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    [HD/Modeling] Reforged: Walking Statue

    Hey folks I just wished to request the titled model. There is one for Classic, but I think it'd be glorious to have a Reforged version. Basically looks like one of the human statues with the sword, but walks around basically, sword clutched in both hands.
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    Reforged: Death Knight Model

    Hey folks as the title suggests; I wish to put in the request for an alternative Death Knight model that is as clean shaven as Arthas with some minor cloak/armour/mount/weapon tweaks to differentiate. As the current ones are all Uther wannabes (I love Uther but I also love variety).
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    Silver Hand Footman

    Amazing! .. Keep up the good work and I hope to see new designs from you!
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    Hero Glow

    Thank you so much!
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    Khadgar Reforged

    Would it be probable if you added a version without hero glow?
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    Medieval Zombie Apocalypse 2.36

    You've seemed to have put a lot of effort into the map. Fresh blood and a new set of eyes have improved the map, where I as the previous editor lost my focussed down the line. Kudos on keeping it going.
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    Hey Olorin, I don't know if you've made a Discord already. But I've made one and getting the DAO...

    Hey Olorin, I don't know if you've made a Discord already. But I've made one and getting the DAO lovers an easier place to find games if you want to join
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    Defence of Tolimoo

    New update (Minor additions)
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    Defence of Tolimoo (Map)

    THE BATTLE FOR TOLIMOO Human Vs Undead (No AI, only players). There are multi-path quests so the player can choose on how they want to deal with the quest itself e.g. Slay this character (if you do then you proceed as normal, if not then an additional quest chain may unlock). UNDEAD: Each...
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    Defence of Tolimoo (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    [Defense / Survival] Testing a new map

    Hello there! One of my late maps of which I have had some testing with but I am unable to invest all of my time into it. And that is the reason why I'm putting it on here in the development section to see if you lovely people will give me your thoughts. It is called the Defence of Tolimoo. A...
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    Chargeable Items Not working

    Solved the issue, unit inventory is the bane of all life!
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    Chargeable Items Not working

    Hey there! Basically all items in my map that require a click to use (E.g. potions), refuse the player to be able to click it... It just acts something like a piece of wargear that only boosts your armour or attack whilst equipped. To repeat, NO CHARGEABLE ITEMS WORK. For custom ones I...
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    [Import] Models comitting suicide.

    Hey there, last night I was play testing the latest version of my map and everything was running fine. But as soon as I just opened it now I see that all of my imported models have committed. I literally did nothing upon opening it and it was like like LEL THIS MODEL CULD NOT BE FOUND!. So I...
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    [Import] Copying difficulties with triggers and abilities

    Clipboard? I presume you mean Keyboard, if so I think you're right that may be the problem as I allowed someone else to try it for me and it worked for them, but if I try and copy and paste anything else it works so who knows
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    [Import] Copying difficulties with triggers and abilities

    Hey there, I'm trying to C/P abilities and triggers from tutorials across to my map but neither have worked. I do have "Automatically create unknown variables whilst pasting trigger data" turned on, I'm not sure why this is happened or what I've done differently but I used to be able to do it...
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    [Strategy / Risk] Warhammer 40k: The Battle for Terra

    I do plan on doing numerous events, and yes primarchs will be available and units. One player would have Mortarion and the Deathshroud with nurgle related units etc.
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    Model problems

    Alright thanks guys... I was afraid I'd have to do it myself but I'm not grant when using 3D software/any software in terms of constructing unless its insanely simple :p
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    Model problems

    Hey there. I've downloaded multiple models to a whole model (e.g. arms, legs bla bla). And I'm not sure what to do with the pieces, do I need to build them together with software such as ... I can't remember the name ^^ ... And then add them to warcraft editor? ... I mean I tried connecting...
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    [Strategy / Risk] Warhammer 40k: The Battle for Terra

    My apologies no it is not an AOS. Me and a comrade have just started on it and its going to be a spawn-based RTS. The defenders start off with fortificatied structures and the emperial palace will be at the top of the map with three sections. There will be CP points that when held by the...
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    W40K Large order LIST

    Thank you <3
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    Modern City

    I tried downloading this but it crashed? (I tried more than once)
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    W40K Large order LIST

    Hey there, I need multiple Heresy models. Top priority top to bottom: Melee Space Marine (Minimum weapon needed is Combat knife) Force Commander (preferably with chainsword/power sword and a pistol of some kind) Tech Priest Hellfire Dreadnaught Titan with guns (Whichever is the easiest...
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    [Strategy / Risk] Warhammer 40k: The Battle for Terra

    Hey there this is just an idea i've recently thought of due to receiving the board game and playing it: The Horus Heresy Board Game. It is unlikely I will make this map soon as I have other projects underway but what would you like to see in the Battle for Terra? My plan is to maybe have it...
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    [Strategy / Risk] Warhammer 40k Galaxy

