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    A missile system that works with cliffs

    I'm working on a map. I've got some knowledge here and there of the editor, in my opinion enough for the kind of map im doing. Yet, when it comes to custom spells, i can't do much about my low understanding about many "functions" these spells use to work. I can import the system and try to...
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    Simple Skin Recolor

    Hello, thanks for clicking here! Now, I pleasantly ask, if someone can recolor the skin of this model: Just making the white hat and jacket a dark brown color would be enough. But I'd be really pleased if someone also added...
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks!
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    How to place sound on animation?

    Hello, just came around here to ask if I can place a sound on an animation with MdlVis (or another freeware program?) And if it's possible, how can I do it?
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    Simple Sound Merge on Model

    Hello, I'd be very thankful if someone could either: - Personally do - Link me a tutorial about - Tell someone to do placing a sound on the normal attack animation of this model: I think it's okay to do it without...
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    Improve Resource Searching

    I see the new hive has a lot of improvements respect to the last site, but, resource searching has become somewhat cumbersome (even though the bundle thing is a nice improvement too): - The preview images when you use the "Search" bar. It just displays the Author's Avatar, thing which I...
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    Nice description :) Its a nice icon. My only concern about it is that its a bit plain, the way you can add some more... "ether white dust" or whatever that thing is, it would make this a better icon. But probably that's just me, hehe. 4/5
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    Well, CnP's are bad, unless they're kappa. 6/5. period. Kappa.
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    GIVE 6/5 PLEASE! This is, without any doubt, the best piece of artwork virtuosism placed into an icon ive ever seen.
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    Critter Possessed Marine

    Some critters poorly merged into the regular WC3 marine model = 6/5 win. Seriously though, wtf with that rating. This's a 1/5.
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    Peasant House

    Nice! you're back to modeling. This house is solid and fancy, as usual. It seems it lacks death sounds or damage fire attachment points, but if they get fixed this would be the rating. 4/5
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    Energy Stone Bolt

    Hmm this is a recolor? Wish you luck in it getting approved (This site is kind of exigent) Other than that, I honestly don't find it very useful, but it's approvable IMHO.
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    Awesome level of detail, nice filesize and everything works consistently, from what I can see. No reason to not give this a 5/5
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    That's actually well made. The animation placing is very nice. Only suggestion would be to make the rider less rock-like in stand animation.
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    Philippine Army

    Not for being offensive or something, but the model would be more useful if made as an universal soldier (remove the flag). Other than that, excellent, good transparency on lens, anims are a bit static but they fit well. 4/5
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    Top quality. It kinda reminds me of Mr. Bob's building set. 5/5
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    Rasputin Tank

    If that tank's name is Rasputin then the cannon should be very long. xD. 5/5, as usual, top quality :wink:
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    Lol! Nice filesize-quality ratio. My only suggestion is that this model urgently needs a proper ABDUCTION animation! :) 4/5
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    Simple Cop Model

    @Nordmar : Hmm, yeah, I've looked it but i find it too militar/omnipresent, my aims for the model is a rookie-looking cop, but anyhow, thanks! @Razosh: Thanks! it's going to be used in the map.
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    Filesize makes it drop dead gorgeous. 5/5
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    Simple Cop Model

    Hello, thanks for clicking here. I've been trying to find or rip off a cop model for my map, but it seems I couldn't find any, out of the many models i've succeded to find :(. If anyone is willing to make/link me a model, first off, thanks! and in look it would be the standard cop, with a Pale...
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    Glass of Milk

    Good ol' game. Was the most (wtf?) game you could play then. (2005) Wish I still had my original Xbox but sold it for $$$, so then the $$$ would pay a $$$'ful guitar :as: Back to this topic, i'll haunt you till you get me mah cookie&milk item! :ahug:
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    Did you freehanded this yourself or you ripped it off the game? Well, though, even if it's ripped, it could be approved due to usefulness? EDIT: same with other icons.
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    Glass of Milk

    Lol. It would be superb if you made a cookie (there's one on the database but doesn't look quite good) and make rotating and glistering version of both, and maybe a merged model that combines both. It'll put a target to sleep for 2^31 seconds or until it morphs into the cookie monster. :) 4/5
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    Hmm the particles are bit, unnatural, you know :) Reminds me of those ol' explosion that models had back to 2005. Something more like, dwarven's mortar team would look more eye candy. You can also make the thing shake when it shoots or do some cartoony effect for when the cannonball passes by...
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    Rifle Ammo

    Woah, that's some good stuff! You've noticeably improved your modelling. Optimize the model and this is gold for many maps as far as I can see.
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    Looks good, but it should have a bit of arc, else the projectile would fall to the same place, as it is aiming straightly upwards. It's nice it's got teamcolor. 3/5
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) haha me too.

