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  1. pippo

    A look back at TheHiveWorkshop

    Not THW community, the rts community in General.
  2. pippo

    A look back at TheHiveWorkshop

    I was looking back at my Google Chrome bookmarks when TheHiveWorkshop caught my attention. Almost five years and it still stood there silently, a piece of memories standing in the bookmarks of a web browser. How much time had I spent on that website... Time of my childhood, time I preferred to...
  3. pippo

    "Arcane" spell pack by pippo

    Give credits to pippo
  4. pippo

    Solo Mapping Competition #3

    Green sucks, but instead of others I prefer blue... :grin:
  5. pippo


    Dark up the inside parts...
  6. pippo


    Work on the face... The teeth are orrible, and also the "eyebrows" sucks... Other is very good, really looks like fresh meat :D
  7. pippo

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Good music

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Good music
  8. pippo

    Music Contest #1 - Races

    I loved it. Sounds really good as a soundtrack, instead of most of other that sound like a "normal" music. +rep :D
  9. pippo


    Naga aren't soo yellowis.They are green-blue with some yellow or orange borders....
  10. pippo


    I think the glow cover a little the hand, making it less visible....
  11. pippo

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Awesome tileset

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Awesome tileset
  12. pippo


    Really awesome, nice details exct... 5/5 and +rep :D
  13. pippo

    Good triggerer needed for spawn based map

    I am. Add me 2 msn: [email protected] (without NOSPAM)
  14. pippo

    Music Contest #1 - Races

    Hmmm... The first part sounds like undead, but the second part...I dunno what it is...
  15. pippo


    It's awesome, But I don't like the combines of wood and rock...
  16. pippo


    NFWar, Icon? Isn't it a skin? :P
  17. pippo


    Yes, your right. It's because of the model, not the skin, so GJ!
  18. pippo


    I dunno why, but it doesn't look like draenei...
  19. pippo

    Reputation (+1): (Post) lolol

    Reputation (+1): (Post) lolol
  20. pippo


    Yes,better shading, change sizes, colors and shape...
  21. pippo

    Reputation (+1): (Post) You know why... :D

    Reputation (+1): (Post) You know why... :D
  22. pippo

    Request Your WOW image

    Oh...could I have that tool? please....
  23. pippo

    Request Your WOW image

    Oh, I saw the tutorial for photoshop on how to make Wow writings...
  24. pippo


  25. pippo

    Solo Mapping Competition #3

  26. pippo

    TriggerHappy vs The_Reborn_Devil

    Actually we can't go back with the time, so I guess it should end on 17th of January 2010, or not? EDIT: Anyway I took the map... :/ sorry too easy :P EDIT: I dunno you, but to me it laggs a lot...Probably it's because of models but...Well, I don't know jass or vjass, but are you sure that you...
  27. pippo

    Spell Request - Sword Effects

    The first spell I guess can be made by using "Bonus point" spell. You know, the one with the yellow cross... Also, (as Thanathos said) it's impossible to have two auto-cast spell at the same time. A way could be making one of them as the immolation of the dh, and check with triggers if it's...
  28. pippo


    Use gaussian blur on the middle, then redefine it with smudge tool...It will look better...Also, didn't you follow circles?
  29. pippo

    TriggerHappy vs The_Reborn_Devil

    I join! No, I were joking... -.- Anyway I'm interested... -Subscribzorz-
  30. pippo

    I make boxes for your maps!

  31. pippo

    Please teach me how to model :D

    I'd like to learn, too...
  32. pippo


    Let's wait for mods...Them word is the more important, I think ^^
  33. pippo


    The texture is nice, but I think you should add some shading in the farrest part of the shield...
  34. pippo

    Emoticon Contest #2 - Creeps!

  35. pippo


    You're right...I'm gonna make the fur darker and make some more contrast...
  36. pippo

    Emoticon Contest #2 - Creeps!

    I'm joining :D
  37. pippo


    Enjoy it isn't fur...It shall be a sort of background^^ I'll try making blood dripping as Panda said...
  38. pippo

    BTNClawsAttack (Icon)

    An icon I made reading some tutorials. It isn't CnP Claws Attack can be used as a spell, or what you wish. Give credits If you use it in your map. Thanks Updated; Added fur Updated; Changed colors, added blow springing out... Keywords: claws attack wild damage blood sword wound
  39. P

    BTNClawsAttack (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  40. pippo


    I dislike it, instead your icy one is awesome...
  41. pippo


    Wow how did you do it?
  42. pippo

    Hopperz Exztreme! v0.3 Beta

    I can't beat level 10 :(
  43. pippo

    Solo Mapping Competition #3

    Wow looks awesome...I dislike the last one because I think that you may darken it up a little... The atmosphere of your map might be "tenebrous".
  44. pippo


    As other said, I think it's awesome after update
  45. pippo

    Button model

    I can't find him in THW...
  46. pippo

    Levigeorge1617's Footman

    Poly count?
  47. pippo

    Button model

    Lovely. Where can I get the model?
  48. pippo

    Cannon Commander 1.01c

    How do you change wc3 font??? O.o
  49. pippo

    Solo Mapping Competition #3