    Out of the choice of DE and Necros I'd go with Necros as they'ed be easier to involve in terms of mb space. I like the idea of the specialised units and path selection.
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    [Strategy / Risk] Warhammer 40k Galaxy

    It would be pointless to have the Alpha Legion and the Eldar because they have very similar tactics, so it would be one or the other.
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    [Strategy / Risk] Warhammer 40k Galaxy

    I don't know much about the Gnolls, but I do know the Orks love to fight and not just because they love it. Ork currency is teeth and it only counts as currency if they take it from a big beasty, or if they're like Gorgutz who collects heads for the lols ^^
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    How do I use the walker version of the DK?
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    [Strategy / Risk] Warhammer 40k Galaxy

    Nah Eldar would take up more Pop than the orks which would allow the orks to show their numeracy where the eldar would be squishy in close an would have to rely on distance and teleporting etc. to keep away. Yes each planet would have it's own section, yes again to the space, and yes for the...
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    Hey, I tried the shielded version but it just came up as a box, is the pathing the same or?
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    [Development] Castle Defence (RTS, Survival)

    Please Ignore I have no idea how to delete this.
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    [Strategy / Risk] Warhammer 40k Galaxy

    Hey there, this is a project I've been thinking about undertaking for a while, note that I'm doing two projects at the moment so this won't be on my list straight away, but when I do start making this heres my idea: In a galaxy far far away.... There were the Orks, Space Marines, Eldar?, and...
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    trigger summon and unique "blink"

    There is a trigger to slowen down a unit's animation type: Animation: Slow down unit's animation speed by 25% of it's original speed. And for the advanced blink I'll take a look around at the other abilities that will hopefully closely resemble it. Ta for the info.
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    trigger summon and unique "blink"

    Oh I forgot to say, I've already made the skeletons they're just invisible until unit X reaches X destination and then they can be revealed, does the birth animation only effect a unit that is being "created"? And if I choose to slow down the unit's animation then how slowly does this take...
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    Day of the Dragon

    Hey, I'm on chapter 4 but I can't get past the explosive barrel, non of my items are "pawnable" into the fire pit an there is no other item around to put in. *Tries throwing a frog on it*
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    Map Ideas

    Hey there chaps, I'm currently working on a map but once I've finished that I want your advice on the next project I should start and I just have tons of ideas through my head. 1) A campaign featuring the last Emerald Knight on his treacherous journey to take vengeance on his oppressors...
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    [Campaign] An Campaign idea.

    Hey chap, no one starts grand at all the stuff they are capable of doing now when they first started WC3, and they would never of became the great makers they're today if they did not invest their time into the editor. Myself for example, I've immersed myself in the Editor and I've become rather...
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    trigger summon and unique "blink"

    Thanks I'll give that a swing :)
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    Trigger Help

    Thanks for the help chaps. I'll give those tips a swing.
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    Trigger Help

    Hi, I'm not sure how to do these two triggers but the first one is: Making a trigger run ONLY when another trigger has been activated -Conditions- And secondly how do I make an effect for when a unit is made Specifically: Undead kills a unit, the unit becomes a zombie, and I want an unholy...
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    Possible to make a unit selectable, but not controllable?

    You could turn advanced full share on but use a trigger to contradict the control?
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    Future Rolepay Sign-up Page!

    Name: Adamantine, Alias: Lord Adamantine Race: Human Class: Paladin Appearance: Short brown hair, within his late forties, brown eyes, muscular build, and height 6'2 Personality: One-sided, "My way or the highway", ironically wise but no one listens to him because he's an ***hole. Background...
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    Creating first map.

    Hey, I'm quite swell with triggers... I don't like working with ability triggers but I've learned a considerable amount of trigs to be considerable with them. Triggers are the thing I'm most comfortable with.
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    [Campaign] Death's Ascension

    Looks pretty sweet
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    What is the Best RPG game you ever played?

    In my case I think its Kingdom Under Fire: Crusaders (RTS Third-person Hack & Slash RPG) -Upgradeable troops with classes + gear + abilities -Same for main character except only with gear
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    Chronicles of Azeroth

    Firstly what is up with that spinning rock at the southern east orc/daemonic base, it made me feel like I was going to have a seizure xD. /don't ask\ Secondly you have tons of trees stacked in specific areas where they're not needed, again inside of the black mask at the very top which could be...
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    trigger summon and unique "blink"

    Alright ta. P.s. your project looks pretty boss.
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    trigger summon and unique "blink"

    Right I need some verbal help how to do: During a cinematic a unit goes to X location and a cinematic occurs- I want skeletons to crawl out of the ground as if they were just summoned from a barracks/w.e. And secondly I have an infernal and I've made it so when he "blinks", a fireball comes...
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