    Reputation (+1): (Post) haha me too.
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    Star Fort

    Finally, a model to replace standard wc3 human barracks as star fort in my map. :) Cheers!
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    Downloaded it. Simple, but nice model. It's really nice it's made for such a bloody game!
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    [Miscellanous / Other] Monter 2

    Nice lil' game you've got there. (RunForRestRun) Will be happy to test around with some friends.
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) perfect cut

    Reputation (+1): (Post) perfect cut
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    Holder of Entropy

    How come you can rip 600kb in a single slice? this ain't a potato! This looks sexy, by the way. 5/5 +rep
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    Terran Medic

    Woah, now that's an improvement. Only thing i'd reccomend is more shading in the texture, and I think that in the heal animation rifle shoots itself...? Cheers, GJ.
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    Terran Medic

    Not really bad, but... 1. People might be mean since every model has to be astonishing or they tag you as crap and flame. 2. Why is his face blue? At least put it standard terran face, or another face (and that would be a plus), right now it looks, like he was thrown some blue paint bucket...
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    Rook ChessPiece

    In some nearly-perfectly made chess map I saw the chesspiece model using dalaran white marble as skin for white pieces and black marble for black ones (cpt. obvious) Still, these being teamcolored makes them very useful, perhaps sending everything to hell and making a 8-player chess or...
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    Cruiser Command v0.93g

    I'm 99% sure that more people would play if this map was constantly hosted, something like autohosting, because someday I hosted it, was empty for nearly 2hrs then it got full housed in less than 5mins. Inviting some friends and having the lobby +3 also helps quite a lot.
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    Founders of the North 1.24

    Oh, thanks for the comment! So it isn't dead at all... And yeah, if the map was unprotected there would be FOTN v10.0 or so. By the way, you can unpretect the map but not edit it. It's sort of some strange thing in it. But well, thanks god authors haven't abandoned this game, which I...
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    Taco Chef

    Omg. This is damn brilliant. Those anims are anything a dude would like of them. It should be heart attack tacos, her chest may explode while she does those tacos, plus extra grease into the preparation to ensure cardiovascular attacks xD! Hehe, 5/5.
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    It indeed needs some tweaks but, hey, It's MasterHaosis model :cgrin:. EDIT: [+] It has imported anims from stone golem iron golem doesn't has.
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for the model!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for the model!
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    Bullet Missile

    Have been looking for something alike for long time! Looks fine from screenshot.
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    Realistic Airplane System

    I would have always said a system like that would take much more lines! This deserves a 5/5. It'd be too much to ask for the GUI version, I guess...
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    Mr Scary

    Wow, that's Still, it's awesomely executed!
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    Not all persons have a beefy computer, but well I tested it with 12 casting at the same time, somehow it took down fps really badly. Tried with models with such more Times the emitter amount and it runs perfectly. Its the curse of the hell baby.
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    I'd say Fel Boar skin would replace perfectly the custom skin, at least the body. Those particles, these babies have come to doom the computer performance world! By the way, Lel concept.
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    Siege Tower

    Excellent! It even has its very own drawbridge animation.
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    Naval Battle - v1.39d

    Been playing it some time now, IMO it's so much funnier than battleships. Very nice it's being bugfixed! I'll perhaps test it and report some bugs. I think I still remember you could deny a kill in the game... not confirmed how it happens, but i've seen it 10/10.
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    Wheeled Trebuchet

    Looks really nice! Mesh looks really well made from Magos. Hmm, perhaps you could make the weight 'fatter'. Attack animation could use a bit more of work. Other than that great job. 4/5