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  1. Need_O2

    RoC WE:model {file changing from .mdx to .mdl and not working}

    its normal for them to turn to mdl They should work ingame click test map and see if they work
  2. Need_O2

    Space between units {setting a specific distance between 20 spawned units}

    kinda complicated For Each A integer from 1 to C -For Each B integer from 1 to V --Create Unit in Location(Q+ ( CITR(B) x S ), W+( CITR(A) x S ) ) CITR is the "Convert integer to Real" function Q is X coordinate of position of first unit W is Y coordinate of position of first unit C is number...
  3. Need_O2

    Weather won't show up {plays on the World Editor but not in-game}

    I said ASK SOMEONE ELSE not change graphics coz changing graphics wont help
  4. Need_O2

    :fp:where in editor i can find enigma?

    hmm It was made by childrenofbodom but It seems deleted search for him (not in this site) and ask him via mail or pm
  5. Need_O2

    :fp:where in editor i can find enigma?

    search on google as long as you can you will find it if you search deeply
  6. Need_O2

    Weather won't show up {plays on the World Editor but not in-game}

    could be a graphics card problem.... ask other players if they can see
  7. Need_O2

    :fp:where in editor i can find enigma?

    its in night elves but you need a special world editor to see it but I couldnt find it in this site search for Titan World Maker
  8. Need_O2

    Removing Unit Variables

    meh Im trying to get myself banned permanently actually so "fags" and stuff for that check "Things that Leak" in triggers section (sticked) NVM just nevermind keep going with your n00bish faggy things. why do I even care about fags like you you fags arent even human anyway coz what makes someone...
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    Removing Unit Variables

    You null the faggy "local" unit variables not global ones and you dont even have to create them faggots just do things like Set U = (Triggering Unit) Unit - Kill U Custom script: set udg_U = null which is completly faggot n00bs think they clear leaks but they are just being so faggy...
  10. Need_O2

    Create a Upgrade Unit {doing a troll headhunter --> berserker system}

    Oh didnt know that you need to put berserker there WHAT?! stop being fag I didnt look at these things before anyway I think its coded inside game so it doesnt show berserker by default So I say make two triggers Map initialization Disable Rangers for all players Unit finishes Research if...
  11. Need_O2

    Hero Glow ...

    erm deaf or something ? >>>Life Regeneration Aura<<< Anyway To fix for Special effects is after adding effect => Change unit color to something else and revert it back
  12. Need_O2

    Hero Glow ...

    He wants Hero Glow in "Captain" model not hero modelled unit read before posting and stop spamming to get rep
  13. Need_O2

    Hero Glow ...

    models section ?
  14. Need_O2

    Hero Glow ...

    Erm well you need to find and import a hero glow and for adding it to a unit make a ability based of life regeneration aura (fountains have it) make targets to "none" and for effect make it hero glow Create Special effect may ignore the team color but Im not sure (but life regen aura works well)
  15. Need_O2

    Force of Nature

    name on the lifetime bar is same as name of the buff so change the buff Erm infernal is good and for the stun make "Targets" none so it wont hit anyone (dunno if you can change number of infernals summoned) If you cant change the amount use rain of chaos
  16. Need_O2

    Create a Upgrade Unit {doing a troll headhunter --> berserker system}

    Dont put Rangers to barracks the end
  17. Need_O2

    World Editor Unlimited the Patch was unsuccessful..

    My guess is simply a firewall or something prevents WEU from accessing world editor
  18. Need_O2

    Extra Income Upgrade

    not some its "same" and this question asked-answered 1000 times but people dont search PLUS you cant double post as a "anyone here ?" within 48 (or 24) hours Solved here
  19. Need_O2

    WoW Create Hero.

    just implement a hero selection system from spells section >.< or there is a tutorial on how to make a hero selection system
  20. Need_O2

    Auto-blink help

    the solution I ment was previous one the one I deleted which doesnt have patrol about patrol dunno I thought he may want blinks for all moves and when you order patrol unit moves there and I should blink and also If you order to follow its counted as patrol and ........... >.< I dont even care...
  21. Need_O2

    Locust for a ROC map any idea?

    Anyway... who the hell gave you the idea that you can use locust on a RoC map Im sure its not possible For invulnurable + unselectable I think that selection thing depends on model no no Im sure it depends on model Lol it wont be selectable if you dont give model anyway if you want model (just...
  22. Need_O2

    Auto-blink help

    1- Im not your bro 2- My solution was designed for whenever he clicks he auto-blinks, but for example he clicks the other end of the map, the character would blink only 600 range towards the area like casting blink with 600 range to an area 1800 range away.
  23. Need_O2

    Auto-blink help

    >.< I thought he wants something like... you know what Ive thought Anyway Unit is issued order with target point if order is smart or move or attack or patrol if Triggering Unit has Berserk Buff Move triggering unit to Position with Polar offset(angle is angle between triggering unit and order...
  24. Need_O2

