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  1. WolfmanArc

    Female Swordsman

    Looks good looks like a female pirate/ militia
  2. WolfmanArc


    Very nice model... like the texture too could be useful in warcraft but have to use ure imagination.
  3. WolfmanArc

    thanks. and uh yea. as long as you credit sure.

    thanks. and uh yea. as long as you credit sure.
  4. WolfmanArc

    Villager Woman 40 Animations

    Looks good. keep up the good work cave.
  5. WolfmanArc


    looks good, sometimes edits are better than some of scratch made models; at least i appreciate them. great model.
  6. WolfmanArc


    so hearts of storm is released? if so whats the site? i been waiting on it for some years now, lol. btw good model.
  7. WolfmanArc

    Sharadar Reaver

    no matter how many times i see this it reminds me so much of LoL, Garen. nice animations textures and so on.
  8. WolfmanArc


    This looks like one of the demons off of Oblivion. Very good.
  9. WolfmanArc


    Looks great.
  10. WolfmanArc


    Nice simple and creative. all in all good model. and nice texture.
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  12. WolfmanArc


    The hands still can still use some work. the neck also could use some work as well ...
  13. WolfmanArc


    looks nice. hands could use some more work though.
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  15. WolfmanArc


    Very Nice.
  16. WolfmanArc


    nice this could be usful to alot of people.
  17. WolfmanArc


    very nice looks great. It looks like it has the likeness of a Celtics king's Druids. nicely done.
  18. WolfmanArc

    The Lich King

    Very nice... Looks good... notthing more to say.
  19. WolfmanArc

    Thank you very much. Im glad you like it. Good luck and have fun.

    Thank you very much. Im glad you like it. Good luck and have fun.
  20. WolfmanArc

    Prime Matron

    Nice model. I like the texture... and I could be saying the obvious but sexy very sexy.
  21. WolfmanArc


    this looks good. something very good for non hero units.
  22. WolfmanArc


    this looks good, at least to me. I like how the shoulder pads are connected to the back armor.
  23. WolfmanArc

    Sonic The Hedgehog

    nice one... Look just like sonic.. good job.
  24. WolfmanArc

    Megaman X

    I always said that this model was great, but atlas to bad there's no mega man monsters on the site to make a megaman map... no matter how many times I see this model I consider it a treat for my eyes.... 5/5.
  25. WolfmanArc

    Young Link

    Good quilty skin, btw link has a mid-length pair of boots along with a v-neck tunic. the face looks good. keep up the good work.
  26. WolfmanArc

    Troll Enforcer

    Looks fun. good job on scratch made model. love the death animation
  27. WolfmanArc


    the first was good this ones even better.
  28. WolfmanArc


    Nice face the face looks better, and I love how the eyes are standing out also the face is more detailed. all in all I think this skin for the face works better than last one. nice job
  29. WolfmanArc


    Nice model, not very many changes but, I sort of like simple change models. although could use some more face details though :P the rest looks great.
  30. WolfmanArc

    Li0neSS - Arch Angel Seraphim Mistress

    Looking good General.... nice model.
  31. WolfmanArc

    Hawk Scout

    Good work, love the wrapping on this thing. and the feather shield.
  32. WolfmanArc

    Thief - Blade Edition

    very nice........
  33. WolfmanArc


    ummm.... the model is missing....
  34. WolfmanArc

    Dark Warrior

    nicely done model, however if you want an african based model you may have to make the texture. sadly WC doesnt have any dark skin tones that would fit a human... :( nice attempt though
  35. WolfmanArc

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Great marine just need less poly

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Great marine just need less poly
  36. WolfmanArc

    Armypreasent v1.0

    nice model but the polys is too much.
  37. WolfmanArc

    Forest Troll Commando

    .... This look good to me.... Never thought all trolls had to look the same with mohawk and all. it looks like nice to me.
  38. WolfmanArc

    Rattemenschen Hero

    nice Rat hero Love her shape, but I must ask did u intend for this hero to morph into something? (edit): oh ok, very good model.
  39. WolfmanArc

    Rattemenschen Ranger

    it seems like it there very well done in texture and the models have a nice ratty shape too.
  40. WolfmanArc

    Rattemenschen Ranger

    nice model been a while sense I seen this race ever sense FF 9 or 10, cant remember which one it was well anyways great model and nice skin Cavman. {edit}: Nice pack
  41. WolfmanArc


    Looks ok.. legs are a bit long, but it looks good.
  42. WolfmanArc

    Black Dragon

    I dont think they allow WOW here man.
  43. WolfmanArc

    Metal Chao

    Looks sweet.
  44. WolfmanArc


    Textures\Champion.blp, Championhead.blp there only two.
  45. WolfmanArc


    :arrow: nice models but, not so shore about the site but if it is post forum for self credit.. Elf Footman :? ? I did'nt post on that site dude. If you use other people art work then credit them :roll: .
  46. WolfmanArc

    Magi_on_Foot (Model)

  47. W

    Magi_on_Foot (Warcraft 3 Model)

  48. W

    Magi_on_Foot (Warcraft 3 Model)

  49. WolfmanArc


    :shock: The model is Flawless.... all in all a stunning sight.
  50. WolfmanArc


    I thought the same thing but I if only I could do team colors it would have made the model that much better :)