donation that's insane, lol but thanx for keeping it going love this site.
  32. Vexslasher

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Great Work :)

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Great Work :)
  33. Vexslasher

    Custom Hero Footies v4.1b

    I love how you can use the XP codes from wins to get the cooler custom skins, it makes me want to keep coming back and win until I hit 1,000 for the best one, I'm almost half way there, can't wait to see what hero skin I will unlock at 500 wins :) keep up the good work bond. my new Rating 100/10
  34. Vexslasher

    Custom Hero Footies v4.1b

    This is currently my favorite map out of all the maps on bnet. extremely fun and addictive, I highly recommend this map. I have played this map over 600 times on the bots that host it 24/7. The bots are ClanHPMM & Bondbot.
  35. Vexslasher


    Im new here looks like a good community I will hopefully soon be providing the site with a few more warcaft things! while im here might I ask everyone what they like best about these forums or this site? Just wondering to help give me some ideas of what to add that people will like. Like...
  36. Vexslasher

    Elven Spear Maiden

    Great job man, I was wondering if you could make a villager girl like this but with just regular clothes and no armor, cuz there is no good lookin villager girls lol!
  37. Vexslasher

    Steak House

    I'll get better as I said this is my first one, I was telling the truth!
  38. Vexslasher

    Butterfinger (Texture)

    Everyone loves gold, so why not a gold footman! He is pretty spiffy and may just be that extra kick for your map, enjoy and try to give me credit if you use it thanx.
  39. V

    Butterfinger (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  40. Vexslasher

    Steak House (Texture)

    Simple replacement for ChaosWarlock, I wish I put a before and after image on the screenie but o well, enjoy! BTW: This is the first skin I have ever made.
  41. V

    Steak House (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  42. Vexslasher (Binary)

    This tool originates from here This is currently the newest version of the ShadowFrench Pro Name Color Spoofer, It is used to change your name and the color of your name when in a custom game. To use this first log into war3 with your name and when it shows the latest news then minimize...
  43. V (Binary)