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  1. Tyronidas

    [HD/Modeling] Gilneas Models (Worgen and doodads or buildings (reforged)

    Hello everybody, does anyone happen to have several different models for worgen including heroes (reforged)? Gladly also a few in troops of Gilnea in human form. Or is someone interested in making some? I could use buildings and doodads as well. :peasant-cheers-back: Thx
  2. Tyronidas

    How do I make buildable walls (horizontal, vertical and diagonal)

    Hi everyone, I would like to have a worker build different walls and gates. Unfortunately, I can't quite cope with it so far. It would be desirable, e.g. in the maps Infection_Attack or Zombie_Defense. I would like the walls and gates to be buildable at least horizontally and vertically...