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    Reputation (+1): (Post) thanks!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) thanks!
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    Simple Dissipate Animation and Hero Glow Request

    Hello! I've been trying to put a Dissipate Animation in this model using this tutorial. Unfortunately, I am not having any luck and nothing seems to be working. On the model editor everything seems to be working, but on Warcraft, the model does not load. Also, the Animation transfer tool does...
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    Custom Campaign Progress

    How do you transfer your progress from an old version of a custom campaign to a new version? Without starting over. I am playing Arkain Second Human Book, and I stumbled into a bug that does not let me finish a map. I contacted the Shar Dundred, and said he fixed the bug in the recent versions...
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    Monolith-like AI Script for a custom map

    I am trying to make monolith-like map wherein players can only use the following: Worker Tier 1 Melee Tier 1 Range Tier 2 Melee One Hero One-Tier Town Hall House/Food source Barracks Tower 1 Attack Upgrade 1 Defense Upgrade I tried making an AI similar to the Monolith's AI. Running the AI was...
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    Siren (Water Dragon Mount) and Derivatives

    How come this "version" of the model is not downloadable? The other one seems weird due to its body shape. Its really thin.
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    Siren (Snap Dragon Mount) and Derivatives

    im waiting for its projectile model xD Edit: its really good
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    Trigger Editor and Object Editor Range

    I understand most of the parts except for this script. (Sorry, I'm new to triggers) Custom script: if IsUnitInRange(GetEnumUnit(), GetTriggerUnit(), udg_AoE) then Furthermore, My map is simply an altered melee game, and there are no units who has a collision size of more than 48. Except for the...
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    Trigger Editor and Object Editor Range

    I was wondering, is there a difference between the range between Trigger Editor and Object Editor? I was trying to make an ability that boosts movement speed and attack speed to nearby units, and I thought that using the Scroll of Speed as initial ability and then followed by a Unholy Frenzy...
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    War3 Model Editor Remove Hero Glow Help

    I am using War3 Model Editor by magos, and I am trying to remove the hero glow of this model And whenever I remove Replaceable ID 1, and hero glow material it works but it looks like this
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    War3 Object Editor 0.7.1

    Whenever I open my map, this pops up and fails to open my map
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    Advanced Melee AI

    How can I use this? Also, the Perl link is not found. Also, how to install perl?
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    Tool that allows you to resize effects, buffs, etc

    It wasn't the one the I used to use. (I lost all my files when my laptop got formatted) (Also, I did not know you could resize the base size of an effect, etc. in the tool) Pretty sure it was mainly focused on effects, buffs, etc.
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    Tool that allows you to resize effects, buffs, etc

    I found a tool that allows me to resize effects, buffs, missiles, etc. but I forgot where it is. Can anyone please post the link here. Thanks
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    Comment by 'eredarmaster' in media 'Highborne - just bored :p'

    Where can I get this map or those resources? I love those models. Thanks
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    Ujimasa Hojo's Resources Discussion

    How come the ziggurat birth animation is small??
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    Ujimasa Hojo's Resources Discussion

    How come the ziggurat birth animation is small??
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    How to change building/birth animation?

    How can I chance the birth animation for a building? Sample Building: Metropolis (Highborne) How can I change it to the undead building birth?
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    Elven Royal Guard

    I was wondering if someone made an icon on this. tnx!
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    Peasant Woman

    How come the Roar buff on the unit looks like this?
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    World Editor Custom Upgrade Tooltip

    I tried what you said, but it still showed 0, so I guess writing the value manually wont hurt. LMAO
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    World Editor Custom Upgrade Tooltip

    I am making a custom upgrade, but the "Value Link" or codes like this "<Rhlh,mod1>" on the mentioned custom upgrade does not properly show on both the editor and warcraft 3. World Editor version is 1.31b As you can see below... I am pretty sure that I typed the link correctly but it...
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    Adding a Skin to an imported file

    Here is the situation that I have... I downloaded the Black Captain skin, and want it to be placed on the captain model. However, I have other Captain-like units in my map that uses the same skin as the original captain model. Now, how can I place this Black Captain to the imported file of the...
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    FootmanSpearThrower Fix

    Apparently, whenever I try to test my map, it works fine but in my world editor, it has its "bug" It sticks to random units.
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    FootmanSpearThrower Fix

    The model named "FootmanSpearThrower" by AhhFreshWeeD is a really good model, but this error keeps on happening on my editor and warcraft map. It keeps on latching it's textures on some other unit. Can anyone please fix this? or help me fix this?
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    How come the model was "buggy"?
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    Trolls - Forest, Dark and Ice Variations

    How come the berserk spell does not show the berserk buff in the dark troll berserker?
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    Ujimasa Hojo's Resources Discussion

    Unfortunately, adding the "spell morph" animation to Ethereal Form did not work, so I tried checking the animations of the model, and noticed that there was no "morph" animation. I renamed the "spell" animation to "spell morph" and it worked out.
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    Ujimasa Hojo's Resources Discussion

    How come the Fel Walker model does not have a cast animation for Ethereal Form? Also, I tried adding the "spell" animation name in Ethereal Form, but Fel Walker transforms in "stand".
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    Ujimasa Hojo's Resources Discussion

    Model, Animation, and Texture were on medium, but I set it up on High and Demon Necropolis and Demon Ziggurat still doesnt have the birth animation. Also, I downloaded from this Ziggurat and this Necropolis, and simply replaced the models from the original buildings.
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    Ujimasa Hojo's Resources Discussion

    How come the Demon Ziggurat and Demon Necropolis does not have the undead birth animation?
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    How can I make the Firelord's ability "Volcano" only affect enemy units? Normally, it would not damage the caster, but I made the ability to be cast by a dummy unit, so the ability damages the "original caster" and its allies.