    Walk Animation {playing the walk animation on a dummy unit}

    Erm also instead of Moving an unit with Move unit if you move unit within two actions (SetUnitX and SetUnitY) it wont lose current animation but SetUnitPosition resets the animation I guess .....
  25. Need_O2

    Models and sounds, frustrating

    okay now open model with War3 Model Editor Open Node manager and sequence manager You see "Camera" shaped icons in node manager and they are events double click on them on top you see a number like 76355 its the timing of that event And bellow it says something like Riffleman Attack Sound (not...
  26. Need_O2

    Models and sounds, frustrating

    they said model works fine which means they have seen it on the map Anyway Testing........ I also dont hear any attack sound but it has events... figuring out in 1-2-3.. poof yup just as I thought Event timings are misplaced so it doenst play sounds and the reason of it is this unit has...
  27. Need_O2

    Morph-Spellbook Bug

    try enable disable spell book or spell inside it instead of add-remove
  28. Need_O2

    Acid Bomb Gone Wrong

    Ya acid bomb is like that dunno but many TFT spells are bugged (rocket swarm and parasite on top)
  29. Need_O2

    Locust for a ROC map any idea?

    Buy TFT its cheaper than socks
  30. Need_O2

    Models and sounds, frustrating

    Simply model maker didnt put a sound event for attack and sound event for death just pm them to put sound events or read tutorials on how to (Id like to explain but Im not experinced with event nodes in model editing) anyway my point is this is about modelling so you should better ask in model...
  31. Need_O2

    Walls {making them block line of sight}

    Occulasion height or whatever its called if you make it high it blocks sight as I remember (all buildings block sight anyway) and ya you have to make them into pieces so a complete wall woudnt work I guess (it will also contract will building size coz building size is circular)
  32. Need_O2

    Removing Unit Variables

    You do NOT need to Edit: You do not need to create variables anyway Where you did read things like a = Triggering Unit Kill a set a = null these are total rumors dont have to do with anything about leaks
  33. Need_O2

    Buff expiration check {killing a unit after buff expires}

    Nah I made spells with triggers grouping units in area 3 times at same time per 0.035 seconds its completly fine
  34. Need_O2

    Ya I myself wanted to get banned because Ive noticed that someone I dont see as respectful has...

    Ya I myself wanted to get banned because Ive noticed that someone I dont see as respectful has power to ban me in chat I mean someone I dont think its over than me should have power to ban me Ya I know extremly idiot statement but I couldnt stop thinking this way :/ about losing people: I dont...
  35. Need_O2

    it was for 2 weeks... lame I shouldve got a permanent one

    it was for 2 weeks... lame I shouldve got a permanent one
  36. Need_O2

    Make 0 - 0 damage. {setting a unit's damage to 0}

    Erm I know another thing which may also help in situation If you give an Orb of Slow based ability (or lightning) to a unit with Missle (bounce) unit will attack but it wont do any damage or it wont send a missle (I use that for on-attack spell caster towers so you can show damage from UI and it...
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    you all deserve to die or get tortured for eternity
  38. Need_O2

    epic fags

    you deserve to die get a brain faggots the one who will cause your death should get blessed and gifted with unlimited happyness
  39. Need_O2

    What makes a good game?

    go away faggot
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    think twice before giving mod abilities to someone please fags
  41. Need_O2

    What makes a good game?

    my graphics card doenst support it so it lags so I deleted it, and its hard and not much fun engines do fail, gameplay is painful
  42. Need_O2

    What makes a good game?

    Ive sacred 2
  43. Need_O2

    [Trigger] My trigger disconnects players.

    If you wont run a loop while its running you can use variable loop instead of integer a loop create 2 variables like CreepSpawn_Loop CreepSpawn_LoopEnd Set CreepSpawn_LoopEnd = X For Each CreepSpawn_Loop from 1 to CreepSpawn_LoopEnd do actions You cannot run this when its running but another...
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    Reputation (+2): (Post) dance, dance and dance... and dance

    Reputation (+2): (Post) dance, dance and dance... and dance
  45. Need_O2

    What makes a good game?

    A RPG should be like diablo II lots of enemies with low damage and low hp but many Spells should be upgradable AND damage depending on an attribute There should be never a better spell I mean you should be use even your first level ability like in WoW Spells should be simple and many (like...
  46. Need_O2

    [Trigger] My trigger disconnects players.

    you cant use wait or wait (game time) in loops Integer A is a global so if another loop gets executed while a loop is running Integer A will be changed by other loop so your loop will be confused
  47. Need_O2

    Requesting Spell Ideas

    Aww Chaos Marine: 1- Berserk (definetly, with high "more damage taken" ratio) 2a- Chaos Barrage (fires a barrage of magic enchanted bullets with his weapon in area) OR 2b- Chaos Enchant (enchants his weapon to fire magic enchanted bullets for a time) 3- Raise Demon (Chaos units nearby has a...
  48. Need_O2

    S&SMC#17 entry: The tenth Art

    MUI ? MPI ? info please
  49. Need_O2

    Diablo III Warcraft Beta v1.19b

    @super-sheep: all maps get complicated over-time. This is the nature of WcIII